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HANS van der LAAN BROOKS RANGE LIBRARY. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Records; 1972-1992, 1996. .45 cu. ft.

This library, incorporated in 1974 as a adjunct to the Brooks Range Trust, was set up for the purpose of establishing, sponsoring, and supporting a library concerning the Brooks Range; to receive books and funds; and to make the collection available to interested persons. The library sought to amass a body of literature on the Brooks Range and the arctic and on Alaska in general. It also perpetuated the memory of Hans R. van der Laan, a mountaineer and promoter of the preservation of the Brooks Range Region. The library funds grew steadily and those materials which were purchased were placed in the National Parks headquarters in Anchorage. In 1986, the North Slope Borough and the library board of directors dedicated the Hans van der Laan Brooks Range Library located in a building adjacent to the Simon Peak Museum in Anaktuvuk Pass. In 1991, the board created an endowment with its remaining funds with the interest used for library purchases. The library was then turned over to the North Slope Borough. It was to be located at Anaktuvuk Pass and assisted by an advisory board with local membership. The board of directors then dissolved in 1991.

This collection consists of three series. The first contains articles of incorporation, by-laws, an agreement with the North Slope Borough, and legal correspondence. The second series primarily consists of operating records including minutes, correspondence, financial records, photographs, and other papers. The third series consists of papers relating to the Brooks Range Trust including agreements, financial and tax records, and reference materials.

Presented to the archives by Ruth A. M. Schmidt in 1992.

DFW (6/2001)


Series 1. Incorporation and Legal Records; 1972-1991. Arranged chronologically.
This series contains the articles of incorporation, agreements, and attorney file of the Hans van der Laan Brooks Range Trust Library, Inc.

1. Articles of Incorporation; 1974.
Includes articles of incorporation, the State of Alaska Certificate of Incorporation; a letter to the Alaska Department of Commerce, Corporation Section from attorney Thomas E. Meacham; and a receipt for payment of fees. (Also includes an early history of the library.)
2. Correspondence - State of Alaska; 1977.
Contains notice and certificate of involuntary dissolution, the 1975 annual report, certificate of reinstatement, a receipt for reinstatement fee, and a letter from attorney Thomas Meacham.
3. Articles of Incorporation; 1985-1986.
Letter from the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development rejecting articles, a copy of the articles of incorporation and a letter concerning the articles.
4. Agreement between the North Slope Borough and the Hans van der Laan Brooks Range Library, Inc.; 1986.
Includes correspondence, a draft of the agreement, and a list of those to whom it was sent.
5. Thomas E. Meacham, Attorney; 1972-1976, 1985-1986, 1990-1991.
Contains a promissory note and correspondence of Marie Lindstrom (1972-1976); correspondence between Ruth A. M. Schmidt and North Slope Borough attorneys concerning the agreement; (1985-1986); and correspondence concerning drafts of an addenda to the agreement between the North Slope Borough and the library (1990-1991).
6. Attorney's file (1688-1) documents; 1985-1991.
Includes drafts of the articles of incorporation, certificate for a non-profit corporation, bylaws, and the agreement with the North Slope Borough.

Series 2. Operating Records; 1979-1992, 1996. Arranged by type.
This series contains meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, and financial records relating to the activities of the board of directors of the Brooks Range Trust Library.

1. Meetings; 1985-1987, 1990-1991.
Includes agendas, minutes of meetings, treasurer's reports, and notes.
2. General Correspondence; 1979, 1983-1991, 1996.
Includes Brooks Range Trust and Brooks Range Library board of directors correspondence.
3. Correspondence with the North Slope Borough on expenditures; 1986-1992.
Includes a signed copy of an agreement with the North Slope Borough (1986), and correspondence on books for the library and on an endowment for the library.
4. Correspondence relative to final documents; 1991.
Includes correspondence concerning an amendment to the agreement between the North Slope Borough and the library, drafts of the agreement, and the attorney's response.
5. Final documents; 1990-1991.
Includes drafts of the final signed copy of the agreement and a list of those to whom it was sent.
6. Library collection lists, notes, receipts; n.d., 1974-1975, 1980, 1990.
Lists (7) of books acquired or to be acquired by the Hans van der Laan Brooks Range Library; notes on books; and Book cache receipts.
7. Book plates; n.d.
The book plates include a picture and biographical note on Hans van der Laan.
8. Internal Revenue Service; 1985-1986.
Includes letters, tax forms, receipts, and other documents relative to errors by the IRS.
9. Banking documents; 1975-1977.
Contains bank statements, deposit slips, and canceled checks primarily for 1975-1976.
10. Lists and notes; n.d., 1985.
Includes lists of board members, a mailing list, and a notes on meetings.
11. Clippings; 1975.
12. Photographs; 1986.
Contains 10 prints (3½ x 5) and 9 negatives (35mm).

Series 3. Brooks Range Trust Materials; 1972-1985. Arranged by subject.
This series contains papers relating to the Brooks Range Trust and the Gates of the Arctic National Monument. It is a reference file of the Hans van der Laan Brooks Range Trust Library.

1. Brooks Range Trust agreement; 1981-1982.
The agreement is between H. F. and Anna S. van der Laan and the Mountaineering Club of Alaska establishing the Brooks Range Trust in memory of Hans van der Laan.
2. Restated Brooks Range Trust agreement (draft); 1981-1982.
3. Dr. Helge Ingstad Visit; 1989.
Includes correspondence concerning the visit, a biography of Dr. Ingstad, and clippings.
4. Presidential proclamation; n.d.
Draft copy of a presidential proclamation establishing the Gates of the Arctic National Monument.
5. U.S. National Parks Service News Releases; n.d., 1985.
The news releases relate to Alaskan issues including the appointment of a director for Alaska National Parks, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, mining, and other subject.
6. Proposals for a National Park in the Brooks Range/Gates of the Arctic; n.d., 1985.
These include a draft environmental impact statement on the proposed Gates of the Arctic National Wilderness Park and Nunamiut National Wilderness, a brochure by the Brooks Range Trust concerning the creation of a national park in the Brooks Range, and a special edition of The Northern Line concerning the Gates of the Arctic (1985).
7. Simon Panak Memorial Museum brochure; n.d.
8. Stationery - Brooks Range Trust and Brooks Range Trust Library; n.d.