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ISAAC (1907-1999) AND MARGARET WIELER (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Translations of Neva Shipwreck Accounts; 1979. .1 cu. ft.

Isaac Wieler was born in Russia in 1907. In 1979, he and his wife, Margaret, assisted Kay M. Paddon in creating translations of two Russian language accounts of the wreck of the Russian American Company ship, the Neva, near the port of Archangel (now Sitka), in 1812. The first was written by Vasili N. Berkh of St. Petersburg, in 1817. The second was written by Alexei Markov of St. Petersburg, in 1850. The translations were done for the organization Nevaquest, and then edited by Dennis Cowals. Isaac Wieler died in Lynwood, Washington, in 1999.

The collection consists of translations of two accounts of the shipwreck of the Neva in 1812. The collection contains: a transmittal letter by Dennis Cowals of Nevaquest to the Wielers, sent with the translation copies, dated April 14, 1979; copies of the two translations; xerographic copies of the Wielers' handwritten translation notes for both accounts; and xerographic copies of the two published Russian language accounts.

The collection was presented to the Alaska Historical Society by Jon B. Jolly in 2001. The collection was deposited in the archives in 2004.

JAS (12/2004)