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JUDITH AND MALCOLM McDONALD. Papers; 1960-1966, 1987-1988, 1996-1997. 1.5 cu. ft.

Judith MacPherson came to Anchorage from Taneytown, Maryland, in 1960, to teach fourth grade at North Star Elementary School. In 1961, she transferred to Willowcrest Elementary School, where she taught until 1966. Malcolm W. McDonald came to Anchorage in 1962, where he taught social studies and special education classes at Central, Romig Junior High, and Ora D. Clark schools. Judith married Malcolm McDonald in 1963. From 1963 to 1966, the couple taught in Anchorage during the school years and operated a resort near Bemidji, Minnesota, during the summers. The McDonalds left Alaska to live in Minnesota, in 1966, where they settled in the town of Austin.

The collection consists of the Alaska related papers of Judith and Malcolm McDonald. The collection is divided into five series: papers, photographs and slides, motion picture film, artifacts, and artwork. The papers contain items from Judith's initial trip to Anchorage in 1960, her marriage to Malcolm McDonald in 1963, the Alaska Earthquake of 1964, and various items kept by Malcolm McDonald. The items from her 1960 trip to Alaska include: a trip log, slide show script, and scrapbook with post cards. The items from the Alaska Earthquake include: a personal account of Judith McDonald's experiences, a pictorial volume, and magazine articles. Subjects of the photographs and slides include: personal portraits; trips to Alaska; teachers and students in Anchorage schools where Judith McDonald taught; Chelatna Lake Lodge (1961); the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous; The Alaska State Fair in Palmer (1960); the Alaska Railroad (1962); the couple's trip to Alaska in 1997; and Alaska commercial travel slide series photographed by Emil Meunch depicting: the Inside Passage and the panhandle, Mount McKinley National Park, and Nome and the arctic. Subjects of the motion picture film include downtown Anchorage, Merrill Field, Chelatna Lake Lodge, Spenard, a trip on the Seward Highway to Girdwood and Portage, a trip on the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Fairbanks and return, and the Anchorage International Airport. The artifacts include: an Alaska Native straw basket, a pair of seal and otter skin booties, three bone fishing weights, and a yo-yo. The artwork consists of three different Alaska Native  color drawings by John Everitt and Giersdorf.

The archives received the collection from Judith McDonald in 2003. A deed of gift was signed in 2003. Additional materials were added in 2005.

JAS (3/2004)

Box and Folder list:

Box 1

Series 1. Personal Papers; 1960-1966, 1988. .2 cu. ft.
1. Trip to Anchorage; 1960.
-Includes narrative.
-Photo newspaper clipping of Miss Judith MacPherson, regarding her trip to Anchorage
to teach at North Star Elementary School; ca. 1960.
-Trip log; Aug. 13-27, 1960 (handwritten, spiral notebook, 4 X 6 inch).
-Script for slide show; n.d. (Nos. 1-95, 6 pp.).
-Scrapbook with mounted color photo post cards from the trip; Aug. 1960 (79 post cards)(Located in Box 2).
2. Marriage to Malcolm McDonald; 1962-1963.
-Wanted sign for roommate to share two bedroom apartment with Judy MacPherson; ca. 1962.
-Note of Judith's name, address, and phone number by Malcolm; 1962 (copy).
-Malcolm McDonald letters to his mother; Dec. 14, 17, 1962, Jan. 3, 1963 (three copied letters).
-Kissing license note made by one of Miss MacPherson's students; Jan. 29, 1963.
-Wedding engagement announcement in newspaper for Miss Judith Ann MacPherson; 1963 (includes her photo portrait).
-Wedding engagement announcement sent to the Bangor Daily News; 1963.
-Wedding announcement, invitation, and reception card for Apr. 19, 1963 wedding.
-Marriage license, Magistrate Court for the State of Alaska; Apr. 2, 1963 (copy).
-Wedding notice for Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm McDonald in the Anchorage Daily Times; May 20, 1963 (clipping).
-Note about Miss MacPherson's wedding in the University of Maine alumni magazine (copy).
-"Class Takes To The Ice To Learn About Glacier"; by Mary O. Totten; Anchorage Daily News; May 24, 1966 (Article includes photo of Malcolm McDonald, Romig Junior High School science teacher).
-Item in the Austin Daily Herald (Austin, Minnesota), about how Judith and Malcolm met in Alaska; 1988.

