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ANONYMOUS (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Southeast Alaska Photographs; n.d., 1895, 1897. .4 cu. ft.

This collection consist of twenty-one black and white photographs of southeast Alaska subjects on mount boards. Seventeen are Winter & Pond photographs (Juneau and Douglas City, Alaska); two are Alaska Photo Co. photographs (Douglas, Alaska); and two are of unknown origin. Places depicted include Chilkat, Douglas Island, Fort Wrangell, Howkan, Juneau, Muir Glacier, Sitka, Skagway, and Taku Inlet. Subjects represented include the St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Church in Sitka, pulp mills, glaciers, native peoples, and Indian carvings, totems, and graves.

The collection was presented to the Alaska Historical Society by the Salem Public Library in 1996. It was deposited in the archives in 1996.

JS (12/1996)

Note: There are 4 X 5 inch copy negatives for all 21 photographs in this collection.

Winter & Pond, Juneau & Douglas City, Alaska, Photographs (4.5 X 7.5 inch b&w prints on 5 X 8 mount boards):

1. "Interior Greek Church, Sitka, Alaska."; No. 13; n.d.
2. "Images on Indian Doctor's Grave, Chilkat."; No. 109; Copyright 1895.
3. "Steamer Queen at Muir Glacier, Alaska."; No. 169; Copyright 1895.
4. "Icebergs, Takou Inlet, Alaska."; No. 177; Copyright 1895.
5. "Birds-eye View of Muir Glacier, Alaska."; No. 180; Copyright 1895.
6. "Old Totem Poles in Chief's House, Chilkat."; No. 197; Copyright 1895.
7. "Old Tlingit Women, Fort Wrangel, Alaska."; No. 215; Copyright 1895.
8. "General view of Skaguay, Alaska."; No 360; Copyright 1897.
9. "Native women weaving baskets, Sitka, Alaska."; No. 364; Copyright 1897.
10. "Indian totems and graves, Howkan, Alaska."; No. 384; Copyright 1897.
11. "BATTERY FLOOR, A T G M CO'S ‘300 MILL,' DOUGLAS ISLAND."; No. 427; Copyright 1899.
12. Docks and mills in unidentified coastal town; n.d.

Photographs, origin unknown (4.5 X 7.75 inch b&w prints on 7 X 10 inch mount boards):

13. Man with broom among machinery in mill house; n.d.
14. Juneau, Alaska from Gastineau Channel; n.d.

Alaska Photo Co., Douglas, Alaska, Photographs (4,5 X 7.5 inch b&w prints on 7 X 10 inch mount boards):

15. Juneau, Alaska from halfway up hill in winter; n.d.
16. Sitka, Alaska and waterfront; n.d.

Winter & Pond, Juneau, Alaska, Photographs (7.5 X 9.5 inch prints on 10 X 12 inch mount boards):

17. "Bishop's Miter, Greek Church, Sitka, Alaska."; No. 10; n.d.
18. "Indian River Bridge, Sitka, Alaska, [winter]."; No. 22; n.d.
19. "Greek Church, Sitka, Alaska."; No. 38; Copyright 1895.
20. "Section of Muir Glacier, Alaska." No. 174; Copyright 1895.
21. "Indian Schwatka, Yukon Guide, Alaska."; No. 351; Copyright 1897.