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JOHN CARROLL BENTON. World War II Papers and Photograph Album; 1930-1949. .45 cu. ft.

John Carroll Benton attended San Francisco Junior College (1937-1938), where he was an active member of the rifle and pistol club and the Army-Navy Society, graduating in 1938. He then attended the University of California-Berkeley, where he was a member of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity. While attending college, Benton joined the Reserve Officer Training Corps, and became an artillery officer in the United States Army during World War II. In 1940, Benton trained at the Coast Artillery Training Center at Camp McQuaide, California, and in 1941 at the Coast Artillery Replacement Training Center at Camp Callan, California near San Diego. Benton was an officer in the Second Battalion of the 250th Coast Artillery (155 Gun), and later with Battery D of the 266th Coast Artillery. During the war, Benton was stationed at Fort Ray and Fort Rousseau (1941-1943), both near Sitka, and was involved in constructing gun emplacements in the vicinity.

The collection consists of the World War II era papers and photograph album of John Carroll Benton. The collection contains: papers from Benton's college career at San Francisco Junior College and the University of California-Berkeley; a cartoon of artillery officers training at Camp McQuaide, California; a xerographic copy of Benton's original 64 page photograph album; and 311 black and white photographs from the album; and 26 copy negatives of selected images. Locations where the photographs were taken include: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon (1931); Lassen Peak Volcanic National Park, California (1933); Camp McQuaide, California (1940), Camp Callan, California (1941); Fort Ray, Fort Rousseau, and Sitka in Alaska (1941-1943); Kirby gun emplacement and dam; Kruzoff Island; St. Lazaria Island; Biorka Island; and Sound Island.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2003.

JAS (11/2003)

Box and Folder list:

Box 1

Series 1. Papers; n.d., 1931, 1933, 1935-1938, 1940-1943, 1947.
Loose papers; n.d., 1938-1940, 1947 (7 different items).
-The Ricochet; Official Publication of the San Francisco Junior College Rifle and Pistol Club; Vol. 1, No. 2; Feb. 21, 1938 (1 page).
-San Francisco Junior College Third Annual Commencement Exercises, War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco; May 20, 1938 (4 page program, 2 copies).
-Omega Mirror; California Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, Berkeley, California; Vol. 1, No. 2; Nov. 1939 (newsletter, 4 pages; John Benton in group photo on first page).
-Phi Sigma Kappa song sheet; n.d. (1 page).
-Photo clipping of Phi Sigma Kappa float in parade before Cal-Navy game; n.d.
-Clipping of "M'Quiade Follies" cartoon of soldiers at Camp McQuaide in The Call Bulletin: An Independent San Francisco Newspaper; Dec. 30, 1940 (1 page, 2nd Lt. Benton shown in center of tents).
-Initiation Banquet Celebrating the Union of Epsilon Chapter Sigma Phi Sigma with Omega Chapter of Phi Sigma Cappa, at the Berkeley Elks Club, May 17, 1947 (program).

2. Xerographic copy of photograph album; n.d., 1930, 1931, 1933, 1935-1938, 1941-1943.

3. Newspaper clippings and other items from photograph album; n.d., 1938.
-The clippings primarily regard Benton's membership on college rifle and pistol marksmanship teams and the Army-Navy Society.
-Dance card for the San Francisco Junior College Rifle and Pistol Club Spring Dance; Apr. 22, 1938.
-Ticket to the Omega of Phi Sigma Kappa Annual Spring Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club, April 20.
-Map of the Tongass National Forest Sitka Recreation Area, with handwritten additions by John Benton; n.d. (8 X 10.5 inches).

Box 2 (Album)

Series 2. Photographs from Album Including Loose Prints; n.d., 1930, 1931, 1933, 1935-1938, 1941-1943, 1949 (310 b&w prints, 1 color print).

Photograph from Album:

Inside Cover (1 b&w print, 3 X 4.75):
Boy with ax; 1930.

Page 1 (7 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
1a. "Pelican Bay Mill"; 1931.
1b-f. "Crater Lake" Crater Lake National Park, Oregon; 1931.
1g. "Lizzie 1931" Dog.

Page 2 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
2a. "Hat Lake"; 1933.
2b. "Lake Helen"; 1933.
2c. "Lassen Peak" Lassen Volcanic National Park, Mineral, California; 1933.
2d. "Lassen Peak 1933" Man on summit.
2e. "Top of Lassen 1933."

