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JAMES H. FERGUSON. (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Photograph Negatives; n.d., 1948, 1950. .1 cu. ft.

James Ferguson worked for the Associated Press and was a resident of Portland, Oregon. He visited Alaska in 1948 (probably) and in 1950; the latter trip was as a part of a press tour. He wrote several articles for the Oregonian on Alaska.

This collection consists of fifty-nine photograph negatives taken by James Ferguson. They include views of Anchorage and Alaska mountains (aerial); Fairbanks (n.d., 1948); gold mine; personalities (n.d., 1948); a pig farm.

This collection was presented to the Alaska Historical Society by Mrs. James Ferguson in 1990.


Folder (subject) list:

1. Air views - Anchorage and Alaska Mountains; n.d. 6 items.
2. Fairbanks; n.d., 1948. 13 items.
3. Fairbanks - General; n.d. 16 items.
4. Gold Mine; n.d. 4 items.
5. Personalities; n.d., 1948. 23 items.
6. Pig Farm; n.d. 7 items.