3. Alaska Earthquake; 1964.
-Personal account of the McDonald's experiences of the earthquake; 1964 (original and carbon copy of four-page typed letter).
-Clipping of above letter printed in The Carroll Record (Taneytown, Maryland); Apr. 9, 1964.
-Alaskan Earthquake Pictorial; Photography by Steve McCutcheon, Mac's Foto, Anchorage, Alaska; Published by Color Art Printing Co., Anchorage Alaska; 1964.
-National Geographic; July 1964 (Cover and portion with Alaska Earthquake articles, pp. 112-156).
-Life; Apr. 10, 1964 (Cover, contents, and portion with Alaska Earthquake articles, pp. 25-38).

4. Miscellaneous Items kept by Malcolm McDonald; n.d., 1962, 1964.
-The Milepost: Alaska & Yukon Travel Guide; William A. Wallace, Editor and Publisher; 1962 Edition.
-Alaska Geological Society Guidebook: Field Trip Routes, Anchorage to Sutton – 1963, Sutton to Caribou Creek, 1964; Oct. 1964 (with mimeographed section).
-Map of Cook Inlet - Resurrection Bay Area; Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Commercial Fisheries; n.d.
-"Alaskan Salmon"; By Ben L. Hilliker; Dec. 1964 (article manuscript, 8 pp.).
-Alaska and Its Wild Life Resources; n.d. (Illustrated teaching map, 21 X 29 inch)(Located in Box 2).
-Fred Machetanz lithograph cards: "Ice Fall-Knik Glacier," and "Wilderness Home"; n.d.

