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ALFRED P. SWINEFORD (1836-1909). Letters; 1886, 1888. .1 cu. ft.

Alfred P. Swineford was born in Ohio in 1836. He became a printer's apprentice in 1851 and was thereafter involved in that field. He became a lawyer in 1857. Swineford was territorial governor of Alaska (1885-1889) and inspector general of the U.S. Land Office (1893-1898). He married his second wife, Mrs. Willemina "Minnie" Smith, in Marquette, Michigan, in 1886. He was later the publisher in Ketchikan of the Mining Journal (1901-1905) and the Miner (1907-1908). Swineford, a proponent of territorial status for Alaska, died in Juneau, Alaska, in 1909.

The collection consists of two letters Alfred P. Swineford wrote to his second wife during his tenure as territorial governor of Alaska. The first letter was written from Marquette, Michigan, on July 13, 1886, just after their marriage. Swineford was leaving for Alaska with his daughter, who did not yet know of their marriage. The second letter was written from Washington, D. C., on April 15, 1888, concerning his meeting with President Grover Cleveland. Cleveland consulted Swineford about serious charges that had been filed against Judge Dawson, the judge's removal from office, and other Alaska matters.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2004.

JAS (6/2004)