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BENJAMIN A. GRIER (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Scrapbook and Photograph Album; 1911-1952. .9 cu. ft.

Benjamin Arthur Grier was born in Nevada in1882. He came to Seward, Alaska, in 1911, where he worked as a storekeeper at Brown & Hawkins. In 1920, Grier worked as a miner at Cache Creek near Talkeetna. He then managed the Ray C. Larson lumber yards in Kanatak (1923-1924) and Anchorage (1924-1927). Grier was elected to the House of Representatives for the Territory of Alaska in 1924 and served two terms from 1925 to 1927. He was also an officer of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. He met and married his second wife, Mamie Vogel, in Juneau in 1925. In 1927, Grier and his wife moved from Anchorage to San Pedro, California, where they operated a restaurant and concession at Cabrillo Beach. In California, Grier was a member of the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, acting as chairman of the entertainment committee and later as a board member. He also maintained ties with friends and associates in Alaska, promoted Alaskan development, and was an active member of the Elks Club.

The collection consists of the scrapbook and photograph album of Alaskan miner, businessman and territorial legislator, Benjamin A. Grier. The collection contains: a xerographic copy of the original 90 page scrapbook; a xerographic copy of the original 98 page photograph album; letters, documents, and clippings from the scrapbook (1922-1952); 73 original black and white prints from the album; 277 black and white photo post cards from the album; and 27 black and white prints from the scrapbook. There are also 89 departmental black and white preservation copy negatives of selected images. Photographs, letters, and documents were removed from the album and scrapbook where possible to better preserve them. The letters concern mining interests, roads and trails, and activities of the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce (1929-1940). The documents include: Grier's certificates of election for Representative from the Third Judicial Division of the Alaska Territorial Legislature (1925 and 1927), an open letter to his constituents; a list of members of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce's Fourth of July Committee listing Grier as president; two programs from events given by the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce; and a certificate of appreciation from the chamber (1949). Clippings in the scrapbook include articles by and about Grier concerning mining and resource development, politics, and chamber of commerce activities. Subjects of the original photographs in the album and scrapbook include: Benjamin Grier and friends; camps, cabins, and hydraulic placer mining operations at Cache, Mills, Nugget, Twin, and Falls creeks; lumber operations at Kanatak in Icy Bay; dogs, dog teams and sleds; and hunting. Subjects of the photo post cards include: mining, wildlife, hunting, towns, Alaska Natives, dog teams, ships, shipwrecks, fishing, and scenery.

The collection was presented to the Alaska Historical Society by Jeff LaLande in 2005. The collection was deposited in the archives in 2006.

JAS (5/2007)

Photograph list:

Note: Photograph numbers at left correspond to the page number on which the photographs were placed in the original album, plus their position on the page from top to bottom, left to right. For example, the photograph on the upper left hand corner of page five would be photograph number 5a. Spelling has been corrected where possible.

Box 2 (Album 1)

