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ANONYMOUS. Alaska Highway Trip Photographs; ca. 1948. 0.1 cu. ft.

This collection consists of 52 black and white photographs of scenes along the Alaska Highway and other roads in Canada and the United States. Subjects of the images include the Kiskatinaw River, Beatton River Lodge, Trutch Mountain, Muskwa, Steamboat Mountain, Muncho Lake, Teslin Lake, Haines Junction, Port Alexander, Alberta wheat fields, the Mississippi River, a Russian church near Insinger, Saskatchewan, grain elevators in Bonilla, South Dakota, and various unidentified landscapes.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

ABS (07/2003)


Page 1. Alaska Highway.
1a. Car after Dawson Creek.
1b. "Kiskatineau River" (Kiskatinaw River: about mile 20.)
1c. Beatton River Lodge, mile 147.

Page 2. Alaska Highway.
2a. Trutch Mt. (about mile 181).
2b. Trutch Mt. (about mile 181).
2c. Near top of Trutch Mt (about mile 181).

Page 3. Alaska Highway.
3a. Muskwa, mile 296.
3b. Near summit of Steamboat Mt. (about mile 345).
3c. Near summit of Steamboat Mt. (about mile 345).

Page 4. Alaska Highway.
4a. Muncho Lake (mile 460).
4b. Muncho Lake (mile 460).
4c. Muncho Lake Lodge (mile 463).

Page 5. Alaska Highway.
5a. "How we got through" Mile 588.
5b. Teslin Lake mile 803.
5c. Mt. beyond Champagne (about mile 974).

Page 6. Alaska Highway.
6a. Mile 1013 (near Pine Creek).
6b. Haines Jct. (mile 1016).
6c. "Beyond Haines Jct." Mile 1021.

Page 7. Alaska Highway.
7a. Mile 1027.5.
7b. Alaska/Canada boundary (mile 1221).
7c. Mts from Big Gerstle Bridge (about mile 1400).

Page 8. Alaska.
8a. Port Alexander
8b. Port Alexander
8c. Port Alexander

Page 9. Alberta and British Columbia.
9a. N. Alberta Wheat field
9b. Poplar in BC
9c. BC

Page 10. British Columbia and Illinois.
10a. BC.
10b. BC.
10c. Mississippi River at Savanna Ill.

Page 11. Saskatchewan.
11a. Saskatchewan.
11b. Saskatchewan.
11c. Saskatchewan.

Page 12. Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Vermont.
12a. Russian Church near Insinger, Sask.
12b. Bonilla SD. Wheat and coal elevators.
12c. Quichee Gorge, VT

Page 13. No location listed.
13a. Lodge pole pine
13b. Muskeg
13c. Sand Pile

Page 14. No location listed.
14a. St. Paul Mission
14b. Antelope
14c. Historical road sign

Page 15. No location listed.
15a. Washout.
15b. Washout.
15c. Black spruce.

Page 16. No location listed.
16a. Muskeg.
16b. Washout.
16c. Antelope.

Page 17. Unidentified photographs.
17a. Unidentified.
17b. Unidentified.
17c. Unidentified.

18. Unidentified photographs.
18a. Unidentified.