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CRYSTAL AND RAY WILLIAMS. Photograph Album; 1947. .1 cu. ft.

Ray and Crystal Williams lived in Fairbanks in 1947. They were involved in the construction of runways and other facilities at the 26-Mile airbase near Fairbanks, which was renamed Eielson Air Force Base in 1948.

The collection consists of photographs from an album kept by Ray and Crystal Williams. The collection includes the original album cover, a xerographic copy of the original 11 page album, and 56 black and white prints. General subjects of the photographs include scenes along the Steese and Richardson Highways, and construction at 26-Mile airbase near Fairbanks. Steese Highway scenes pictured include those of Circle City; the Birch Creek Roadhouse (then abandoned), Birch Creek, Circle Hot Springs (hotel and pool), and Cleary Summit. Richardson Highway scenes include those of Big Delta, the Delta River, Black Rapids Glacier, the Salcha River, the view at the Richardson Roadhouse, and the Goodpaster River. The photographs of construction at 26-Mile airbase include those of machinery grading, rolling, and paving the new airstrip; barracks and other buildings under construction; interior views of a mess hall; and photos of various people who worked at the airbase. In addition, there are 21 black and white 4 X 5 copy negatives made from selected photographs in the collection.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

HMC -0549
JAS (12/2001).