1. Original Photographs from Photograph Album (Photographs containing captions); n.d., 1916-1926 (73 b&w prints).
1a. Winter tent camp with food cache. "Typical camp early days." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
2b. Boy and girl with two dogs. "Two my dogs, took first and second prizes mutt show." (3.5 X 4.5 inch).
2c. Benjamin Grier and sled dog with house in background. "Back to civilization, following a 300 mile trip." (Faded, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
5b. Bull moose. "This Moose followed me for three days, behind, me breaking trail made it easy for him." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
7a. Covered stack of supplies in sacks and boxes. "How about lunch." (Tape damage in corners, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
14b. Men and stacks of lumber on beach. "Cargo Lbr. I took to Cold Bay. 1919. from Seattle." (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
16a. Campsite "An overnight camp of mine. notice old man, white beard at extreme left. Cap. Griffiths" (Tape damage in corners, 3 X 5.5 inch).
17a.  Benjamin Grier and two women sitting on dock "I was younger then." (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
18b. Sluice running at bottom of streambed. "Long string sluice boxes. Maybe get plenty gold." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
18d. Large group of men and women. "Skating at Seward. 1916." (Tape damage at edges, 3.25 X 5.5 inch).
19b. Benjamin Grier standing in front of ice wall. "Warmly dressed." (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
19d. Log cabin. "Cabin I built on Mills Creek." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
20a. Benjamin Grier, wife and another man with two pack horses. "Moving Camp. all carrying packs." (Torn at bottom corners, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
20b. "Hydraulic mining. Peters Creek. 1919." (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
22d. Album page: "Friend Pat. ground sluicing on not-to bac. creek." Back of print: "Showing Pat Collins and his workings 3.5 miles above my camp on Twin Creek, working on his claims which join mine, from with he shovels in from $800 to $1200, working alone a very short season." (Tape damage at edges, 4 X 5.5 inch).
26b. Hydraulic mining scene. "Nugget Creek Bench 65 feet of gravel." (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
30c. "Fishing fleet. Ketchikan." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
33c. "The homeliest dog I ever owned. but a good sled dog." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
34d. Two men with log string of fish in front of cabin. "Frank Cotter caught these." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
34b. "My first small dog team. Seward 1915." (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
35a. Large dog team in front of commercial building in small town. "Have driven some bid dog teams. take a look." (Tape damage on ends, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
37a. Bejamin Grier with shovel standing next to sluice. Album page: "I went broke on this creek. later $140,000 was taken out in one season." Back of print: "Testing gravels while taking up bed rock drain at the junction of Twin and Mills." (Tape damage at bottom right, 3.75 X 5.5 inch).
42c. Young woman in fur parka with dog. "I thought Mary pretty, nice dog too." (Tape damage in top corners, 3.25 X 5.5 inch).
43d. Pack horse, dog, snowshoes and pack on gravel bed. "Laid up here three days. to cross glacier stream." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
44a. Tent camp near streambed. "Prospectors Camp." (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
46b. Two small black bear cubs climbing cabin wall. "Cute little devils. I gave them away." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
60b. Two men with snow sledges and dogs. "The hills of Peters Creek" (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
66c. Horse race on beach. "Kanatak, Alaska near Valley  10,000 Smokes. Was there 1 year. Only two horsed on the island. with different riders we raced them every day. These damned horses tried to commit suicide. I don't blame em." (Tape damage on ends, 3.25 X 5.5 inch).
70a. Benjamin Grier, two women and one man holding string of fish on lake shore. "We only wanted a few. Lake Bicharoof." (Tape damage at corners, 3.25 X 5.5 inch).
70d. Man and woman on hillside holding flowers. "Charlie & Jennie. Among the wild flower. 196 varieties in Alaska." (Tape damage at top and bottom, 3.25 X 5.5 inch).
71a. Man with rifle posed with black bear kill. "Ray got this one." (3 X 5.25 inch).
76a. Man in winter tent camp with three dogs. "Dick Francis in camp on Poorman Creek." (Tape damage in upper right corner, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
78a. Aerial scene of Kanatak from mountain. "I went to Kanatak. 1917. now big Naval Base." (3.25 X 5.5 inch).
82c. Two men standing with brown bear kill. "One I got." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
84a. "Food Cache. out of reach of bears." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
84b. Two men and woman on rock outcropping. "Sure I got jealous." (Tape damage on right corners, 3.25 X 5.5 inch).
84c. "Sec. of Alaska, my Wife, self & dog duke. on glacier" (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
96a. Benjamin Grier on snowshoes pointing rifle. "Just shooting the Bull here." (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
98a. Benjamin Grier in hat and overcoat with dog outside tent. "I wore my clothes out this season. made some. came out to Talkeetna. rode on special train of the Gen.'l. Mgr. Alaska R.R. to Anchorage. a good story the rest of it." (Tape damage and torn corner, 2.5 X 3.5 inch).
98d. Benjamin Grier in front of log cabin "Ben" (Tape damage on edges and two corners missing, 3.5 X 5.75 inch).
98f. Benjamin Grier standing in bedrock drain. Album page: "Believe it or not. I hauled all these rocks, digging a bed rock drain, to test ground." Back of print: "Another scene of bedrock drain after completion." (Tape damage on edges, 3.25 X 5.5 inch).
98g. People and dogs on a riverboat. "A trip up the Yentna" (Tape damage and torn corners, 2.75 X 4.25 inch).
Loose. Man and woman on canoe in river. "Alaska, a hundred miles from nowhere. Summer of 1926, Mary being taken up small Alaska stream – a bench of the Yentna River by poling boat. When we moved camp to another location we men carried our supplies on our backs overland , lots of bears about, a wild country." (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
Loose. Inupiat men posed with their reindeer. "Winners of Reindeer Race, Kougaruk, Alaska"; H. G. Kaiser Photo, Nome, Alaska; n.d. (7.5 X 9.5 inch).
Loose. Large meeting hall with stage set up for a banquet. "A Banquet I served about 1 yr. ago"; n.d. (8 X 10 inch).
Loose. Interior view of lunch counter; n.d. (7.5 X 9.75 inch).

