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THOMAS SAMPSON. World War II Photograph Album; 1942-1945. .2 cu. ft.

Thomas Sampson, Construction Mechanic 3rd Class, was a member of the 41st Construction Battalion of U. S. Naval Reserve. His tour of duty in World War II began in Boston, Massachusetts in 1942 and continued in Alaska from 1943 through 1944. Sampson arrived in Kodiak, Alaska in January 1943. While in Alaska he participated in a number of projects including the construction of artillery mounts in a battery on Long Island, near Kodiak.

This collection consists of an album compiled by Thomas Sampson detailing his service in the United States Naval Reserve in Alaska during World War II. The album contains schedules relative to his trip to Alaska, maps, poetry, and 220 black and white prints. The subjects of the photographs include fellow soldiers, equipment, buildings, and scenery. Other places shown include: the town of Kodiak; North Cape on Spruce Island; Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church, Kodiak; Seal Rock, also called Bird Rock, Sargent Creek, and Bell Flats on Kodiak Island; Long Island, east of Kodiak; the Alaska Highway; Sitka; and Dog Lake, near Lake Louise. The collection also contains 21 black and white 4 X 5 conservation negatives made from selected prints in the collection.

This collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

KRH (10/2001)