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BEN F. PINKS. Trapping and Account Book; n.d., 1936-1937, 1947-1953. .1 cu. ft.

Ben F. Pinks was a trapper and employee of the Alaska Road Commission in Alaska, in in the 1930s and 1940s. While living in Alaska, Pinks ran a trap line near his home, probably in the Valdez area, and in other locations in South-central Alaska.

This collection consists of a small record book containing information about Ben Pinks’ trap line operations, and account and supply information for a possible farm operation in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Trap line entries include the date the line was set and checked, location, and the number and type of animal caught. The account and supply portion lists supplies purchased and amount paid. Also included in the collection are a receipt from the Matanuska Valley Farmers Cooperating Association warehouse, and Mr. Pinks’ W-2 form from the Alaska Roads Commission for the year 1947.

This collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

KRH (1/2002)