2. Photo Post Cards from Photograph Album; n.d., 1909-1917 (277 b&w photo post cards, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).

Alaska Shop, Seward (2 cards):
32b. Prospector with pack and dog. "The Alaskan Prospector."
86c. Dogs and sledge on trail on hillside. "'Oh Hell' What's the Use? Alaska."

B. F. S. (2 cards):
48b. "Moose on Kenai River, Alaska."
61b. "Moose, Kenai, Peninsula, Alaska."

Bragaw's, Anchorage (8 cards):
13b. Winter scene. "Eagle River Road, Anchorage, Alaska."
26d. Two men in winter clothing with dog.
37b. Small boy feeding fox "Fox Ranch near Anchorage, Alaska."
40a. "The Loop – Alaska Railroad."
47d. Two men with sled and dog team on frozen river. "Alaska Winter Transportation."
59c. "Mountain sheep – McKinley National Park" (faded).
74b. "U. S. Experimental Station – Matanuska, Alaska."
80b. Man and woman with dog sled and team. "Winter Sport – Anchorage, Alaska."

Guy F. Cameron (9 cards, 8 different):
8c and 16b. "Dogs Catching Salmon, Alaska."; No. 66.
25c. "Alaska Red Fox"; No. 86.
27a. "'Boxing Bear'"; No. 140.
31b. "Alaska Blue Fox"; No. 72.
39b. "Ice Worms"; No. 154.
44c. "Silver Grey Foxes. G. Bull Fox Ranch, Chitina Alaska"; No. 65.
53a. Town scene in deep snow, possibly Valdez.
62b. "Fur Seal, Alaska."; No. 98.
86d. Four men and dog team and sled. "On the Trail"; No. V146.
88c. "Alaska Lynx, Valdez, Alaska."
90c. Mountain scene. "Northern Lights."
96c. "Ptarmigan" White phase; No. 194.

Elite Studio, Juneau (3 cards):
28c. "Mendenhall Glacier Alaska." Foot of glacier; No. 889.
78b. "Alaska Totem Pole" Thunderbird and bear; No. 404.
91c. "Midnight Sun Alaska."; No. 391.

C. E. Emswiler, Seward (10 cards):
6d. "Moose Calf Near Seward."
23a. "Moose Calves, Seward, Alaska."
23b. Dall sheep on hillside.
25b. "C. Cooper Moose Hunt, C. Emswiler Guide, Seward, Alaska." Man with rifle sitting on bull moose.
51b. "Kenai Bull Moose"; Copyrighted 1913.
68c. "Trophies of the Hunt, Seward, Alaska." Animal hides hung on end of building.
70b. "Seward, Ala., C. Emswiler, Guide." Bear cub on tree stump.
77b. "Snow River Bear, Seward, Alaska." Man with dogs and brown bear kill.
80a. "Moose, Seward, Alaska" Man with kill of two bull moose.
81b. "C. Cooper Moose Hunt, C. Emswiler Guild, Seward, Alaska" Two men in rowboat on lake with moose antlers.

F. L. P. (2 cards):
74d. "Cemetery Alert Bay"; No. 1292.
75b. "Walrus Head, Arctic Fox, Seward, Alaska" Dock scene.

N. T. Gilbertson (3 cards):
10c. "Caribou Herd Along Gov. R. R."
31a. "Kanatak, Cold Bay, Alaska." Distant scene.
51a. "Caribou Along Gov. R.R. Alaska." Caribou kill.

Gordon's, Seward (5 cards):
12a. "Seward Alaska" View of town from Resurrection Bay; Hettel's, the Kodiak Store, Seward.
15c. "A Giant Batchelor Fur Seal Asleep." Two men standing next to seal.
38b. "Snow Scene, Cooper Creek, Alaska."; Hettel's, the Kodiak Store, Seward.
82b. "Seward and Susitna Mail Team" Dog team and sled; Hettel's, The Kodiak Store, Seward.
85b. "Ten Little Injuns" Group photo of native woman and 13 children in front of river; No. 354.

Al Hardy (3 cards):
41c. Winter scene with cow moose.
52b. "Glimpse of Winter in Alaska." Two men standing near cabin with sleds and dogs.
77a. "Home Again for a Summer Rest."; "Frank & Al's summer camp. Frank now on Fire Dept. Long Beach." (Benjamin Grier's caption from album) Large cabin with dog team in foreground.

