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HOLMES FAMILY. Papers; 1915-1966. 1 cu. ft.

Theresa M. Holmes came to Alaska during the Shushana Gold Rush in 1914. She married Joseph H. Muiry and together they built Muiry's Roadhouse at May Creek near McCarthy. They operated the roadhouse until Muiry's death, after which she left Alaska and operated a restaurant in Oregon. She returned to Alaska after World War II and married Walter Holmes. They built a home near May Creek where they lived until he died in 1964. She then moved to Seward and lived there until 1974, when she entered the Palmer Pioneer Home. Theresa Holmes, 96 years old, died in 1983.

This collection consists of the various papers of Theresa M. Holmes. The papers concerning Mr. and Mrs. Holmes primarily consist of correspondence relative to a bank loan and placer mine locations between 1946 and 1966. The one document concerning Joseph Muiry is an option to purchase a claim. Other papers in the collection include miscellaneous records of the Rex Creek Mining Co. for 1947; and various other papers. The most interesting series is a photograph album and a body of loose photographs concerning the area.

The collection was obtained from Robert Spude of the National Park Service. He received the materials from the Gagnon Family, who desired to see the materials preserved for research use.


Box and Folder list:

Box 1

Series I. Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Holmes:
Records and letters concerning W.L. Holmes as Caretaker of Chititu Mines, bank loans, canceled checks and Placer Claims Locations; 1946-1966, four folders.

1. Holmes, Correspondence 1952-1954, two items.
2. Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Holmes, First Bank of Valdez, loan; 1946-1947, 1953, four items.
3. W.L. and T. Holmes, bank statement and canceled checks; 1950, twelve items.
4. W.L. Holmes, Placer Claim locations (Rex Creek, Calamity Gulch, May Creek, and Chititu Creek); 1946, 1947, 1963, 1966, four items.

Series II. Document "Option of Purchase" by J.H. Muiry; 1930, one folder.
J.H. Muiry, Option of Purchase; 1929, 1930, one item.

Series III. Rex Creek Mining Company:
Records and documents concerning business operations including telegrams, production reports, legal documents, work journal, wages, accounts, and bills; 1936-1937, eight folders.

1. Rex Creek Mining Company correspondence; n.d., 1936-1937, three items.
2. Rex Creek Mining Company Production Report; 1937, one item.
3. Rex Creek Mining Company Legal Document (A.C. Baldwin); 1937, one item.
4. Rex Creek Mining Company Work Journal; n.d., three items.
5. Rex Creek Mining Company Wages; n.d., ten items.
6. Rex Creek Mining Company Accounts; 1936-1938, ten items.
7. Rex Creek Fining Company Bills; n.d., 1937, fourteen items.
8. Rex Creek Mining Company Bills; 1937, eighteen items.

Series IV. Dan Creek Mining Company:
Legal document between J.B. O'Neill and Walter L. Holmes and notice to employees informing of partnership; 1947, two folders.

1. Dan Creek Vines, Partnership Agreement, J.B. O'Neill and W.L. Holmes; 1947, one item.
2. Dan Creek Mines, Notice; 1947, one item.

Series V. Rex Gulch and Dan Creek:
Documents concerning Placer Mine Production Forms, Injuries and Employment Forms, and Alaska Tax Statements; 1949-1952, 1955, three folders.

1. W.L. Holmes - Rex Gulch and Dan Creek, Placer Mine Production forms; 1955, two items.
2. W.L. Holmes - Fox Gulch and Dan Creek, Injuries and Employment forms; 1955, two items.
3.W.L. Holmes (Rex Gulch and May Creek), Alaska Tax Statements and other papers; 1949-1952, six items.

Series VI. Miscellaneous:
Map of claim of J.H. Muiry, a map of fire plugs in Kennecott Copper Company and a mining location affidavit; 1926, n.d., 1943-1944, three folders.

1. Map of claim of J.H. Muiry on Chititu Creek; n.d., (see oversize folder), one item.
2. Map (blue), location of fire plugs: Kennecott Copper Company, Alaska; February 8, 1926, (see oversize folder), one item.
3. Miscellaneous papers - affidavit to hold a mining location, 1943-1944, one item.

Series. VII. Photographs:
Collection of loose photographs and of photographs mounted in an album depicting Alaskan scenes such as Tess and Walter L. Holmes Roadhouse, the Richardson Highway, Cordova, a wrecked seaplane, hunting, Kennecott, Jumbo Mine, mining, soldiers, farms, Rex Creek, Holmes Mining, McCarthy Airstrip, Chitna, Lakina, Nizina, plus some photographs of other places; n.d.. 1915, 1921, 1930-1937, ten folders.

1. Tess and Walter Holmes, Roadhouse and area, nine photos.
2. Photos-Richardson Highway, Roadhouse and bus; c.a. 1915, seven photos.
3. Cordova; 1930, four photos.
4. Gramps and indios; n.d., eleven photos.
5. Wrecked seaplane; n.d., three photos.
6. McCarthy area, mounted photos; n.d., six photos.
7. Miscellaneous Alaskan scenes; n.d., eight photos.
8. Hunting; n.d., three photos.
9. Miscellaneous other states and Canada; n.d., 1932, 1937, two photos.

Box 2

10. Photo Album; two hundred forty seven photos.