Series 2. Photographs and Color Slides (Arranged Chronologically); 1960-1966, 1987, 1996-1997 (25 b&w prints; 142 color prints; 626 color slides, 35mm; 2 color negatives, 35mm). .4 cu. ft.
Portraits and Miscellaneous; n.d., 1961-1963 (5 b&w prints, 4 color prints, 1 color slide).
-Portraits of Malcolm McDonald; n.d. (2 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch).
-Portrait of Judith MacPherson; n.d. (b&w print, 5 X 7 inch).
-Judith MacPherson in front of Malcolm McDonald's truck and camper at 3904 Lois Drive in Spenard; Winter 1962-1963 (color print, 5 X 7 inch).
-1965 Chevrolet pickup loaded for final trip south from Alaska; June 1966 (color print, 5 X 7 inch).
-Portrait of Bart and Lu Oliver; n.d. (color print, 2.5 X 3.5 inch).
-Photo Christmas greeting card: Bart and Lu Oliver in parkas in Palmer; n.d. (4 X 5.5 inch).
-1961 photo post card of Fred and Sara Machetanz's home and studio in Palmer, with note from the Machetanzes; 1962 (3.5 X 5.5 inch).
-Viggie Saco and Judith MacPherson in parkas, Anchorage; 1963 (color slide).
-Yukon River from Alcan; n.d. (color print, 5 X 7 inch).
2. Trips to Anchorage via Alaska Highway; n.d., 1960-1963 (115 numbered color slides; 1 color print, 5 X 7 inch).
Locations identified include: Dawson Creek, Peace River Bridge, Contact Creek, Watson Lake, Haines, Alaska-Yukon boarder, and Whitehorse.
3. Teaching; n.d., 1960, 1961(18 b&w prints; 1 color print, 3 color slides).
-Includes narrative.
-Class and teacher group photographs, including 1960-1961 teachers at North Star Elementary School (eight different).
-Judith with camera near school (8 X 10 b&w print).
-Classroom interior at North Star Elementary School (2 different).
-Exterior of North Star Elementary School, 1960 (color print).
-Interior of apartment Judith shared with Madonna McHugh in Spenard their first year teaching (7 different b&w prints; 2 color prints).
4. Chelatna Lake Lodge (owned by Graham Mower); n.d., 1961-1962 (35 color slides; 7 color prints, 3.5 X 3.5 inch; 2 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch; 1 color photo greeting card, 3.5 X 7 inch).
-Includes narrative.
5. Hawver Building Fire, Anchorage; ca. 1964 (8 color slides).
6. Saskatchewan: coal strip mine and scenery; 1966 (11 color slides).
7. Carl Clemson family cabin, Cooper Landing; 1966 (9 color slides).
8. Hope, Turnagain Arm, and Portage Glacier; 1962 (15 color slides).
9. Kenai: Church, school building, and scenery; 1962 (6 color slides).
10. Seward Highway; n.d., 1962 (18 color slides; 3 color prints).
11. Alaska wildflowers and miscellaneous; n.d., 1962 (11 color slides).
12. Independence Mine area: skiing and scenery; n.d., 1962 (20 slides).
13. Anchorage Fur Rendezvous: parade, sled-dog race, and blanket toss; ca. 1961-1962 (14 slides).
-Includes caption list.
14. Alaska State Fair at Palmer; Sep. 1960 (19 slides).
-Includes narrative and three slides of John F. Kennedy at the fair.
15. Ferry trip: Seward and scenery; ca. 1966 (17 slides).
16. Armed Forces Day; 1966 (11 slides).
17. Alyeska Ski Resort; n.d. (6 slides; 2 color prints, 3.5 X 3.5 inch).
18. Flight to Mount McKinley from Talkeetna; 1961 (20 slides).
-Includes caption list.
19. Dawson City; n.d. (4 color slides; 3 color prints, 3.5 X 3.5 inch).
20. Kodiak; n.d. (10 slides).
21. Alaska Railroad Trip: Scenery; 1962 (23 slides).
22. Alaska Earthquake in Anchorage; 1964 (69 slides).
23. Anchorage before earthquake: scenery, buildings, streets; 1960-1963 (100 slides).
24. Clemsons: Family photos; n.d., 1987, 1996 (7 color prints; 2 color negatives, 35mm).
-Includes Christmas letter from Ruth Clemson, Christmas 1996 (4 pp.).
25. Trip to Alaska: Dawson Creek to Watson Lake; 1997 (34 color prints, 4 X 6 inch).
26. Trip to Alaska: Yukon north to Alaska; 1997 (21 color prints, 4 X 6 inch).
27. Trip to Alaska: Around Anchorage; 1997 (32 color prints, 4 X 6 inch).
28. Trip to Alaska: Seward Highway, Portage, and the Clemsons' cabin at Cooper Landing; 1997 (30 color prints, 4 X 6 inch).
29. Alaska – The Inside Passage and the Panhandle; Photographs by Emil Muench; Published by Blackhawk Films, Davenport, Iowa; No. 244; ca. 1962 (30 slides).
  244-1. Dawes Glacier, Tracy Arm.
  244-2. Fairweather Range and Brady Glacier from Elfin Cove.
  244-3. Cross Sound, Fairweather Range in distance.
  244-4. Natives drying salmon.
  244-5. Fishermen's homes, Indian village, Hoonah, Chichagof Island.
  244-6. Harbor of Indian village, Hoonah, Chichagof Island.
  244-7. Salmon fishing boat, Lisianski Inlet.
  244-8. Reid Glacier, Glacier Bay National Monument.
  244-9. Upper end of Reid Inlet, Glacier Bay National Monument.
  244-10. Muir Inlet, Glacier scarred rocks, Glacier Bay National Moument.
  244-11. John Hopkins Glacier, Glacier Bay National Monument.
  244-12. Auke Lake and Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau.
  244-13. Juneau from the harbor.
  244-14. Alaska weather near Juneau.
  244-15. Iceberg and Glacier, Tracy Arm, near Juneau.
  244-16. Sunset, Juneau harbor.
  244-17. Juneau homes.
  244-18. Old sourdough, Juneau.
  244-19. Fish cannery in Juneau.
  244-20. Fish cannery at Chatham.
  244-21. Stormy sky over Chatham Strait.
  244-22. Dredge in Chatham Strait.
  244-23. Baranoff River and Baranoff Warm Springs.
  244-24. Baranoff Warm Springs.
  244-25. Detail of totem, pole, Sitka National Monument.
  244-26. Fifty-foot high Frog Woman Totem Pole, Sitka.
  244-27. Battle of Alaska sign, Sitka National Monument.
  244-28. Salmon Fishing Fleet, Sitka.
  244-29. Overview of city, Sitka.
  244-30. Air view, Inside Passage.
30. Mt. McKinley National Park; Photographs by Emil Muench; Published by Blackhawk Films, Davenport, Iowa; No. 350-305; ca. 1962 (29 slides).
  350-1. Train at McKinley Park Station.
  305-2. McKinley Hotel.
  305-3. Denali Highway near Savage River.
  305-4. Alaska Range, Denali Road.
  305-5. Camp Denali.
  305-6. Alaska Flag.
  305-7. View of the Alaska Range from Camp Denali.
  305-8. Morning Light on the Alaska Range, Camp Denali.
  305-9. Tundra Forest, Sanctuary River Valley.
  305-10. Toklat River from Polychrome Pass.
  305-11. Mt. Brooks, 11,800-ft., Mt. Tatum, 11, 037-ft.
  305-12. View from Thorofare Pass, 3,900-ft.
  305-13. Red Foxes.
  305-14. Close-up of Alaska Fireweed.
  305-15. Food cache in the Alaska Range.
  305-17. Wonder Lake and Alaska Range.
  305-18. McKinley, 20,320-ft., and McKinley River.
  305-19. Alpine glow, 10 P. M., Alaska Range, summer.
  305-20. Mt. McKinley at 9:30 P. M., summer.
  305-21. Alpine glow on Mt. McKinley at 10:30 P. M., summer.
  305-22. Midnight sun on Mt. McKinley, summer.
  305-23. Mt. McKinley at 2:30 A. M., summer.
  305-24. West Pyramid, 11,697 ft., and Muldrow Glacier.
  305-25. Icefall on McKinley seen from 12,000-ft.
  305-26. Two McKinley Peaks, 19,370 and 20,320-ft.
  305-27. Mt. McKinley and Muldrow Glacier.
  305-28. Top of McKinley Peak and Muldrow Glacier.
  305-29. McKinley Peak.
  305-30. Alaska Sky.
31. Alaska – Nome and the Arctic; Photographs by Emil Muench; Published by Blackhawk Films, Davenport Iowa; No. 350-306; ca. 1962 (20 slides).
  306-1. Nome, main business section.
  306-2. Nome, center of city.
  306-3. Nome, city hall.
  306-4. Nome street scene.
  306-5. Lutheran church, Nome.
  306-6. Eskimo art, altar of Lutheran Church, Nome.
  306-7. Nome, residential scene.
  306-8. Nome, harbor scene.
  306-9. Swinging bridge, Nome.
  206-10. Old cemetery, Nome.
  206-11. Gold dredge discharge, Nome.
  206-12. Close-up of huge scoops of gold dredge, Nome.
  306-13. Swimming in warm water at the Arctic Circle, Nome.
  306-14. The Bering Sea, Nome.
  306-15. The Eskimo's most favored parka colors. Cost each, $1500.00.
  306-16. Eskimo children enjoying ice cream.
  306-17. Eskimo girls and babies.
  306-18. Eskimo village.
  306-19. Salmon fish rack on Eskimo home.
  306-20. Salmon fish rack.