Hettel's, The Kodiak Store, Seward (15 cards):
6a. "Castle Cape. Chignik Alaska."; L. E. H.
6c. "Rocks at Cape Resurrection Alaska."
7c. Dog team and sled in downtown Seward.
10a. "Wrangell Narrows Alaska."
15b. "Winter at Seward Alaska, Dec. 22nd, 1915." Downtown street scene with no snow.
26a. "From Valdez Alaska." Native woman with pack and dogs on trail.
33a. "3/4 Million Gold from Iditarod, ARR Knik, Jan 12/12" Dog teams and sleds at Knik railroad siding.
36b. Winter street scene with automobiles and dog team and sled in front of Borgen Store.
40c. "Alaska's Dogmobile" Dog team and sled.
42a. "Olympia Wreck, Alaska" Distant view of S. S. Olympia wreck.
42d. "Ice Breaking from Childs Glacier on the Copper River Ry. Alaska."
46c. "'S. S. Dora' Seward Alaska" S. S. Dora in Seward Harbor.
54c. "Alaska Young Grouse."
57a. "The Alaska Dogsmobile" Dog team and sled.
93c. "Wild Lynx."

George L. Johnson, Anchorage (7 cards):
19a. "Suspension Bridge, Alaska" Rope suspension bridge over river gorge.
42b. Caption from album: "Old Friends Frank & Al." Two men with dog team.
57c. "Alaska Totem."
71c. "'Patty' of Nome." Dog.
84d. "Gov. R. R. Alaska."  Railroad scene next to Cook Inlet.
87b. "Spencer Glacier, Gov. R. R. Alaska."
88a. "Mirror Lake, Broad Pass, Alaska." Reflected mountain scene.

L. H. P. (2 cards):
72a. "Interior Russian Church, Unalaska."; No. 3A 279.
73c. "Davidson Glacier and Porpoises"; No. 731.

Logemann Photo (4 cards):
21c. "$650,000 Leaving Anchorage 1/4/17." Dog team and sled in front of large crowd.
66a. "On the Trail" Dog team and sled.
89b. "Alaska Cub Black Bear." Person feeding bear cub from can.
89c. "Oldest Squaw in Alaska, 108 yrs. old." Native woman in winter dress.

Lomen Bros., Nome (11 cards):
21b. "Eskimo Baby enjoying native football game."
43a. Dog team and sled in front of sea ice.
45d. "Inupiat men in kayaks hunting seal on ice; No. 655.
49d. "Winners First Annual All-Alaska Sweepstakes, Nome, Alaska" Dog team and sled.
54a. Winter scene of reindeer herd.
59d. "A Fair Wind." Dog team and sled with sail on river.
76b. Inupiat child in fur parka.
79b. Inupiat hunters beaching their kayacs; No. 654.
83b. "East Cape Siberia Natives" Native man and woman in front of tent.
94d. "Walrus Hunters Catch – Bering Sea." Three Inupiat hunters and at least 20 walrus.
96d. "Siberian Eskimo Women."; No. 420.

Seward Drug Co., Seward (2 cards):
46a. "Ptarmigan, Alaska" Several birds in white phase.
51c. "Midnight, the Longest Day in the Year, Seward Alaska." Street scene.

S. Sexton (3 cards):
59a. "Hydraulic, Lynx Creek" Hydraulic mining operation on creek.
61d. "Alaska Dog Team" Men and women and dog team.
95d. "Alaska Bald Eagle."

W. A. Thomas (3 cards):
17d. "Eskimo Dog Igloos, Point Hope, Alaska."
87d. "Rev. W. A. Thomas Photo" Man in parka and mail sled.
95a. "Anchorage Alaska, Johnson & Tuler" Group photo of five native men and women in winter dress with sled.

