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OTTO K. GRALERT. World War II Scrapbook; 1942-1945. .5 cu. ft.

Otto K. Gralert was from Hoboken, New Jersey. He enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War II and served as a personnel clerk in medical units. Gralert served with the Medical Replacement Training Center at Camp Pickett, Virginia (1942); the 107th Station Hospital at Fort Jackson, South Carolina (1942-1943); and the 179th Station Hospital at Adak Army Air Field in the Aleutians (1943-1945). He later spent time in Anchorage and Fort Lewis, Washington, before his release from active duty at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

The collection consists of papers, artifacts, and photographs taken from the World War II era scrapbook of medical personnel clerk Otto K. Gralert. The collection is divided into two series: papers and artifacts, and photographs. The papers include a xerographic copy of Gralert's original 49 page scrapbook; unit newsletters, a promotion order, and a duty roster from the 107th Station Hospital in Fort Jackson, South Carolina; clippings from a Life Magazine article on the Aleutians; and service patches and souvenirs including a dog tag, service patches, an army transport card with bed assignment, and a booklet from the separation center at Fort Dix, New Jersey. The photographs consist of 93 black and white prints, 31 photo post cards, and 35 copy negatives. The photographs are divided into sections for Camp Pickett, Virginia; Fort Jackson, South Carolina; Adak Island, Alaska; Anchorage, Alaska; and Tacoma and Fort Lewis, Washington. The 83 photographs from Gralert's service with the 179th Station Hospital at Adak Army Air Field include group portraits of the unit's personnel (including nurses), panoramas of the unit's quarters, pictures of a unit dress parade and ceremony, portraits of Olivia DeHavilland during her visit there, and views of base buildings and island scenery.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

JAS (12/2001)

Box and Folder List:

Box 1

Series 1. Papers and Artifacts; n.d., 1942-1945.
Xerographic copy of original scrapbook; 1942-1945 (49 pages).
2. 107th Station Hospital, Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Records; 1942-1943 (6 items).
-The 4th Echelon, 107th Station Hospital (newsletter); Dec. 10, 22, 1942, Jan. 18, Feb. 8, 1943 (4 issues).
-Hospital order promoting Otto Gralert to Private First Class; Dec. 23, 1942.
-Duty roster listing Private First Class Gralert as clerk in Personnel Office; Jan. 1, 1943.
3. Life Magazine clippings of Aleutians article; n.d. (4 items).
4. Service patches and souvenirs; n.d. (7 items).
-Dog tag.
-Alaska District shoulder patch (round with polar bear head and gold star on blue field).
-Technician Fourth Class shoulder patch (three chevrons with T at bottom).
-Service Stripe (1 stripe, for 3 years of service).
-Oversease Service Bars (4 gold bars, one for each 6 month of service).
-United States Army Transport, Troop Class (blue card with bed assignment).
-So Long and Good Luck Soldier; Separation Center, 1262nd Service Unit, Fort Dix, New Jersey (illustrated booklet, 14 pages).

Box 2 (Album)

Series 2. Photographs; n.d., 1942-1945 (93 b&w prints; 31 photo post cards: 15 b&w, 13 color tone, 3 color; 35 b&w copy negatives, 4 X 5 inch).
Medical Replacement Training Center, Camp Pickett, Virginia; Barracks 1260, Company D, 3rd Medical Replacement Battalion, 1st Regiment; Aug. 29-Oct. 29, 1942 (4 b&w prints; 8 color tone photo post cards).
-Portraits of Otto Gralert in uniform and with fellow soldier (4 prints).
-Color tone photo post cards, Tichnor Quality Views, Boston (8 different):
  1. "Service Club, Camp Pickett, Va."
  2. "Theatre, Camp Pickett, Va."
  3. "Division and Post Headquarters, Camp Pickett, Va."
  4. "Field House, Camp Pickett, Va."
  5. "Camp Pickett Exchange Sidewalk Café, Camp Pickett, Va."
  6. "Main Street, looking South, Blackstone, Va."
  7. "Post Chapel, Camp Pickett, Va."
  8. "Main Street, looking North, Blackstone, Va."