Page 3 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
3a. "View [from] Lassen P[eak]"; 1933.
3b. "Boiling Spring"; 1933.
3c. "Bumpas Hell"; 1933.
3d & e. Boiling Spring; 1933.

Page 4 (4 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
4a. "House Allen's Place"; 1933.
4b. Mountain peak in distance; 1933.
4c. "Lake Allen's Place"; 1933.
4d. "Dick, Velma & Tex [dog] Hot Rock 1933."

Page 5 (4 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
5a. "Tex & Bob, Manton 1933" Two dogs.
5b. "Dick, Velma, & Tex"; 1933.
5c. "Dick & Velma, Fullep Ranger Station"; 1933.
5d. "Fullep Station" Five people and dog; 1933.

Page 6 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
6a-e. Soldier marching on parade ground in front bleachers opposite college buildings; 1935.

Page 7 (1 b&w print, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
7a. Military review on parade ground; 1935.

Page 8 (6 b&w prints, 1.75 X 2.75 inch):
8a. Benton in front of tent.
8b & c. Benton in uniform; 1935.
8d. "Johnie and I" Benton on horse; 1935.
8e. Field tents on platforms with sides rolled up; 1935.
8f. "Chris, Brad, Me, Tommy A." Soldiers in front of tent.

Page 9 (7 b&w prints, 6-1.75 X 2.75 inch, 1-2.75 X 4.5 inch):
9a & b. Tent camp scenes; 1935.
9c. Ferry garage and sailboat at dock; n.d. (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
9d-g. Scenes on sailboat trip; 1936.

Page 10 (3 b&w prints, 1.75 X 2.75 inch):
10a. Light ship in distance; 1936.
10b. "Light ship" View from ship.
10c. View of island; 1936.

Page 19 (2 b&w prints, 4 X 5 inch):
19a. "1st Platoon B Troop Passing in review"; n.d.
19b. "On Parade"; n.d.

Page 20 (8 b&w prints, 1.75 X 2.75):
20a. "Browning Aircooled MGS" Machine gun on tripod; 1937.
20b. Soldier wearing gas mask; 1937.
20c. "Chris & Me" Standing in front of troop tent; 1937.
20d. "Troop Hdq." Tent with flag out front; 1937.
20e. "Peanuts" Dog; 1937.
20f. "Moving Out" Soldiers on horseback; 1937.
20g."Mojave" Horse; 1937.
20h. "Mojave and Me" Benton with horse; 1937.

Page 21 (5 b&w prints, 1.75 X 2.75):
21a. "Peanuts" Dog; 1937.
21b. "Accident at Moore Field" Riding accident; 1937.
21c. "B troop street" Tent camp; 1937.
21d. "Gas Mask"; 1937.
21e. "Packing Rifles"; 1937.

Page 24 (4 b&w prints, 1.75 X 2.75):
24a-d. People on outing at park; 1938.

Page 25 (5 b&w prints, 1.75 X 2.75):
25a. Woman climbing tree?; 1938.
25b & c. Soldiers at tent camp; n.d.
25d & e. Soldiers and artillery near bluff; n.d.

Page 26 (2 b&w prints):
26a. "2D BN 250th CA (155 Gun)"; "Maj. Boyers, Lt. Benton" Soldiers in dress uniforms marching in formation; n.d. (3.5 X 5 inch).
26b. "Camp Callan" Soldier standing in front of HQ. Battery-B, 55th Bn.; 1941 (3 X 4.25 inch).

Page 28 (4 b&w prints, 1-2.5 X 2.5 inch, 3-2.5 X 3.5 inch).
28a. "Explosion of 40 T[ons] of dynamite, Sitka 1941" Mushroom cloud (2.5 X 2.5 inch).
28b. "Sitka" View from ship in harbor; n.d.
28c. "Sitka from Alice Island"; n.d.
28d. "Sitka from Blockhouse Point"; n.d.

Page 29 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
29a. "Sitka" Distant view from water; n.d.
29b. "Hq. Btry. 1st Bn., 250th CA, Sitka 1941" Soldier at camp during inspection.
29c. "Bill Lux" Soldier working on construction of command post; n.d.
29d. "Work on CP at Sitka (Forbes, Lange, Lux)"; n.d.
29e. "Bob Dunn [on] Mt. Verstovia, Nov. 1941" Man skiing.

Page 30 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
30a & b. "Deer on post at Ft. Ray"; n.d.
30c. "Entrance to Totem Pole Park"; n.d.
30d. "Totem Pole"; n.d.
30e. "Russian Blockhouse" Double exposure; n.d.