Box 2

Series 3. Color Motion Picture Film; 1962 (2 color 8mm film reels: 372 feet, 25 minutes; 1 MiniDV master tape; 1 VHS videocassette reference tape). .1 cu. ft.

The film was taken by Judith's father, Hewitt MacPherson.

Subjects of the film include:

Reel No. 1:

-Downtown Anchorage with All-American City sign.
-Merrill Field: aircraft, hangar, takeoff and landings.
-Chelatna Lake Lodge: scenery, lodge and cabins, aircraft, boats, fishing, and flight back to Anchorage.

Reel No. 2:

-Views from Spenard neighborhood: planes, sunset.
-Graham Mower and Judith MacPherson.
-Car trip on Seward Highway from Anchorage to Girdwood and Portage: Cook Inlet, fishing, Portage Glacier and lake, Mt. Alyeska sign, and Alaska Railroad station.
-Alaska Railroad trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks and Return: scenery, Montana Creek sign, Nenana River, Chulitna sign, Nenana River, Chulitna sign, dairy cattle, Talkeetna Grocery store, McKinley Park Station, fish wheel, and Federal Aviation Agency sign at Summit.
-Anchorage International Airport: terminal, control tower, aircraft (Northern Consolidated Airlines, Northwest Airlines, U. S. Air Force).
-Aerial views from plane.

Series 4. Artifacts; n.d. (6 items). .6 cu. ft.
Alaska Native straw basket with lid; n.d. (7 inches diameter; 7.5 inches tall; green, rust, red, and blue accents; exterior color faded).
2. Pair of seal and otter skin fur booties with leather straps; n.d. (6 inches long).
3-5. Bone fishing weights with wire fasteners; n.d. (4.5, 5.5 and 9 inches long).
6. Alaska Native yo-yo.

Series 5. Artwork; n.d. (3 items). .2 cu. ft.
1. Alaska Native man in fur parka with fish spear handing second man in parka a string of fish; By John Everitt; n.d. (ink and watercolor on paper, 12 X 18 inches).
2. Portrait of Alaska Native man in fur parka; By Giersdorf (pastel drawing on paper, 13 X 17 inches).
3. Winter scene of mountain and spruce trees; By Giersdorf (pastel on paper, 14 X 20 inches).