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WASHINGTON D. LACABANNE (1903-1999). Letters; 1931. .1 cu. ft.

Washington Lacabanne was from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He worked as a bookkeeper at a salmon cannery in Nushagak, Alaska, in the summer of 1931. He married Florence Loeffert in the 1930s. Lacabanne died in Minneapolis is 1999.

The collection consists of two letters from Washington Lacabanne to fiancé Florence Loeffert, in Berkeley, California, and one of her return letters, from 1931. Lacabanne wrote the first letter (a xerographic copy) from Clarks Point, Alaska, on June 21st. In the letter, he mentions his chance meeting with Father Hubbard of Santa Clara University, who had been in Alaska for the past year studying volcanoes and glaciers, and was staying overnight in Nushagak in the superintendent's house at the cannery. Lacabanne wrote the second letter aboard the Launch Heron, on a trip up the Nushagak River, on June 24th. In the letter, he writes about meeting the mail boat, receiving his grade card from school, the beginning of the fishing season, and his return home to California later that summer. Florence Loeffert wrote her letter to Lacabanne from Tahoe, Nevada, on July 4th. In the letter, she writes of Fourth of July celebrations in Tahoe, work, friends, returning to Berkeley in early August, and meeting Lacabanne upon his return to California from Alaska.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2004.

JAS (6/2004)