Page 31 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
31a & b. "Medvetcha River" Waterfall and bridge over the river; n.d.
31c & d. Totem poles in park; n.d.
31e. "On Sitka Highway, Fall 1943" Soldier sitting on bridge rail.

Page 32 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
32a. "Sitka Power House on Medvetcha River"; n.d.
32b. Soldier on foot bridge; n.d.
32c. "Squires" Soldier sitting on bridge rail; n.d.
32d. "Silver Bay"; n.d.
32e. "Octapus"; n.d.

Page 33 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
33a. Captain Bassett and soldier in office; n.d.
33b. "Horseley" Lt. Robert M. Horseley at desk in office; n.d.
33c-e. "Baseball at Ft. Rousseau" Soldiers playing baseball on field next to barracks; n.d.

Page 34 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
34a. "Looking E. from Harbor Mt."; n.d.
34b. "Looking N. from Harbor Mt."; n.d.
34c-e. Soldiers playing baseball on field next to barracks at Fort Rousseau; n.d.

Page 35 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
35a. "N.W. from Harbor Mt."; n.d.
35b. "W. from Harbor Mt."; n.d.
35c. "S.W. from Harbor Mt."; n.d.
35d. View of mountaintop; n.d.
35e. Snow-laden trees; n.d.

Page 36 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
36a. "Harbor Mt." View from water; n.d.
36b. View of mountaintop; n.d.
36c. Wooded coastline; n.d.
36d. "N.E. from Biorka"; n.d.
36e. View of coastline from water; n.d.

Page 37 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
37a. "Mt. Edgecumbe & Crater Ridge"; n.d.
37b & c. Rocks and breakers on coastline; n.d.
37d & e. "Vitskari Rocks"; n.d.

Page 38 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
38a. "Edgecumbe" Mount Edgecumbe view; n.d.
38b. "N. toward Mt. Aanahootz"; n.d.
38c-e. Coastline scene from breakers; n.d.

Page 39 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
39a. "Pyramids" Mountain scene from water; n.d.
39b. Mountain scene; n.d.
39c. Island view; n.d.
39d. Rocks near coastline; n.d.
39e. "Jawbone" Dog; n.d.

Page 40 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
40a. "Road at Kruzoff I[sland]"; n.d.
40b. "Muskeg Express" Tractor on road on Kruzoff Island; n.d.
40c. "Rueben L. Fain" Fishing boat off shore; n.d.
40d. "Landing material at Kruzoff [Island]" Shoals Point; n.d.
40e. "Topsy" Dog; n.d.

Page 41 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
41a. "Mt. Edgecumbe"; n.d.
41b. Mountain view from coastline; n.d.
41c-e. "Dock constr. Ft. Babcock; n.d.

Page 42 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
42a. "St. Lazaria I[sland]"; n.d.
42b. "Supply run" Soldiers on board boat; n.d.
42c. Views from boat; n.d.

Page 43 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
43a. "Biorka" View of island from water; n.d.
43b. Shoreline of island; n.d.
43c-e. "Landing S.L. at Little Biorka" Soldiers unloading heavy machinery from lighter; n.d.

Page 44 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
44a. Soldier on lighter; n.d.
44b. "Peters" Soldier; n.d.
44c. "St. Lazaria I[sland]" Coastline; n.d.
44d. "View of small island from water; n.d.
44e. Natural Arch on St. Lazaria Island; n.d.

Page 45 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
45a. "Natural Arch [on] St. L[azaria] Is."; n.d.
45b. Island coastline view; n.d.
45c. "Landing S.L. at St. Lazaria [Island]"; n.d.
45d. "Sea Parrot" Puffin; n.d.
45e. "Landing Supplies [on] St. L[azaria Island]"; n.d.

Page 46 (4 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
46a. "Peters" Closeup of fellow soldier; n.d.
46b. "Tamara San at Kirby" Fishing boat; n.d.
46c & d. "Supply Landing at St. Lazaria" Cargo boom up hillside (Two prints combined); n.d.

Page. 47 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
47a. "Jawbone" Dog; n.d.
47b. "Baths at Kirby"; n.d.
47c. "Tent camp at Kirby"; n.d.
47d. "Work on 2d dam at Kirby"; n.d.
47e. "Mason at No. 1 dam Kirby, Dec. 1942."

Page 48 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
48a & b. "Work on Fixed Gun Emplacement Olga (Kirby), June 1942."
48c. "75mm Gun M1897 Pedestal Mounted (Kirby)"; n.d.
48d. "Neva Str[aight] through gun sight"; n.d.
48e. "Gun Position at Kirby" Olga Spit; n.d.