J. E. Thwaites (35 cards, 34 different):
2a. "Alaska Bidarki or Skin Boat"; No. 310.
3c. "S. S. Northwestern, Alaskan Coast. After at storm." Ice frozen on ship; No. 4004 (Tape damage on edges).
4d. "Port Hayden, Bering Sea. (My Alaska Girls Home and Family)" Native children and dogs in front of barabara; No. 570.
7b. "Native Village, Bering Sea, Alaska. 1. White Man's Store, 2. Russian Church, 3. Chief's House 4. Earthen Huts."; No. 3888c.
12b. "Valdez, Alaska." Church in heavy snow; No. V17.
17c. "40,000 Red Salmon, Alaska Peninsula." Salmon tenders at dock; No. p. 14.
27b. "Wreck of the 3 Masted Schooner, John F. Miller, near Cape Pankof, Alaska. 10 Lives Lost."; No. p. 43.
29c. "A Heavy Sea. Alaska Coast."; No. 1475.
32d. "Ready for the Long Mush, Seward, Alaska." Caption from back of print: "1916, $65,000 in gold arriving from Name at Seward." Dog team and heavily laden sled; No. 1461.
36a. "A Cannery Ship, Bristol, Bay, Alaska." Distant view of three masted ship under full sail; No. 1403.
39c. "Childs Glacier, Alaska." Tourists viewing glacier; No. 1850.
41a. "U. S. Citizens, Bristol Bay, Bering Sea." Native boy and girl dressed in fur parkas; No. 494.
48a. "Castle Cape, near Chignik, Alaska. 1200 ft."; No. 1427.
48d. "We Encounter Some Ice in Alaskan Waters." Ice on ship; No. 4023.
49a. "Ketchikan, Alaska." Winter scene from boardwalk; No. 423.
50b. "Carlisle Packing Co., Cordova, Alaska." Harbor scene; No. 4262.
50c. "Whale, S. W. Alaska Coast."; No. p. 30.
50d. "Chernaboro Volcano, Cooks Inlet, Alaska."; No. 931.
53c. "S. S. Edith. Aug. 30, 1915." Shipwreck; No. 2701.
57b. "Sylvan Cove, Seward, Alaska." Rowboat landing in cove.
59b. "Revenue Cutter Service in Bering Sea. Photo from deck of Mail Steamer Dora." Cutter in rough seas; Copyright 1911, No. 590.
60c. "Wreck of S.S. Olympia, Alaska, 12-10-10"; No. 660.
61c. "Eskimo Medicine Man, Alaska, Exorcising Evil Spirits from a Sick Boy. 'Working to Beat the Devil'"; No. 493.
62a. "S.S. Northwestern, Alaska." View of ice on ship's deck; No. 4007.
63a. "Sea Gulls, Alaska Coast."; No. 1518.
63d. "Whaler, Entering Akutan, Alaska."; No. 1212.
64c. "Elephant Rock, Unga, Alaska."; No. 767.
65b and 75a. "Eskimo Residences, Bering Sea." Barabaras; No. 539.
66d. "Evening at Castle Cape, Alaska Peninsula."; No. 156.
69d. "Entrance to Seward Harbor, Alaska. Barwell Island, Alaska."; No. P. 320.
73a. "Wreck of Schr. John F. Miller, Cape Pankof, Alaska. (10 Lives Lost)"; No. P. 43.
82d. "Alaska Brown Bear Cubs, Kodiak, Alaska."; No. P. 23.
86b. "Raising Horse in Alaska. S. S. Dora." Horse being lifted onto ship; No. 1250.
95b. "In Alaskan Waters" Large steamship in Inside Passage; No. 1788.

Winter and Pond Co., Juneau (7 cards):
24b. "Interior of Russian Church. Sitka, Alaska."; No. 171.
41b. "Shipping Alaska halibut – one of the largest" Port dock scene with combination print oversized halibut; No. 141.
50a. "Twin Glacier – Taku." Tourists in canoe in center; No. 29.
65a. "A Herd of Alaska Reindeer."; No. 111.
68a. "Run of Salmon Up Ketchikan Cree, Ketchikan, Alaska."; No. 96.
80c. "W. P. & Y. Ry." White Pass & Yukon Route Railway scene; No. 72.
92c. "Alaska Seal. St. Paul Island, Alaska."; No. 115.

P. Wiscnmeyer, Seattle (15 cards):
4a. "Alaskan Reindeer Herd"; No. 301.
4c. "Eskimos and Their Kayaks (Skin Boats) Made from Walrus Hide"; No. 294.
14c. "Eskimo Drying Salmon, Alaska" Drying racks; No. (Tape damage on right end).
15a. "Hunting Wild Sheep in Alaska. The Hunters Garb Themselves in White to Fool the Sheep." Two men in white parkas with rifles and their hanging their mountain goat kill.
38d. "Old Indian Joe at the Age of 107"; No. 47.
49b. "Sleighing Among the Ice Banks on Alaskan Coast. These Ice Banks are Formed by Ice Washed up by the Tide Piling it up 50 Ft. or More." Woman with dog team and sled; No. 290.
58d. "Eskimo Beauties and Their Pets" Inupiat women in fur parkas with their pet reindeer.
63b. "Natives of Alaska, Every Body's Home But Father" Group photo of women and children.
67d. "Sleighing in Alaska" Sleigh being pulled by dog team; No. 73.
68b. "Hunting Big Game in Alaska" Hunter with rifle and bear kill; No. 559.
75c. "Alaska Salmon at the Cannery"; No. 371.
75d. "Drying Fish, Kenai Lake Alaska" Drying racks; No. 130-D.
94a. "A Moose Family, Alaska"; No. 555.
94b. "Indian Graves, Alaska" Two wooden platforms; No. 296.
94c. "Eskimo Houses Made from Walrus Hides, Alaska"; No. 293.

