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FRANCES AND HARRY WALTON. Correspondence; 1923-1952. 1 cu. ft.

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Harry Walton was born on March 13, 1901 in Saskatchewan, Canada. He left home at the age of twelve and worked as a cabin boy on Canadian cargo ships to the Orient. During World War I he joined the Canadian Army and was sent to England, where he remained throughout the war. Returning to Canada after the war, he worked at various mines in British Columbia and on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. In 1929, he worked for the Cork Insulating Company of Seattle, where he met Frances Moberg. They were married at Mount Vernon, Washington in August, 1930. Frances Moberg was born on July 7, 1903 at Miranda, South Dakota. In 1917 her family moved to Mount Vernon, Washington where Frances graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 1923. She then attended business college in Seattle and went to work for the Cork Insulating Company, where she met Harry Walton. In 1936, Frances and Harry Walton came to Alaska where Harry went to work for the Matanuska Valley Colonist Association. Harry remained in his job until 1937, when it became the policy that only actual colonists could work for the Association. Harry then went to Fairbanks where he worked on mining jobs near Livengood. Frances returned to Seattle where their daughter Kathleen Suzanne was born in December 1937. Frances returned to Fairbanks with Kathleen in July of 1938, and they remained there until 1940, when Frances and Kathleen moved to Vashon Island, Washington. Harry remained in Alaska and went to work on the construction of the naval base at Kodiak, where he worked until 1942. He then went to Vashon Island, Washington. Frances and Harry moved to Seattle in 1944 where Harry worked as a carpenter until his death in 1961. Frances died in 1974.

The collection consists of letters and correspondence from Harry and Frances Walton's stay in Alaska and later, Washington. The collection is divided into four series. They are: 1, letters from Frances Walton to her mother, Mrs. J. V. Moberg (1936-1940); 2, correspondence between Frances and Harry Walton (1930-1952); 3, third party correspondence (1923-1952); and 4, transcribed letters. The letters concern life in the Matanuska Valley, the colony, and the colonists there; life and people in Fairbanks; the relationship between Frances and Harry; and other subjects. The transcribed letters are those in the first series.

The collection was presented to the archives by Kathleen Walton Birkland in 1988.


Box and Folder List:

Box 1

Series 1. Letters--Frances Walton to Mother; July, 1936-July, 1940.

a. From Palmer, Alaska
1. Letters; July-September, 1936. 10 letters.
2. Letters; October-November, 1936. 9 letters.
3. Letters; January-March, 1937. 7 letters.

b. From Palmer and Fairbanks, Alaska
4. Letters; April-July, 1937. 8 letters.

c. From Fairbanks, Alaska
5. Letters; n.d., August-September, 1938. 7 letters.
6. Letters; October-December, 1938. 9 letters.
7. Letters; n.d., January-March, 1939. 6 letters.
8. Letters; April-May, August, 1939. 5 letters.
9. Letters; October-December, 1939. 6 letters.
10. Letters; January-March, 1940. 9 letters.
11. Letters; April-May, 1940. 7 letters.
12. Letters; July, 1940. 4 letters.

Box 2

Series 2. Correspondence between Harry and Frances Walton; 1930-1952.

a. From Westminister, British Columbia and Southeast Alaska
1. Letters, Harry to Frances; April-May, 1930. 3 letters.
2. Letters, Harry to Frances; 1935-1936. 4 letters.

b. From Fairbanks, Alaska
3. Letters, Harry to Frances; December, 1937, April-May, 1938. 6 letters.
4. Letters, Harry to Frances; June-July, 1938. 9 letters.
5. Letters, Harry to Frances; January 23, 1939. 1 letter.
6. Letters, Harry to Frances; January, August-September, 1940. 8 letters.
7. Letters, Harry to Frances; October, December, 1940. 4 letters.

c. From other parts of Alaska
8. Letters, Harry to Frances; January-March, 1941. 5 letters.
9. Letters, Harry to Frances; April-June, 1941. 5 letters.
10. Letters, Harry to Frances; July-December, 1941. 8 letters.

d. From Alaska and Washington State
11. Letters, Harry to Frances; 1942-1943. 6 letters.
12. Letters, Harry to Frances; 1945. 5 letters.
13. Letters, Harry to Kathy Sue Walton (daughter); December 30, 1952. 1 letter.
14. Letters, Frances to Harry; 1942. 5 letters.

Series 3. Third Party Correspondence; 1923-1952.

1. Letters from various persons to Frances Walton; n.d., 1923, 1930, 1939-1942, 1946, 1949. 11 letters.
2. Letters from May, Edw[in?], and Virginia to Frances Walton; 1940-1941. 4 letters.
3. Letters from Mr. and Mrs. Walton to Frances Walton; 1941, 1952. 3 letters.
4. Letters from Mr. and Mrs. Walton to Harry Walton; 1940, 1942. 3 letters.

Series 4. Transcribed Letters; July, 1936-July, 1940.

These transcribed letters are all those in Series 1: Frances Walton to Mother.