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EMORENE AND ROGER BRIGGS. Letters; 1957-1966. .1 cu. ft.

The Emorene and Roger Briggs family moved to the Lake Clark area in southcentral Alaska in 1956 to settle in a cabin at the lakeshore. Emorene "Randy" Briggs taught school for her own children and children of other settlers in the area while her husband Roger worked in various locations across Alaska. In 1961 the Briggs family started the Briggs Way Company, a salmon canning operation in the Bristol Bay.

The collection consists of nine typed letters and a pamphlet. The annual letters, usually written in January or February by Randy, detail the life of the Briggs family through the preceding year. She discusses the difficulties of transporting goods to their remote home, occasional trips to Anchorage, hunting and fishing, activities with the other people living near Lake Clark, and the death of their oldest son in 1966 of a boating accident near Ugashik. The pamphlet is a copy of an article about the Briggs Way Company published in 1963 in Natural Food and Farming, a journal published by the Natural Food Associates organization.

The collection was presented to the archives by Helmi R. Viliesis in 2004.

ABS (07/2004)