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MARIE "SUE" FEINLER. Tourist Scrapbook; July 1931. .35 cu. ft.

Marie "Sue" Feinler, of Spokane, Washington, traveled to Alaska from July 15 through July 27, 1931. Miss Feinler took part in a cruise through the Inside Passage, aboard S. S. Northwestern of the Alaska Steamship Company. The cruise took Miss Feinler from Seattle to Skagway, round trip, with stops in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Juneau, Taku, Chatham, Sitka, and Haines in Alaska, and White Pass City, Lake Bennett, and Port Althorp in British Columbia.

This collection consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Sue Feinler, of a cruise trip along Alaska's Inside Passage in July of 1931. Included in the scrapbook are 139 black and white photographs and photo post cards, including images of the ship, its passengers and crew, Taku and Mendenhall Glaciers, Treadwell Mine, the international boundary, and the towns of Ketchikan, Wrangell, Juneau, Sitka, Haines, Skagway, White Pass City, Lake Bennett, and Port Althorp. Also included in the scrapbook is a map of the cruise route, a passenger list, menus, and daily itineraries produced by the ship's crew. The collection also contains a xerographic copy of the scrapbook, and 47 selected copy negatives.

The collection was acquired by the archives in January 2001.

KRH 2/2001

1. Scrapbook; 1931. (139 b&w photos and post cards).


Inside Cover:
- Luggage Tag, Alaska Steamship Company, S. S. Northwestern; July 14, 1931.

Page 1:
1a. S. S. Northwestern.
1b. Capt. Livingston.

Page 3:
- "Map to the Inside Passage Cruise to Alaska," Alaska Steamship Company.

Page 6:
6a. Ketchikan.

Page 7:
7a. Ball Park, Ketchikan, group of 5 women.
7b. Totem Poles.
7c. View of city from water.

Page 8:
8a. Inside Passage.
8b. Juneau.
8c. Floating Taku.
8d. Inside Passage.

Page 9:
9a. Ketchikan.
9b. Ketchikan.
9c. Dead Glacier.
9d. Taku Glacier.

Page 10:
10a. Taku Glacier.
10b. Taku Glacier.
10c. Taku Glacier.
10d. Taku Glacier.

Page 11:
11a. Wrangell.

Page 13:
13a. Wrangell.
13b. Wrangell.

Page 14:
14a. Juneau.

Page 15:
15a. Taku.

Page 16:
16a. Taku.

Page 17:
17a. Taku Glacier.
17b. Taku Glacier, Alaska.
17c. Taku Glacier, Alaska.

Page 18:
18a. Taku Glacier.
18b. Passenger Launch at Taku Glacier, Alaska.

Page 19:
19a. Mendenhall.

Page 20:
20a. "Huskie" pups in Alaska.
20b. "Taking a rest," Alaska.

Page 21:
21a. Auk Lake.
21b. Mendenhall Glacier - Juneau.

Page 22:
22a. Auk Lake.

Page 23:
23a. "Lights 'o Juneau".
23b. Mendenhall.

24a. Juneau Gold Mine.
24b. Mendenhall Glacier.

Page 25:
25a. Mendenhall Glacier.
25b. Helene and Martha.
25c. Mendenhall Glacier Cove.
25d. Our Gang.

Page 26:
26a. "Whirlwind" at Mendenhall.
26b. Helene and Martha.
26c. Dog Team at Skagway.
26d. At Skagway Gardens.

Page 28:
-Alaska Steamship Company Menu, July 19th, 1931.

Page 29:
29a. Mt. Harding, Skagway, Alaska.
29b. Skagway, Alaska.

Page 30:
Along the Way.

Page 31:
31a. Thoroughbred Husky at Pullen House, Skagway.
31b. Falls Above White Pass City.

Page 32:
32a. White Pass Valley - Trail of '98.
32b. Above White Pass City.
32c. Lake Bennett Region.
32d. Lake Bennett Region.

Page 33:
33a. Insperation Point.
33b. Inspiration Point.
33c. Smaller Lake near Lake Bennett.
33d. Smaller Lake near Lake Bennett.

Page 34:
34a. Lake Bennett.
34b. At Lake Bennett.
34c. Four Horsemen and Jockey.

Page 35:
35a-c.Three successive falls along Trail of '98. (3 images).

Page 36:
36a. Mendenhall Glacier.
36b. International Boundary, B. C. - Canada/Alaska - U. S. A.

Page 38:
38a. The inland waters of Alaska.
38b. Zimovia Straits, Wrangell, Alaska.

Page 39:
39a. Midnight Sun.
39b. An Alaskan Sunset.

Page 40:
40a. Summer clouds, Alaska.
40b. Haines.

Page 41:
41a. At Haines, Dusk, 12:30 a.m.
41b. Daybreak, 2:00 a.m.
41c. Sunset.

Page 42:
42a-d. In the Straits. (4 images).

Page 44:
44a. Port Althorp, woman with officer.
44b. Passengers with officer.
44c. Passengers seated with officers.

Page 45:
45a. Gust.
45b. Sammy.
45c. Verne.

Page 46:
46a. At Port Althorp, Officers.
46b. Passengers with officer.
46c. Passengers with officers.

Page 47:
47a. Port Althorp, Officers.
47b. Passengers.
47c. Passengers with officers.

Page 48:
48a-d. In the Straits. (4 images)

Page 49:
49a & b. Reflections. (2 images)
49c & d. Entering Sitka. (2 images)

Page 50:
50a. Sitka, Russian Cathedral.
50b. Falls at Sawmill Creek.

Page 51:
51a & b. Sawmill Creek. (2 images)

Page 52:
52a. Panorama of Sitka.

Page 53:
53a-c. Narrows. (3 images)

Page 54:
54a-d. Narrows. (4 images)

Page 55:
55a & b.Wrangell Narrows. (2 images)

Page 56:
56a-c. Juneau Gold Mine. (3 images)

Page 57:
-"Jockey." Paper cut-out.

Page 58:
-Juneau brochure.

Page 59:
59a-d. Taku Glacier. (4 images)

Page 60:
60a. Part of Taku taking a stroll.
60b. Seagull.

Page 63:
-Menu, Alaska Steamship Company, July 25, 1931.

Page 65:
65a. Along the way.
65b. Verne and his mascot.
65c. Passengers.

Page 66:
66a. Uncle Bob.
66b. Ready for shore.

Page 67:
67a-c. Female passengers on boat. (3 images)

Page 68:
68a. Moonlight, 12 a.m.

Page 69:
69a. Homeward Bound.

2. Xerographic copy of scrapbook.

3. Conservation negatives.