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CHARLES V. BAXTER (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Canol Pipeline Papers; n.d., 1943-1945. .35 cu. ft.

Charles V. Baxter was the superintendent of the Canol Pipeline during the period of its construction from 1943 to 1945. At the time, he was an engineer employed by Standard Oil Company of California. The Canol Pipeline carried crude oil from Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

The collection consists of the Canol Pipeline-related papers and photographs of Charles V. Baxter. The collection contains: a Canol Pipeline pictorial booklet by P. A. Harris (1944); a bound volume with technical data on flow rates through pipelines; a completion report for operation of the Canol Pipeline and Whitehorse oil refinery prepared by the Standard Oil Company (1945); a loose-leaf binder with technical information concerning the Canol Pipeline; 185 black and white prints; and 5 black and white and 10 color tourist photo post cards. Subjects of the photographs include: winter and summer conditions along the Canol Pipeline right-of-way during construction, and men and a rotary plow clearing snow from the tracks of the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway. The Canol Pipeline photographs include images of various geographic features, construction camps, heavy equipment, and bridges.

The collection was presented to the Alaska Historical Society by Laurence D. Baxter in 2004. The collection was deposited in the archives in 2004.

JAS (8/2004)

Folder list:

Note: There are 52 black and white 4 X 5 inch copy negatives of selected photographs in the collection as marked, located with the archives departmental negatives.

1. The Canol Pictorial; By P. A. Harris; Passed and approved for publication in the United States and Canada by American and Canadian censorship authorities: P. R. O. Northwest Service Command and Canadian Press Censor; 1944 (Photographic pictorial booklet signed by friends of Charles V. Baxter, 32 pages, 8.5 X 11 inch).

2. Flow Data for Fluids in Pipe Lines; Property of the Standard Oil Company (Alaska), C. V. Baxter; n.d., 1937, 1941 (General technical data concerning flow rates of oil through pipelines).

3. Completion Report: Operation of Norman Wells-Whitehorse Pipe Line and Whitehorse Refinery, Contract No. W-2385-ENG-39: A Report to The Northwst Service Command by Standard Oil Company of California, Principal Contractor, and Standard Oil Company (Alaska), Subcontractor, May 31, 1945 (Charles V. Baxter copy, includes charts, maps, and plans).

4. Loose leaf binder kept by Charles V. Baxter with technical information concerning the Canol Pipeline; 1943-1944.

5. Winter conditions along Canol Pipeline right-of-way during construction; 1943-1944 (Numbered set)(40 b&w prints, 4 X 6 inch).
B01." Quiet Lake.
B02." Lower Godlin Lake".
B03." Constr. First culvert in N. W. T'.s side". View of heavy equipment.
B04." Heavenly Site".
B05." Snow man (natural) Mi. 272 North".
B06." Mi. 203, Canol".
B07." Johnsons Crossing, Feb. 16th, 1944". Shows sign for Miller Construction Co. Inc., Camp O.
B08." Mt. Sheldon, Mi. 215 North".
B09. Canol Camp directory sign.
B10." Scene M. P. 161 Canol".
B11." Road under construction in Dodo Canyon".
B12." Abandoned grade".
B13." 125.5. J. C".
B14." Camp 174 Canol".
B15." Scene at Echo Canyon".
B16." Looking north from M. P. 110. J. C".
B17." Sleigh dogs at Ross Post". Man and dog team.
B18." Unloading culvert material".
B19." Quiet Lake".
B20." Part of Camp Canol N. W. T".
B21." Entrance of Echo Canyon".
B22." Camp 235 J.C".
B23." Typical scene in N. W. T". Scene near construction camp.
B24." MacKenzie Yukon Boundary".
B25." Part of Camp Canol, N. W. T".
B26." Camp 268 Looking East, Dec. 31-43".
B27." Wolf-skin '6 1"0". Man holding up skin at camp.
B28." Winter at its best". Mountain scene.
B29." Camp 158 Canol".
B30." Ross River Trading Post".
B31." Camp 298 J. C".
B32." Scene at M. P. 203 Canol".
B33. Camp Quiet Lake scene with signs and tent.
B34." Lappie Lake".
B35." March 5th 1944". Dispatche'rs shack and signs at Station No. 9, Canol No. 1, M. P. 127.6.
B36." Porcupine Hill".
B37." Lyn half-track, Canol Section". Truck loaded with pipe.
B38." Camp 188 Canol".
B39." Camp 188 Canol".
B40." Upper Godlin Lake".

