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ANONYMOUS OHIO FAMILY. Alaska and Glacier National Park Tourist Photograph Album; June-July 1914. .1 cu. ft.

The collection consists of a tourist photograph album of an Ohio (?) family trip to Coastal British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, and Glacier National Park, Montana. The collection contains the original 13 page photograph album, including 41 black and white prints, and a xerographic copy of the album pages. Subjects of the photographs include tent camping; Alert Bay and Port Simpson, British Columbia; Wrangell, Alaska; Glacier National Park; and two men recreating in Cleveland, Ohio. The photographs of Alert Bay and Wrangell are of village streets, houses, and totem poles. Glacier National Park scenes include those of the Glacier Park Hotel, the Two Medicine Lake Lodge, the Going to the Sun Camp, the Many Glacier Camp, and Iceberg Lake.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

JAS (5/2002)

Album page list:

Note: All 41 original black and white prints are 2.5 X 4.25 inches in size.

Page 1:
"Alaska, June-July 1914. Glacier Park."
1a. "Ippi Appi:" Stairs to porch on house.
1b. "Her turn to get the wood." Woman with firewood crouched at entrance to tent.
1c. "Teddy." Man carrying split firewood.

Page 2:
"Just an appetizer." Three women and one man standing near campfire.
2b. "Toasting bacon." Three women and one man toasting bacon on sticks over campfire.
2c. "Carrying provisions from the boat to 'eating-house.'" Man carrying crate and three women watching.
2d. "An Indian descendent." Woman standing at entrance to tent.

"Tent of Sister & myself. Bed of balsam." Interior view of tent with stove at left and bed at right.
3b. "Sunset - 9:30 p.m., Port Simpson." View of bay and houses at left.
3c. "An Alaskan Indian Chief's son. Small boy standing on steps of house.
3d. "Alert Bay. Trading village." Village scene from boardwalk.

Page 4:
"Alert Bay. An Indian chief's house." Woman standing next to totem pole in front of house.
4b. "Alert Bay. A different type of totem poles from anywhere else." View down unpaved street with houses and totem poles.
4c. "Site of oldest building in Wrangle." Woman sitting with dog on overturned boat in front of small totem pole and house.
4d. "'Knocking at the door.' Not an inhabitant of Wrangle." Woman knocking at door of house.

Page 5:
"Street in Wrangle. Showing result of lumber industry. There are two horses in town." View looking down boarded street.
5b. "Bertha's favorite totem. One of the homes of Chief Shakes' son." Woman standing on railed walkway next to totem pole and house.
5c. "An early morning start from Glacier Park Hotel for 'Medicine Lake' or 'Going-to-the-Sun' Camp." Exterior view of hotel entrance with park bus at left and native in headdress in center.

Page 6:
"'Two Medicine Lake.' A morning's ride from Glacier Park Station." Two Medicine Lake Lodge and outbuilding.
6b. "Looking for mountain goat. Tourists looking across lake to mountainside from lodge deck.
6c. "Trick Falls near Two Medicine Lodge." Woman standing next to stream.
6d. "Type of dining room & living room throughout the Park." Interior view of upper floor dining room with vaulted ceiling and large windows.

Page 7:
"Our log camp at 'Going to the Sun' Camp." Interior view of woman in camp building.
7b. "'Going to the Sun.' Most picturesque of all the camps. Sample of mountain names: 'Lone Dog' - 'Rising Wolf." View of porch deck, railing, and chairs at lodge.
7c. "Travelling by pack. About to ford a stream." Man leading saddled horse.
7d. "'Going to the Sun' is so steep - no wheels - Luggage being brought up from launch - to rooms." Team of two horses pulling sled.

Page 8:
"'Where the trail divides.'" Woman standing at top of steep mountain trail.
8b & c. "After an accident to a motor bus, in turning out for this Indian team. On the way to 'Many Glacier' Camp."

Page 9:
9a & b.
"Just views of Glacier Park. On our way to Iceberg Lake, a distance seven miles from 'Many Glacier' Camp." Views of a burnt pine forest and woman in forest clearing in front of mountain scenery.

Page 10:
"One of the chalets." View of chalet, waterfall, and stream at Many Glacier Camp.
10b. "The huge mountain on the sides of which the chalets of 'Many Glacier' camp are perched. * Our chalet."

Page 11:
"This was our first view and impression, and lasting remembrance of Iceberg Lake." View from meadow of trees on the shore of Iceberg Lake.

Page 12:
12a. "Sister on a glacier - July 26, 1914. Flowers in one hand - Snow ball in the other." Woman standing on ice field at shore of lake.
12b. "Iceberg Lake. One half mile across. Fifty or more varieties of flowers on the banks. Small ice bergs floating. Three weeks before - lake was frozen all over." View of lake with flowers and rocks in foreground.
12c. "Sister eating lunch on shores of Iceberg Lake." View of lake with woman at far left.

Page 13:
"A day in Cleveland." Same two men sitting in automobile, sitting on porch, and standing at entrance to "All Heidelberg" beer garden.