Box 3 (Album 2)

Miscellaneous Commercial Photo Post Cards (26 cards):
4b. "Resurrection Bay, Alaska."; L. H. Pedersen, 1913.
5c. "New Town, Ketchikan Alaska"; No. 1189.
8a. "Polar Bear in the Arctic off Point Barrow, Alaska."; Photo by J. Hadley.
8b. "Old Kasaan Village, Alaska; No. 853.
13a. "Woodland Caribou, from Nelchina Dist., Alaska, Height 48, Spread 48, Points 45" Mounted caribou head with antlers; Photo by O. G. H. for W. A. Shields.
16d. "Mt. McKinley 20,300 Feet High, Alaska."; Sidney Lawrence painting.
18a. "Dickering with Esquimaux in Behring Sea, Alaska." Inupiats in kayaks off side of ship; No. A310; Published by Central News Co., Tacoma, Washington (Color-tinted).
18c. "Mt. Sheep 'shot' from Auto Highway, Mt. McKinley National Park; Photo by T. M.
22b. "Skins of 12 Grizzlies Shot near Sand Point, Alaska, by 2 Hunters Guided by Sand Point Guides."; Photo by Bales (Tape damage in upper right corner).
22c. "Ore Croppings, Broad Pass, Alaska." Three men on hillside; Photo by F. M. K-H.
24a. "Wild Sheep, Alaska" Dall ram and hunter with rifle (probably combination print); Photo by L. L. Smith.
28d. "Mt. Katmai, Alaska"; Photo by C. C. Tousley.
35d. "Placer Mining, Alaska." Miner working sluice in streambed; Photo by Liska.
39a. "Trees in Front of the Mission Ladened with Volcanic Ash, Alaska."; Photo by K. B. O.
40b. "Harbor, Kanatak, Alaska." Distant view of steamship and lighter in harbor; Photo by C. C. T.
44b. "Hunting the Big Moose in Alaska" Hunter in center with bull moose in left foreground; Photo by E. C. Adams.
47a. "Skagway, Alaska" Aerial view from harbor; No. 11560; Published by W. H. Case, Juneau.
47b. "Columbia Glacier, Alaska" View from shore; Photo by Merl La Voy, Seattle.
56c. "Winter sport in Alaska" Dog team and sled; No. 173-D; Maude Dempsey, Seattle.
60d. "Mountain Sheep, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska"; Photo by A. Simons.
61a. "'Over Chilkoot Pass during The Gold Rush in Alaska. Thousands of Hold Seekers used This Trail.'"; Copyrighted by E. A. Hegg, Cordova (Color-tinted, tape damage on ends).
71b. "Bull Seal and Harem"; No. 149; Photo by WHP.
71d. "Wild Deer, S. E. Alaska"; Photo by E. Andrews.
76c. Two standing black bear cubs; Photo by Petersen (?).
91a. "The Bighorn of the Mountains, Alaska" Hunter with rifle and Dall sheep ram kill.
91b. "A Flock of Bald Headed Eagles near Ketchikan, Alaska."; Photo by Forest J. Hunt, Ketchikan, 1916.

Post Cards of Animals with Captions, Photographers Unknown (17 cards):
16c. "Wild Moose – Kenai Peninsula – Alaska." (Tape damage in right lower corner).
24c. "Alaska Moose near Seward, Alaska."
28b. "Alaska Reindeer Herds."
33d. "Ptarmigan in Winter, Seward, Alaska."
35c. "Alaska Moose, Kenai Peninsula."
43c. "Famous Mountain Sheep of the Kenai Peninsula Alaska."
45c. "Bull Moose."
54b. "Mala Fur Seal, Pribiloff Is., Alaska."
60a. "Porcupine, Seward, Alaska."
64b. "Walrus on Ice, Arctic Ocean."
66b. "Bull Moose of the Kenai Peninsula Alaska."
72b. "Chasing a Polar Bear in Arctic by crew of S.S. Corwin. Summer of 1915."
74c. "Alaska Kenai Peninsula Moose."
76d. "Caribou Alaska."
79d. "Alaska Porcupine."
81d. "Moose on Kenai Peninsular- Alaska.
90a. "...Feeding...Kenai Alaska." Moose feeding next to log cabin.

