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BETH WACKWITZ. Photographs; 1933-1935. .1 cu. ft.

Beth Wackwitz (born Green) was a schoolteacher from the Fairbanks area of Alaska. She was married to Ernest H. Wackwitz, a German miner. The couple was affiliated with the Wyoming Mine on Red Rock Creek, in Cleary, Alaska. Friends and relatives visited often from 1933 through 1935, taking part in the couple's rustic life style.

This collection contains 35 black and white photographs relating to Beth and Ernie Wackwitz's home in Fairbanks area. Included are images of the Wackwitz home, family and friends, the Fairbanks Ice Carnival, Wyoming Mine, Circle City, and a local wedding. The collection also contains 9 black and white 4 X 5 conservation negatives made from selected prints in the collection.

This collection was acquired by the archives in January 2001.

KRH (2/2001)

Photograph list:

Note: Copy negatives exist for photographs with an asterisk (*) after the caption. 

Photo Captions:

1. "The day Fred murdered the caribou! Thelma, Jade, Anne, and I the day we went to Circle, Alaska and Circle Hot Springs. This picture was taken 6 ½ miles North of 'Central Road House.'"*

2. "This is the way Fred brought the caribou home. It is strapped to the running board of his car. Fred is the man in the picture."

3. "Feb., 1935. Fairbanks, Alaska. Loving You, Beth. (Beth Green, Schoolteacher)"

4. "One of the Ice Carnival Floats. Bill's masterpiece - at photography???"

5. "Ernest H. Wackwitz. Fairbanks, Alaska. June 22, 1934. (German miner who married Alaska schoolteacher Beth Green."*

6. "First Nat'l Bank. Note the dog team cut from tin - hanging in mid air - Bill failed to get the sled & driver - this was for the 'Ice Carnival.'"

7. "This is the Post Box a mile and a half from the mine. (Alaska schoolteacher Beth Green)."*

8. "Cleaning Day - Wyoming Mine, June 1933. Margaret Berry, Mary Erickson, Doris Cox."

9. "Pietno Vigna. Fairbanks, Alaska, July 1933."

10. "Ice Carnival King Regent and Queen Regent - King & Queen (boy & girl) - Mayor Collins - crowned them on the ice throne. Vigna carried the ice dogs (If you can find them)."

11. "Vigna's ice house he built for the 'Ice Carnival'. Natives (college kids) dressed as Eskimos - Otto Geist, (the anthropologist collecting Eskimo specimens from St. Lawrence Island) is in the white parka. Alaskan Seal in foreground."*

12. "The little house at the mine where we spent our two week vacation. Ernie built this place almost entirely alone six years ago. Feature getting 33 bedded down? For the night! July 1933."*

13. "Where the girls took their morning 'spit baths,' brushed their teeth and later washed their clothes. This is 'Wash Day,' continued. We panned gold here. This is a placer claim."*

14. "-10, Fairbanks, Alaska. Feb 4, 1934. Beth, Thel, Anne, shoveling the catint(?) in Alaskan fashions!!"

15. "Wash Day!"*

16. Scenic view of river.

17. "Left to right: Mrs. Ross, Papa, M.B.W., Norma Jordet, Anne, Irene, Thel, Jade, Lala Cremeans, preacher. Note the groom's white canvas gloves! Thel's expression is killing!"

18. "Thel, Jade, Beth, Anne, Norm, Benjie. June 4, 1934. Fairbanks, Alaska."

19. Beth Green.

20. "'The Grocer's Trail' west side of our cabin. Note the 'Ash Trail' branches off?! One seldom gets cold in such clothing. This is the real Eskimo costume made by the Eskimo near Nome. Mr. Palme (Larry) the man who brought in the Musk oxen from Greenland gave the Parka to Thelma. He was stationed in Nome for 4 yrs. Caring for reindeer."*

21. "Jack by the Soda Dam."

22. "'Fish Wheel' on the Yukon River. Circle City, Alaska.

23. "Home Sweet Home. Alaska. Aprl. 1935. Beth, Ernie, Bill."

24. Rock exhibit. (half of photo missing).

25. Moose crossing dirt road.

26. "A few 'back door views,' Fairbanks, Alaska. Jan. 1932. This was before our recent heavy snow. So imagine how it looks now."

27. "Bill's first skiis. Feb. 1935. Fairbanks, Alaska."

28. Beth and Ernie sitting on saw jack outside.*

29. "Wyoming Mine, Red Rock Creek, Cleary, Alaska. July 15, 1934."

30. "Our home - 'in the making.' Feb. 4, 1934. Fairbanks, Alaska.

31. "Wyoming Mine, Cleary Hill, Alaska. June 10, 1934. Ernie & Beth Wackwitz."

32. "Beth's house taken from the back-side yard. (Be sure to send this back)."

33. Group watching dog sled races.

34. "Ernie feeding the group ice cream! Wyoming Mine. June 1933. Cleary Hill."

35. View of church from hill.