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MARY SANTEE HANSON. Diary; 1917-1918. .2 cu. ft.

Mary Santee Hanson was the wife of Lieutenant Conrad J. Hanson. The Hansons traveled to Southeast Alaska aboard the S. S. Dolphin, arriving at Fort William H. Seward in September 1917. While in Alaska, Mrs. Hanson gave birth to a daughter, Mary Ellen Hanson, on June 18, 1918. After a one-year tour of service, the Hansons left Alaska aboard the S. S. Transport Sherman, arriving in San Francisco in September 1918.

This collection consists of a typescript narrative and daily diary written by Mary Santee Hanson. The collection is divided into two parts, a short narrative of the family's year in Alaska, and a daily diary of Mrs. Hanson's personal activities. The eighteen page narrative is entitled "Story of the Trip of Lieutenant Conrad J. Hanson and Mary Santee Hanson, September 5th, 1917, to September 27, 1918, on Board the Good Ship Dolphin, bound for and Arrived at Fort William H. Seward, Alaska, up the Inside Passage, Returning on the S. S. Transport Sherman to San Francisco." It describes the family's trip up the west coasts of the United States and Canada, arrival at Fort William H. Seward, family life in Alaska, and local flora and fauna. The diary is entitled "Alaska, Land of the Midnight Sun, September 10th, 1917 to September 20th, 1918." Mrs. Hanson's diary provides a daily account of her activities while she was in Alaska, including domestic duties, social occasions and gatherings, visits to other towns and villages, and events surrounding the birth of her daughter. Also included in the collection are a partial copy of the narrative, plus a full copy of the diary.

This collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

KRH (12/2001)