Post Cards of Native Baskets with Captions, Photographers Unknown (2 cards):
14a. "Alaska Indian Baskets."
95c. "Handy Work of Alaskan Indians; No. 568.

Post Cards of Dog Teams with Caption, Photographers Unknown (6 cards):
30b. "Fairbanks, Alaska." Dog Team and sled on river.
37c. "A Scene from 'The Cheechako,' the First Movie filmed in Alaska."
39d. "On the trail for Seward, Seward, Alaska."
67b. Illegible.
69b. "'Over the Top' to Anchorage, Alaska." Dog team and sled climbing hill.
92a. "Resting on Trail – Iditarod – Anchorage."

Post Cards of Hunters, Trappers, and Trophies with Captions, Photographers Unknown (4 cards):
77c. "Mounted by W. A. Shield, Knik, Alaska." Dalle sheep ram's head.
77d. "Seward Alaska" Two men and animal hides hanging on end of building.
82a. "Mountain Sheep (Ram) Near Anchorage, Alaska." Frozen sheep on ground.
87c. "Sixteen Bear – Ten Days Hunting – May 1917, Valdez Alaska." Three hunters with rifles sitting in front of hides mounted on end of building (Tape damage in lower right corner.)

Post Cards of Mines with Captions, Photographers Unknown (4 cards):
36c. "Alaska Gastineau Mill, Thane, Alaska." View from Gastineau Channel.
68d. "Stetson Creek Falls, Intake K. M. & M. Co. near Seward, Alaska" Sluice at left.
89a. "'Shoveling In' N. P. Group, Cache Creek, Alaska" Three men with shovels standing next to sluice.
93a. "Placer Mining in Alaska." Hydraulic mining operation with dam and sluice.
Post Cards of Alaska Natives with Captions, Photographers Unknown (5 cards):
10b. "Alert Bay" Three totems.
22a. "Indian Witch Doctor, Alaska." Shaman treating woman.
32a. "'Kow Kow' Plenty"Woman breastfeeding child.
53d. "Eskimo Women Showing Manner of Carrying Their Young." Five Inupiat women and their babies.
90b. "Natives on Dock at Yakutat, Alaska. Selling Moccasins." Native women and girls.

Post Cards of Railroads with Captions, Photographers Unknown (3 cards):
69c. "Rotary in Action...Alaska" Train in heavy snow (Badly faded).
74a. "Alaska. Gov. R.R. Rotary in Action, Alaska." Steam engine and plow in heavy snow.
81c. "Rotary Snow Plow in 10 Feet of Snow – Govt. Ry. Alaska" View of snow thrown by plow.

Post Cards of Ships and Shipwrecks with Captions, Photographers Unknown (4 cards):
30d. "U.S.R.C. 'Bear' After Hard Fight with Ice Beats S.S. Corwin to Nome, Alaska." Cutter Bear in front of steamship.
65c. "Ship, Jabez Howes, Chignik, Alaska." Shipwreck.
67a. "Ship Jabez Howes, Chignik, Alaska." Shipwreck from ship's deck.
93b. "Prince RupertStranded March 23, 1917." S.S. Prince Rupert on rocks.

Post Cards of Towns with Captions, Photographers Unknown (5 cards):
47c. "Marathon Mt. from Seward, Alaska, at Midnight June 21, 1917."
48c. "Seldovia, Alaska" View from water.
55. "Unga, Alaska. 5/30/14. Schooners Harold Blekum and Hunter in distance. #2." Distant view of village from above.
85c. "Mail from Seward to Iditarod." Dog teams and sleds on main street of Seward.
88d. "Valdez from the Water Front" Dock and fishing boat in foreground.

