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RUTH ARCAND PARK PROJECT. Papers; 1968-1985. .25 cu. ft.

Ruth Arcand was born in Lubbock, Texas, and graduated from Texas Tech University in 1941 with a degree in journalism. During World War II she served in the Navy as a WAVE. In 1947, she came to Alaska to work as a link trainer operator for Pacific Northern Airlines, and was one of the first homesteaders in the O'Malley area of Anchorage. Active in community affairs, Ruth Arcand served for four years on the first borough parks and recreation board, and has also served as a board member to the Anchorage Ski Club, Hilltop Youth Inc., the Huffman-O'Malley Community Council, and other groups. She has also served as chairman to various civic groups including the Alaska State Federation of Women's Clubs, Conservation Department, the Homemakers Club, and the O'Malley Road Clean-Up. Beginning in 1968, Ruth Arcand organized and ran the successful effort to have state land Section 16 in the O'Malley-Huffman area declared park land and protected from development or sale. The effort succeeded in 1985 and the land was named Ruth Arcand Park in her honor that same year.

The collection consists of correspondence, letters of testimony, legal documents, newspaper clippings, newsletters, and other materials concerning Section 16, Ruth Arcand, and her efforts to get Section 16 declared park land. The materials were put together as part of a presentation before the Anchorage Assembly to have the Section 16 park land named Ruth Arcand Park.

The collection was loaned to the archives by Ruth Arcand for copying in 1985.



Series I. Proposal; 1969, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1985. 21 items. Arranged chronologically.
The file consists of posters and speech notes used in presenting the proposal that Section 16 parkland be named Ruth Arcand Park; Mayor Tony Knowles' memorandum to the Anchorage Assembly recommending the proposal; minutes of the Assembly action on the proposal; and a map of the park.

Series II. Park History; n.d. two items.
This file consists of a narrative describing Ruth Arcand's role in getting Section 16 zoned as park land. Also a brief biography of Ruth Arcand.

Series III. Testimonials; Feb. Apr., 1985. 25 items. Arranged alphabetically.
The file consists of letters of testimony to Mayor Tony Knowles from friends and supporters of Ruth Arcand, concerning the naming of Section 16 park land in her honor.

Series IV. Documentation; 1969-1976. .1 cu.ft. Arranged chronologically.
The file contains correspondence between Ruth Arcand and various state legislators concerning Section 16; testimony by her; Assembly minutes of actions on the Section; and newsletters and newspaper clippings. (Note: some of the newspaper clippings duplicate those used in the presentation to get Section 16 park land named "Ruth Arcand Park").

Series V. Personal Biography; 1958, 1971-1978. .1 cu.ft. Arranged chronologically.
The file contains letters, newspaper clippings, photographs, and news releases concerning Ruth Arcand and her activities in various Anchorage civic groups. Also a letter written by Ruth Arcand to Alaska Federation of Women's Clubs members.

Large Dark Green; 1969 Daily News
Posters: "Kelly Listens to O'Malley Land Pleas"
"It's Kelly Listening" *
"Land Sale at O'Malley Is Set Back"
"Borough Assembly Asks O'Malley Land Sale be Postponed"

Dark Green; 1969, 1971, Anchorage Times
"Choice Land May Open" (1971) *
"State Eyes Lease of O'Malley Tract"
"Lease Proposal Objections Told" *
"Opposing Groups in O'Malley Land Sale Come Face to Face at Meeting Tonight" (1969)*

Orange; 1969 Daily News
"Will This Wilderness Mile Be Sold"
"State Will Press on with Sale of O'Malley Road Acreage - Keenan"
"O'Malley Residents Want Area Saved for Park"

Black; 1969, 1973, 1975 Anchorage Times
"They Came, Saw, Cleaned" (1969) *
"A Cleanup Planned for that Disputed O'Malley Road Land" (1969)
"Women's Club is Largest in General Federation" (1973)
"Land Acquisition Rates Top Priority"

* Articles that are in the binder.