6. Summer along Canol pipeline right-of-way and/or Alaska Highway; 1943-1944 (Numbered and unnumbered photographs)(61 b&w prints, 4 X 6 inch).
86. Waterfall.
104." Liard River bridge at 210 N".
115." Pack-pine in June, Mi. #607 D. C".
122. River scene with bridge in background.
123. Bridge construction scene with crane.
123." Drift-wood blast on Liard River (Army Bridge)".
129." Bennett Lake at Carcross Y. T". Lake Bennett scene.
130. Construction scene at suspension bridge during breakup.
131." Show intermission at #210 N. 10:45 P. M".
134." Rock crusher at Mi. #52 N".
160." Dowel Construction Mile #616 D. C".
164." Ft. Nelson from river, Oct. 1943.
165." Looking across Trout River Mi. #483 D. C".
175." Pack dogs and trapper on the Alcan".
176." Black bear up a tree Mi. #493 D. C".
178." Scene at Mi. #352 D. C".
185." Black cubs at Mi. #496 D. C". Black bear cubs in wooden cage.
185. Construction camp scene.
196." 3 mile grade Mi. #357 D. C".
198. "6 cats. & Letourneau going home after completion of job."
204." Muska bridge under const. Mi. 252 J".
216." (1A) Control Station Mi #533 D. C".
255." Road under constr. Mi. #489 D. C".
258." Steam Boat M. T. Mi. #353 D. C".
262." 60 Feet Falls on Little Creek, Mi. #496 D. C".
263." Black bears at Liard River". Bear feeding at garbage dump.
268." Peace River Bridge Mi. #35 D. C".
274." Scene at Mi #513 D. C".
275." Ft. Nelson Mi. #298 D. C". Hudso'ns Bay Company sign and building.
276." Scene from garage window, Mi #472 D. C".
280." Dufferin Const. Camp at Mi. 51".
281." Sikenio Chief Bridge Mi #164 D. C".
282." Sulphur Hot Springs Mi #497 D. C". Men bathing at springs.
294." H. B. Co'.s boat at Mi. #620 D. C".
300." (2A) Control Sta. Mi. #533 D. C".
323." Raspberry River bridge before completion, Mi. #324 D. C".
326." Peace River Ferry in Apr. 28th 1943". Men crossing river in small boat.
329." B. P. C. Camp at Muncho Lake, B. C".
330." McNama'rs Camp #1 Mi. #496 D. C".
362." Whirl-pool Canyon on Liard River".
392." Looking South from Mi.' 467 D. C."
410." Scene at Mi #493 D. C. Lower Liard Crossing".
420." Scene at Lower Liard Crossing". Bus and trucks hauling lumber.
421." B. P. C. Camp at Highland River".
430." Mile #205 N. looking east".
477." #210 N. Camp looking from N. of Liard River".
478." Mile #205 N. looking east".
694." McKa'ys Camp at Muncho Lake".
Number unreadable." Keha General Hospital Mi 8 N".
Number unreadable." Liard River looking down from Whirl-pool Rapids".
Unnumbered." Aishihik Creek". Bridge scene.
Unnumbered." Hyland River". Bridge scene.
Unnumbered." Duke River". Bridge scene.
Unnumbered." Mile 733, Seagull Creek". Bridge scene.
Unnumbered." Coal River". Bridge scene.
Unnumbered." Robertson River". Bridge scene.
Unnumbered." Teslin River". Bridge scene.
Unnumbered." Racing River". Bridge scene.
Unnumbered." Upper Liard". Bridge scene.
Unnumbered." Marshall Creek". Bridge scene.

