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ESSIE ROCK DALE (1881-1965) AND JACK FERGUSON. Papers and Photographs; 1954-1962. .25 cu. ft.

Essie Rock Dale was born in Kansas in 1881. She obtained her B.S. degree from the University of Wyoming. Before coming to Alaska she worked as a newspaper editor and publisher in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming; a lecturer in Kansas; and as a school teacher and superintendent in Wyoming. She moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1937 and opened a small dress shop. In 1942, her husband, son, and daughter joined her in the business and formed Dale Enterprises which opened a sporting good store called the Sportsman, and also ran a fishing lodge on Paxon Lake. She was active in politics and served as a Democratic National Committeewoman from 1948 to 1952, and as a member of the Alaska Territorial Legislature (house) in 1949. She died in 1965. Jack Ferguson was her son-in-law. He worked for twenty-five years with the Northern Commercial Company in Alaska, and was also a member of the Anchorage Port Commission.

The collection consists of: photographs of various people including Essie Rock Dale, Bob Bartlett, and Jack Ferguson; a photographic album of the Dedication of the Port of Anchorage; and a copy of Flag Over the North by L. D. Kitchner.

The collection was presented to the UAA Archives & Manuscripts Department by Inez Ferguson in 1981.