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ANONYMOUS. Photographs of a Trip to Portage and Bonanza Creek Placer Mining Areas; ca. 1911-1914. .1 cu. ft.

The collection consists of photographs taken during a trip to the placer mining areas of Portage and Bonanza Creeks north of Lake Clark. The collection contains 43 original black and white prints and six black and white copy negatives. Locations depicted include: the Inland Passage, Prince William Sound, Cordova Harbor, Fort Liscum (Valdez), Iliamna Bay (Cook Inlet), AC Point, Dutton Ledge, Lake Iliamna, Roadhouse Bay, Lake Clark, Tanalian Point, Portage Creek, and Bonanza Creek (a tributary of the Mulchatna River). Ships depicted include the S.S. Admiral Sampson of the Alaska Pacific Steamship Company, and the wreck of the S. S. Olympia.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2000.

JAS (9/2003)

Photograph list:

43 black and white prints (3.5 X 5.75 inch), and 6 black and white copy negatives (4 X 5 inch).

Note: Copy negatives exist for photographs with an asterisk (*) before the caption.

1. "Steam schooner below Active Pass, Vancouver Island."
*2. "C. P. R. [Canadian Pacific Railroad] Boat on inland passage from Admiral Sampson."
3. "C. P. R. Boat on inland passage from Admiral Sampson."
4. "Tug boat on inland passage."
*5. "Passengers on Sampson, Virginia Daugherty [small girl] in rope." Three women and small girl.
6. "Passengers on Sampson." Five women, one man, and small girl.
*7. "Passengers on Sampson."
8. "Cordova Harbor from Sampson."
9. "Cordova Harbor from Sampson."
10. "Cordova Harbor from Sampson."
11. "Wreck of Olympia near Ellamar, Alaska." Distant view of shipwreck.
*12. "Admiral Sampson at dock from Fort Liscum." View from beach. The S.S. Admiral Sampson was an Alaska Pacific Steamship Company vessel on Alaska service from 1911 until its sinking near Point No Point on Aug. 26, 1914, when it collided with the S.S. Princess Victoria.
13. "Potatoes raised on Cottonwood Bay, Cook's Inlet, by Bill Duryea." Large pile of potatoes.
14. "1114 of stoping on Dutton Ledge." Distant view of mine opening.
15. "Across Iliamna Bay from A. C. Point." View from AC Point on Iliamna Bay.
16. "Looking up Illiamna Bay from A.C. Point." View from AC Point.
*17. "Millett's Cabin on Iliamna Lake." Log cabin on Lake Iliamna.
18. "Iliamna Lake from Millett's." View of Lake Iliamna from cabin.
19. "Up Iliamna Lake from Road House Portage." View of Lake Iliamna from Roadhouse Bay.
20. "Up Iliamna Lake from Road House Portage."
21. "Across Iliamna Lake from Road House Portage."
*22. "Garden at Tanalian Point on Lake Clark. Two Native women and child in front of tent in background behind fence.
23. "Lake Clark from Portage Creek Portage looking across [lake]."
24. "Looking across Lake Clark from Portage Creek Portage."
25. "Lake Clark looking across from Portage Creek Portage."
26. "Lake Clark looking down from Portage Creek Portage."
27. "Looking down Lake Clark from Portage Creek Portage."
28. "Lake Clark looking down from Portage Creek Portage."
29. "Mouth [of] Portage Creek from Lake Clark."
30. "Portage Creek #9 below old channel." View of creek bed in mining area.
31. "Portage Creek on #6 Below Dis[covery], bluff on left." View of trees.
32. "Portage Creek on Discovery, showing boulders & bluff."
33. "Portage Creek #2 above Dis[covery], showing grade of creek."
34. "Portage Creek showing bluff & nature of bedrock."
35. "Portage Creek showing grade & brush."
36. "Portage Creek."
37. "Portage Creek."
38. "Bonanza Creek looking up Mulchatna Placer." View of valley from ridge.
39. "Bonanza Creek looking down Mulchatna Placer."
40. "Looking up Bonanza Creek from ridge, showing contour of country." Ridge covered in snow in foreground.
41. "Looking down Bonanza [Creek] from ridge showing contour of country."
42. View of deep river valley and trees, location unknown.
43. View of dry hills in light snow, location unknown.