Square Footage
The original Consortium Library building was 85,000 square feet; the new addition is 120,000, for a total of 205,000 square feet.
Visitors per Week
During the semester, 11,600 people visit the Consortium Library per week. The number of visits has doubled since opening the new building
Books Checked Out Per Year
Reference Questions per Week
In 2012 the reference desk and archives handled 11,576 reference queries, or an average of 222 per week. 
Library Instruction Sessions per Year
In 2012 there were 378 library instruction sessions with 6096 students.
Other facts…
The total number of volumes in the new building is 1,128,276; this includes the book collection in the Alaska Resources Library and Information Services (ARLIS) Library. There are over 40,000 videos and films, including those held by Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association (AMIPA).
There are...
  • 19 group study rooms,
  • 4 individual study rooms,
  • 3 meeting rooms,
  • 12 music listening stations,
  • 2 viewing rooms,
  • 3 exhibit areas,
  • 2 library instruction classrooms, and
  • 1 Foucault pendulum.