Page 49 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
49a. "Btry. Kirby" Olga Spit; n.d.
49b. "Mt. Annahootz"; n.d.
49c. "Neva Str[aight] from S.L. position from Sound Isl."; n.d.
49d. "Looking W. from Kirby Landing"; n.d.
49e. "Krestof Sound"; n.d.

Page 50 (4 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
50a-d. "Construction of log cabin at Kirby"; n.d.

Page 51 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
51a. View of wooded shoreline and mountain; n.d.
51b. "Landing at Kirby" Dock; n.d.
51c. "Beach at Kirby"; n.d.
51d. Shoreline view; n.d.
51e. Rowboats at dock; n.d.

Page 52 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
52a. Winter scene; n.d.
52b. Distant view of shoreline; n.d.
52c. "Kirby Dam Dec. 1942."
52d & e. "Bald Eagle captured near Kirby"; n.d.

Page 53 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
53a. Dog; n.d.
53b. "Two-and-a-Half" Dog; n.d.
53c. "Snuffy and pup" Dogs; n.d.
53d. "Rex" dog; n.d.
53e. "Rex, Doan, and 2½" Soldier and tow dogs; n.d.

Page 54 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
54a. View from boat; n.d.
54b. "Mt. Annahootz, Nov. 1942."
54c. "Mt. Annahootz, Dec. 1942."
54d & e. "Krestoff S[ou]nd; n.d.

Page 55 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
55a. "Krestoff Sound"; n.d.
55b. "Btry Kirby from Sound Is."; n.d.
55c. Krestoff Sound; n.d.
55d. Olga Strait; n.d.
55e. "Olga Str."; n.d.

Page 56 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
56a. Olga Strait; n.d.
56b. "DeGroff Bay"; n.d.
56c. "Nakwasina Passage"; n.d.
56d. "Miners Cove N. to Neva Str."; n.d.
56e. "Neva Str."; n.d.

Page 57 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
57a. Olga Strait; n.d.
57b. "East across DeGroff Bay"; n.d.
57c. "South on Olga Str."; n.d.
57d. "Olga Str."; n.d.
57e. "Krestoff Snd."; n.d.

Page 58 (5 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch):
58a. Krestoff Sound; n.d.
58b. "South on Krestoff Snd."; n.d.
58c. "Krestoff Snd."; n.d.
58d. "South of Krestoff Snd."; n.d.
58e. Krestoff Sound; n.d.

Page 59 (4 b&w prints, 3-2.5 X 3.5 inch, 1-3.5 X 5 inch):
59a. Award ceremony for sailors aboard ship; n.d. (3.5 X 5 inch).
59b. "Maj. Borman & Me HECP"; n.d.
59c. John Benton and sailor in uniform; n.d.
59d. John Benton in uniform; n.d.

Page 60 (2 b&w prints, 3.5 X 5 inch):
60a & b. Machine gun on tripod; n.d.

Page 61 (2 b&w prints, 3.5 X 5 inch):
61a. Machine gun on tripod; n.d.
61b. Rifle with scope and bayonet on bipod; n.d.

Page 62 (2 b&w prints, 3.5 X 5 inch):
62a. Two rifles, bipod, and mortar with crates; n.d.
62b. Rifle on bipod; n.d.

Page 63 (2 b&w prints, 3.5 X 5 inch):
63a. Three rifles; n.d.
63b. Machine gun on tripod; n.d.

Page 64 (2 b&w prints, 3.5 X 5 inch):
64a. Mortar; n.d.
64b. Machine gun on tripod; n.d.

Loose Photographs (70 b&w prints, 1 color prints):

1. "Btry D 266th CA, Ft. Rousseau" Officers and enlisted men in formation outside barracks, John Benton in center; ca. 1942-1943 (1 b&w print, 5 X 7 inch).

2. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon; 1931 (3 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5).

3. Artillery training at Camp Callan near San Diego, California: guns, Gonzales Bivouac, buildings, vehicles, scenery; ca. 1941 (16 b&w prints, 2 X 3 inch).

4. Artillery training at Camp Callan: Soldier at camp, guns, vehicles, bivouac, firings; ca. 1941 (16 b&w prints, 2 X 3 inch).

5. Views of Tongass Sound, Krestoff Sound, and Kirby near Sitka, Alaska; ca. 1942-1943 (11 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch).

6. Unidentified family and scenic photographs; n.d., 1949 (23 b&w prints, 1 color print).