2. 107th Station Hospital, Fort Jackson, South Carolina; Oct. 30, 1942-Feb. 21, 1943 (3 b&w prints; 3 photo post cards: 2-color tone, 1-b&w).
-T/3 James Minogue, T/5 Mast, T/4 Roedenbeck, and Otto Gralert at personnel stations (3 b&w prints).
-Photo Post Cards (3 different).
  1. "Airplane View of Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Near Columbia"; Ashville Post Card Co., Ashville, N.C.
  2. "Airplane View of Capitol and Business Section Looking Up Main St., Columbia, S.C."; Ashville Post Card Co., Ashville, N.C.
  3. "U.S.O. Club, Columbia, South Carolina"; Graycraft Card Co., Danville, Va.

3. Pittsburg Replacement Depot, Pittsburg, California; Feb. 26-July 10, 1943 (10 photo post cards: 4 b&w, 3 color tone, 3 color).
  1. "Lobby, Union Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio"; Curteich-Chicago (color tone).
  2. "Great Salt Lake Cut-Off at Sunset, Great Salt Lake, Utah"; Curteich-Chicago (salt sack sewed onto card, color tone).
  3. "Railroad Ave., Pittsburg Calif."; W. M. Smith, San Fransisco, California (b&w).
  4. "Post Office, Pittsburg Calif."; W. M. Smith, San Fransisco, California (b&w).
  5. Main Street "Pittsburg Calif." (b&w).
  6. "Hotel Los Medinos, Pittsburg Calif."; W. M. Smith, San Fransisco, California (b&w).
  7. "San Francisco Bay and Adjacent Territory"; Curteich-Chicago (color tone).
  8. "San Francisco" Aerial photo; Mike Roberts photo, Wesco Color Card (color).
  9. "San Francisco's famous Chinatown"; Mike Roberts photo, Wesco Color Card (color).
  10. "Historic Cable Car on California Street, San Francisco."; Mike Roberts photo. Wesco Color Card (color).

4. 179th Station Hospital, Adak, Alaska; Aug. 16, 1943-Oct. 27, 1945 (86 b&w prints).
-Soldiers pictured include: Nick Aviani, Col. Bingham, Delbert Bliven, Bob Brody, John Flaherty, Leonard Flaherty, Otto K. Gralert, Capt. Kendrick, Paul Krcina, Thomas Lawson, John Leonard, Capt. Mattison, Julius Sabo, and Maj. Stiles.
-Two large four-section panoramas of hospital area in winter and summer (4.25 X 6.25 inch prints).
-Group photo of the members of the 179th Station Hospital (8 X 10 inch).
-Olivia DeHavilland at Adak (2 prints, 5 X 7 and 4 X 5 inch).
-Collage of 179th Station Hospital photographs (8 X 10 inch).
-Interior office scenes (2 prints, 3.5 X 5 inch).
-Unit dress parade and ceremony with band (14 prints: 12-3.5 X 5 inch, 2-2.5 X 3.5 inch).
-Small prints of Adak scenes sold at 980-1 Exchange (10 prints, 2.5 X 3 inch).
-Color tinted prints of Adak scenes sold at 980-1 Exchange (8 prints, 3.5 X 5 inch).

5. 4th Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska; n.d. (4 b&w photo post cards).
  1. "4th Ave. E. - Anchorage, Alaska"; A. Eide photo, No. P-1592.
  2. "Anchorage, Alaska" Street scene; No. P-1630.
  3. "4th Ave. W. - Anchorage, Alaska"; No. P-1629.
  4. "Corner of 4th and East Street - Anchorage, Alaska; R. Eide photo, No. P-1601.

6. Tacoma and Fort Lewis, Washington (6 b&w photo post cards).
  1. "Looking North on Broadway, Tacoma, Wash"; Ellis photo, No. 1209.
  2. "Skyline - Tacoma - Wash."; Ellis photo, No. 1228.
  3. "Main Entrance - Fort Lewis - Wash."; Ellis photo, No. 7337.
  4. "Pacific Ave. Tacoma - Wash."; Ellis photo, No. 1213.
  5. "Broadway at 9th - Tacoma -Wn."; Ellis photo, No. 1201.
  6. "Mt. Rainier From Tacoma - Wn."; Ellis photo, No. 1226.