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R. T. SCHULTZ (d. 1993). Papers; n.d., 1943, 1970, 1979-1981. .25 cu. ft.

R. T. (Tony) Schultz came to Alaska in 1938. That same year he bought his first plane and obtained his pilot's license. He began flying for Star Airlines (later Alaska Airlines) in 1940, and in 1950, was chosen as their first chief bush pilot. He also flew in Alaska for Northern Consolidated Airlines, Wein Airlines, Interior Airlines, and as a bush pilot for the Bureau of Land Management. He died in 1993.

The collection consists of material relating to R. T. Schultz's activities as an Alaskan pilot. It includes: his reminiscences on his experiences as a pilot; newspaper and magazine articles concerning him; logs and notes of a North Pole flight by two Cessna airplanes in 1981; a copy of a Star Airlines promotional booklet; photographs of various Alaskan pilots and planes; his business card; and articles on diesel engines.

The collection was presented to the archives by R. T. Schultz in 1981. Papers were added in 1990.


Folder List:

1. Personal Recollections by R. Tony Schultz.
  a. "D for Decision circa 1944"; n.d. (two copies).
  b. "A Day in the Life of a Pilot"; n.d. (two copies).
  c. "Sam White"; n.d.
  d. "A 1951 Mail Flight"; n.d.
  e. "Arvid Weflen"; March 27, 1981.
  f. "Last Flight of NC 162 W", "The Lockheed Vega"; June 4, 1981. Includes a photograph of the plane.
  g. "Willie Foster"; June 4, 1981.
  h. "Frank Whaley" rough draft; June 23, 1981.

2. Magazine and Newspaper Articles by others.
  a. "Fairbanks"; n.d.
  b. "A New Baby"; n.d.
  c. "Passengers Laud Pilot MacKenzie for Saving Lives at Rohn River", Anchorage Daily Times; August, 1943.
  d. "Pioneer Pilot" by Nancy Noel; October, 1970.
  e. "Weather Strand Pilot In Devils Lake"; April 10, 1979.
  f. "Now That's Devotion" by Susan E. Schultz from Alaska Journal; Summer, 1980 (two copies).

3. Logs and Notes of North Pole Flight.
  a. Handwritten note by R. T. Schultz relative to a Cessna 180 flight to the North Pole; July 15, 1981.
  b. Copy of the aircraft log from the Cessna 180 flight to the North Pole; 1981.
  c. Copy of the engine log for the same flight; 1981.

4. Obituaries.
  a. Al Horning; December, 1989.

5. Promotional Booklet.
  a. "When You Visit Alaska Fly With Star Airlines", by Star Airline (nee Alaska Airlines); ca. 1939-1941.

6. Photographs.
  a. Cessna 180; ca. 1963 (color, 3x5, two copies).
  b. Clyde Ice, Pat Wachel, Kirk Davis; April 17, 1982 (color, 3x5).
  c. R. T. Schultz; n.d. (color, 2 1/2x2 1/2).
  d. Bob Wachel; April 17, 1982 (color, 3x5).
  e. Bud Seltenreich; n.d. (color, 2 1/2x2 1/2).
  f. T. Schultz, Dave Wachel, Bob Wachel; April 17, 1982 (color, 3x5).
  g. Orville Tosch; 1981 (color, 2 1/2x2 1/2).
  h. Robert Shalton; 1981 (color, 2 1/2x2 1/2).
  i. Clyde Ice, Oscar Winchell, Lee Entree, Kirk Davis; April 17, 1982 (color, 8x10).

7. Business Card.
  a. R. Tony Schultz for Village Aviation in Bethel, Alaska.

8. Diesel Engine article.
  a. "Diesel Engines", Diesel Engine Catalog; n.d. (two articles).
  b. "Aviation Diesel Engines", Diesel Engine Catalog; n.d.