7. Post cards acquired in Yukon; 1943-1945 (10 color photo post cards, 4 b&w photo post cards, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
C248." Alaskan Glacier thru tree trun"k (Wesco Spectratone Color Card).
C287." Chena River at Fairbanks, Alask"a (Alaska Color Card, Mike Roberts, photographer).
C288." Fishing fleet at Juneau, Alask"a (Alaska Color Card, Mike Roberts, photographer).
C289." Juneau, Capital of Alask"a (Alaska Color Card, Mike Roberts, photographer).
C290." Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska (Alaska Color Card, Mike Roberts, photographer).
C291." Sitka National Monument, Alask"a (Alaska Color Card, Mike Roberts, photographer).
C292." Taku Glacier, Alask"a (Alaska Color Card, Mike Roberts, photographer).
C294." Shakes Island, Wrangell, Alask"a (Alaska Color Card, Mike Roberts, photographer).
C295." Ketchikan, Alask"a (Alaska Color Card, Mike Roberts, photographer).
C297." Ketchikan Harbor, Alask"a (Alaska Color Card, Mike Roberts, photographer).
N-9." Second & Cushman-– Fairbanks-– Alask"a (Photographs approved by Theatre Censor, A. D., two copies).
-School at Atlin, B. C.
"-Reflections of Goat Island from Atlin In. Atlin, B. C., Canada".

8. Photographs by Charles V. Baxter, Superintendent of Pipeline and meal ticket; n.d., 1943. (23 b&w prints: 20-2.5 X 3.5 inch, 3-3 X 3.5 inch).
1." Sta. #5".
2." Sta. 5 on crude line, Canol Project".
3." Sta. #3".
4." Camp Canol". Quonset huts in winter.
5." Race, Langon & E. Booth @ Sta. #3, Canol Crude line. The man on the left worked in the base Dept. in the So. Dist". Three men outside door of building.
6." M. P. 86 E. looking toward Little Koole from Plans of Abraham".
7." Camp Canol, 1943". Line of Quonset huts in winter.
8." Carabou Pass-– Canol Crude Line".
9." M. P. 204 E. Canol Crude Line".
10." Sta. #3".
11." Sta. #5. This is the most scenic spot I have seen in this country. Lots of game & fish around here".
12." The small' building's were on runners and pulled from site to site during construction. Some had bunks and pot bellied wood stoves, and used as housing. After construction, kids at Whitehorse housing complex used them as club houses. LDB".
13. View of telephone line on poles.
14." Headquarters Sta. of Alaska. Whitehorse, Yukon Terr., 1943".
15." This is like the commissary across street from Whitehorse Hqs., but I ca"nt tell for sure. LDB".
16." Whitehorse Rifinery". View from distance.
17." Canol Crude Line".
18." Frozen waterfall in Dodo Canyon at Mile 39, Canol".
19." Mile 95. Looking toward switchback road up to Plains of Abraham".
20." Andy Creek: Taken from Mile 90 east. Coming off Plains of Abraham going toward Sta. #4".
21." Canol crew at Watson Lake, Yukon". Four men outside door of building.
22." Sta. 2 Canol Crude line, Dodo Canyon".
23. Winter view of hills in distance.
-Meal ticket used by Charles V. Baxter.

9. Awful winter: keeping the White Pass rail open as supply line to Whitehorse; n.d. (15 b&w print, 4 X 6 inch).
Men and rotary plow clearing tracks of the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway.

10. Photographs taken by Lew Haskell, Engineer, Standard Oil Co., along the Canol Crude Line, Northwest Territory, Canada; n.d. (41 b&w prints, 3 X 4.75 inch).
Scenery, construction camps, heavy equipment, river barges, roads, river ice, and pipeline.

11. Miscellaneous photographs; n.d., 1943 (6 b&w prints).
1." Station E, Canol Project, 1943. This is typical mess hall at pump station on crude and products lines. LDB". Three men in kitchen of mess hall housed in Quonset hut (5 X 5.5 inch).
2. Similar view of the interior of the mess hall (4.75 X 6 inch).
3." Greetings from the Yukon. Jimmie Mushett and Famil"y (Photo greeting card with scene of glacier, 4.25 X 5.5 inch).
4." Best Christmas Wishes. Bob &' Charli'"e (Photo greeting card with dog team and sled, 4.25 X 5.5 inch).
5." Peace River Bridge, Taylor, B. C". (Photo post card, 5.5 X 3.5 inch).
6." Looks like a 1957 failure of part of Peace River Bridge. C. V. Baxter continued as advisor to U. S. Quartermaster Corp. after WWII until retirement in 1966. LDB".