Miscellaneous Post Cards with Captions, Photographers Unknown (13 cards):
3a. "Eagle River Road, Anchorage, Alaska." Winter scene of automobile on road (Tape damage on corners with lower left corner missing).
3d. "St. Patricks Day 1909, Susitna Station Alaska." Line of men and sledges on river.
9a. "Glacier at M. 54, Alaska Central Railway."
11b. Auto Highway, Anchorage, Alaska." Summer scene.
25a. "Teller, Alaska 'So Boss, So'" Laplander woman milking reindeer with Laplander man standing at right.
34c. "Cape Resurrection, Alaska."
53b. "Road House near Summit Nizina Glacier, Alaska." Winter scene.
56a. "Katmai Volcano, Alaska."
58c. "Cape St. Elias Alaska."
63c. "Ready for the Summer Trail, Seward, Alaska." Prospector with pack and pack dog.
73b. "Olaf Wagner's Ranch, Wasilla Alaska." View from across railroad tracks.
85a. "Eskimo Alice. My Little Pal" Two photos of children in fur parkas.
98e. "Alaska Roadway" Lake in background (Tape damage on edges and top third of card missing).

Post Cards without Captions, Photographers Unknown (33 cards):
3b. Dog team and sled.
5a. Glacier scene with railroad trestle in foreground.
9b. Glacier scene with tourist standing on rocky shoreline.
11a. Arctic fox in fox farm pen.
11c. Reindeer herd.
20d. Glacier scene from foot of glacier.
26c. Caribou.
28a. Two men standing holding moose antlers.
29a. Fox caught in trap.
32c. Rowboat unloading people onto ship.
33b. Dog team pulling car over railroad bridge.
38a. Two hunters and three Dall sheep ram carcasses hanging from rack.
38c. Kennicott Mine scene.
45a. Two moose facing eachother.
45b. Mountain scene with Dall sheep.
46d. Group of Inupiat girls in summer parkas.
49c. Seal hunter in fur parka pointing rifle and seated next to kayak.
52a. Moose.
58a. Several dogs in streambed.
58b. Lake or inlet view.
67c. Two hunters seated in front of five hanging Dall sheep carcasses.
69c. Birds and rabbits hanging from wooden pole.
70c. Inupiat girl in fur parka.
79a. Trapper and furs in front of log cabin.
79c. Two moose calves.
80d. Dog team and sled.
81a. Two foxes in fox farm pen.
83d. Bull moose running through swamp.
86a. Dog team and sled being led through ice.
92b. Bull Moose in lake.
93d. Inupiat family in dress clothes in front of barabara.
96a. Children feeding black bear cubs.
97a. Group photo of bird hunting party.

3. Photographs from Scrapbook; n.d., 1939 (27 b&w prints).
Page 2. Log cabin (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
Page 2. Hydraulic placer mining operation (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
Page 3. Benjamin Grier and wife standing in front of house; 1939 (3.75 X 5.75 inch).
Page 4. Mountain and river scene with building in lower right (3 X 5.25 inch).
Page 5. Four men with dog teams and sleds (1.75 X 2.75 inch).
Page 6. "Alaska Brown Bear, Kenai Peninsula." Four bears lying in grass (post card, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
Page 10. Mountain mine site (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
Page 12. Boat Eklutna in Cook Inlet (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
Page 12. Benjamin Grier in checked jacket and cap (1.75 X 2.75 inch).
Page 13. Benjamin Grier standing next to cache (1.75 X 2.75 inch).
Page 13. Three men standing next to side of cabin and firewood pile (2.5 X 4.25 inch).
Page 14. Man standing on paddlewheel steamer (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
Page 15. "Kanatak. Cold Bay Alaska 1923" Two men and dog standing in front of Ray C. Larson Lumber Company shack (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
Page 16. "Kanatak. Cold Bay Alaska 1923" Barge loaded with logs (3.5 X 5.75).
Page 22. "Mining the Bench on Nugget Creek bottom on left Summer 1925" Hydraulic mining operation with dam (3.5 X 4.75 inch).
Page 24. Dog standing next to house (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
Page 27. Rapids in river (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
Page 28. Dog sitting on railroad tracks (2.5 X 4.25 inch).
Page 32. Dog team and two sleds (3.5 X 5 inch).
Page 32. "Hydraulic Mining – Cache Creek, Alaska"; Bragaw's, Anchorage (post card, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
Page 33. "Hydraulic Mining in Alaska"; Winter and Pond Co., Juneau (post card, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
Page 34. River town on the Yukon? (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
Page 35. "U. S. Experimental Station – Matanuska, Alaska."; Bragaw's, Anchorage (post card, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
Page 60. "Spencer Glacier"; DM Photo (6 X 8 inch).
Page 90. "Benjamin Grier and rocks"; Photo from article published in the Long Beach, California newspaper on January 3, 1938 (8 X 10 inch).