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GEORGE PILZ (1845-1926). Reminiscence; 1922. .1 cu. ft.

George Pilz was born in Saxony in 1845. He studied mining after which he worked for the government and did exploratory drilling for coal (1863-1866). He migrated to America (1867) and worked as a mineral examiner and mining engineer in Vermont, Michigan, California, and Nevada. He moved to Sitka, Alaska, in 1879. Pilz financed several prospectors including Richard Harris and Joe Juneau, who made a major gold strike in 1880. He also organized or helped to organize a number of mining companies in Alaska. In 1881, he chaired the miners' meeting that organized the Harris Mining District. Between 1885 and 1886, Pilz was in jail in California. He later lived in various places in Alaska. He died at Eagle.

The collection consists of a typescript copy of George Pilz's reminiscence written at the request of Dr. Alfred H. Brooks of the U.S. Geological Survey around 1922. Clarence Andrews furnished a copy of the reminiscence to Judge James Wickersham in 1937. R.N. DeArmond made a copy for the Alaska Historical Library and Museum in Juneau in 1953.

The collection was acquired from the Alaska Historical Library in 1984.