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ANCHORAGE ALL-AMERICAN CITY AWARD CEREMONY. Audio Recording (1 Phonograph Disk); January 1957. .1 cu. ft.

Anchorage, Alaska was named an All American City in 1957. A ceremony was held on January 27, 1957, to celebrate the event. The program included a reading of a Historical Narrative of Anchorage, and a performance by the Anchorage Community Chorus.

This collection consists of a recording of the events related to the Anchorage All-American City Award Ceremony. Side 1 of the phonograph record contains a "Historical Narrative of Anchorage" as spoken by Frank Brink and William Trotman, with Mrs. Edwin B. Crittenden. Side 2 contains recordings of the Anchorage Community Chorus performing "Legend of Denali" by Donoghue, "Aleut Lullaby" by Oliver-Hale, and "Alaska's Flag" by Dusenbury-McMurdie.

This collection was acquired by the Archives in 2001.

KRH 12/2001