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ETHEL TERRY. Souvenir Cruise Diary; 1912. .1 cu. ft.

Ethel Terry traveled on the steamship Spokane from Victoria, British Columbia to Alaska in August, 1912.

This collection consists of a souvenir diary issued by the Pacific Coast Steamship Company to passengers. The first portion of the diary includes information about the Pacific Coast Steamship Company, the ship, and Alaska. The second portion of the diary contains daily logs for the passenger to fill out the place, date, and time of arrivals and departures at port cities or places of interest, notes about the weather and other remarks, and space for addresses of fellow travelers. Ethel Terry made entries in the diary for Victoria, Metlakatla, Ketchikan, Wrangell, Treadwell, Juneau, Skagway, Muir Glacier, Haines, Seward, Sitka, Vancouver, and Seattle, among other stops. She also collected names and addresses of some of her fellow travelers.

This collection was acquired by the Archives in 2003.

ABS (7/2003)