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First NameLast NameJob TitleTelephoneEmail ID
Angela Insaurralde Copy Cataloger 907.786.1975 aminsaurralde More Information
Anna Bjartmarsdottir English Librarian 907.786.1592 abjartmarsdottir More Information
Arlene Schmuland Head, Archives & Special Collections 907.786.6046 abschmuland More Information
Billijo Link Copy Cataloger bmlink More Information
Brad Generous PC and Network Administrator 907.786.1080 bsgenerous More Information
Brandon Clark Circulation Clerk 907.786.1364 bhclark More Information
Christie Ericson Electronic Resources Librarian 907.786.1990 lcericson More Information
Connie Thomas Collection Analysis and Acquisitions Librarian 907.786.4626 ctthomas More Information
D'Arcy Hutchings Instructional Design Librarian 907.786.1982 dlhutchings More Information
Daria O. Carle Science Reference Librarian 907.786.1869 docarle More Information
Dawn Berg Interlibrary Loan Technician 907.786.1828 dlberg More Information
Deborah Mole Reference Librarian 907.786.1967 dlmole More Information
Ellen Davis Interlibrary Loan Technician 907.786.1828 ebdavis More Information
Erik Carlson Metadata Librarian 907.786.1868 ecarls20 More Information
Gwen Sieja Assistant Archivist 907.786.1867 gsieja More Information
Iris Crook Acquisitions Technician 907.786.4627 iecrook More Information
Jennifer Chavez Circulation Clerk 907.786.1364 jmfisher More Information
Jennifer McKay Education Librarian 907.786.1977 jamckay More Information
Jodee Kuden Head, Collection Development 907.786.1875 jlkuden More Information
Juli Braund-Allen Reference Librarian / ARLIS Management Team Librarian 907.786.7666 jebraundallen More Information
Kathy Murray Head, Alaska Medical Library 907.786.1611 kmurray10 More Information
Keelin Baughman Circulation Clerk 907.786.1364 More Information
Lorelei Sterling Access Services Librarian 907.786.1872 lsterling More Information
Michael Stallings Joint Library Catalog Systems Administrator 907.786.7658 mastallings More Information
Michael "Cody" Edwards Circulation Clerk 907.786.1364 mcedwards More Information
Mike Robinson Head of Systems 907.786.1001 mcrobinson More Information
Misty Olsen AML Administrative Assistant 907.786.1870 mrolsen2 More Information
Nancy Lesh Alaskana Librarian 907.786.1877 nllesh More Information
O.J. Carino Circulation Clerk 907.786.1364 ocarino More Information
Page Brannon Head, Instruction & Research Services 907.786.1873 plbrannon More Information
Ralph Courtney Reference Librarian 907.786.1911 recourtney More Information
Rebecca Moorman Head, Technical Services 907.786.1974 rmoorman More Information
Reed David Cataloging Librarian 907.786.1847 rwdavid More Information
Robin Hanson Head, Circulation and Interlibrary Loan 907.786.1827 rhhanson More Information
Ruth Terry Business & Government Information Librarian 907.786.1846 rdterry More Information
Sally A. Fries Copy Cataloger 907.786.1850 safries More Information
Sarah McHenry Night Supervisor 907.786.1364 smchenry2 More Information
Sharon Van Muysen Systems Librarian 907.786.1876 sdvanmuysen More Information
Sigrid Brudie Health Sciences Librarian 907.786.1610 sbrudie More Information
Stephen J. Rollins Dean, Consortium Library 907.786.1825 sjrollins More Information
Susan Hviid Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office 907.786.1825 susi More Information
Susan Olson Administrative Manager 907.786.1855 smolson2 More Information
Tamah Haynes Serials Technician 907.786.1115 tjhaynes More Information
Veronica Denison Assistant Archivist 907.786.1902 vdenison More Information