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FRANK S. GLASER (1887-1974). Photographs; n.d., 1922. .1 cu. ft.

Frank S. Glaser was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1887. He came to Alaska in 1915, trapping in the Savage River and Black Rapids regions. A World War I veteran, Glaser operated a roadhouse for ten years at Black Rapids near the Delta River on the Valdez Trail. In 1930, he began work as a professional hunter for the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As a predator control agent, Glaser killed coyotes and wolves, and instructed trappers in efficient killing techniques. During his government career, he was stationed in Fairbanks, Nunivak, Kotzebue, Noatak, Nome and Anchorage. He retired and moved to Anchorage in 1955, and continued to shoot color movie film of Alaskan wildlife. Frank Glaser died in Anchorage in 1974.

The collection consists of the photographs of Frank S. Glaser. The collection contains 28 black and white prints, one photomechanical print, and 11 black and white preservation copy negatives of selected images. Subjects of the photographs include: Frank Glaser; the Rapids or Black Rapids Roadhouse on the Valdez Trail near the Delta River, including area scenery; Glaser's hunting cabin; bear hides; bear, caribou and mountain sheep trophies; dogs; moose on the Kenai Peninsula; and caribou hunters. Most of the photographs were taken in the Black Rapids area. Twenty-seven of the photographs are contact prints from original negatives, and twelve of those are marked as having been taken by Frank Glaser. The contact prints may have been made for a member of a hunting party staying at the Rapids Roadhouse in September 1922.

The collection was presented to the archives by Margaret Poynter in 2005. A deed of gift was signed in 2005.

JAS (7/2005)

Photograph list:

Note: Size of prints is 3.25 X 5.5 inches unless otherwise noted.

1. "Frank Glaser – Rapids, Sept. 1922. On Richardson Highway, Valdez Trail" (back) Frank Glaser standing with rifle in front of large brown bear hide on rack and beside mountain sheep and caribou antlers (Frank Glaser Photo).

2. "Frank Glaser – Rapids, Sept. 1922, On Richardson Highway, Valdez Trail" (back) Frank Glaser kneeling with rifle and dog next to Rapids Roadhouse.

3. "Frank Glaser – Rapids Roadhouse, Sept. 1922. Chas. Novelius, Prop., Valdez Trail" (back) Two dogs and mountain sheep carcass in front of Rapids Roadhouse (Frank Glaser Photo).

4. "Mt. sheep & malamutes at Rapids, Valdez Trail, Sept. 1922" (back) Two dogs, mountain sheep carcass, and dogsled next to cabin (Frank Glaser Photo).

5. "Frank Glaser's Cabin, Rapids, Valdez Trail" (back) Hunter's cabin in winter with two dogsleds in yard.

6. "Black Bear hide at Frank Glaser's, Rapids, Valdez Trail, Sept. 1922" (back) Black bear hide hung on outside of log cabin (Frank Glaser Photo).

7. "Glacier bear hide, Rapids, Alaska, Sept. 1922, On Valdez Trail" (back) Grizzly bear hide hung over outside of log cabin door.

8. "Chas. Novelius Roadhouse at Rapids on Valdez Trail. Sept. 1922" (back) Full view of roadhouse with telephone pole in foreground.

9. "Frozen Glacier Bear, Rapids, Valdez Trail." Grizzly bear carcass lying in snow (Frank Glaser Photo).

10. Grizzly bear carcass on ground.

11. "Bull Caribou" (front) "Caribou at Rapids, Sept. 1922, On Valdez Trail" (back) Caribou carcass on tundra (Frank Glaser Photo).

12. Caribou carcass on tundra.

13. "Bull Caribou" (front) Caribou carcass on slopes of tundra (Frank Glaser Photo).

14. "Caribou" (front) Caribou carcass lying in snow (Frank Glaser Photo).

15. Caribou carcass lying on tundra (Frank Glaser Photo).

16. "Rams" (front) Three mountain sheep carcasses lying on snowy hillside (Frank Glaser Photo).

17. "Two frozen Mt. Sheep, Rapids, Valdez Trail" (back) Two mountain sheep carcasses lying in snow.

18. "Frozen Mt. Sheep at Rapids, Sept. 1922, On Valdez Trail" (back) Three frozen mountain sheep carcasses and dog in snow near hunting camp.

19. "Wild Bull Moose, Kenai, Alaska" (front) "Bull Moose at Kenai near Seward." (back) Moose walking through snow in forest (Frank Glaser Photo).

20. "Wild Bull Moose, Kenai, Alaska" (front) Two moose walking through snow in forest (Frank Glaser Photo).

21. "Mountains and Rapids in the Delta River at Rapids Roadhouse, Sept. 1922, Valdez Trail" (back) View of Delta River and mountains from roadhouse (Frank Glaser Photo, 2 prints).

22. "Mts. at Rapids, Sept. 1922, on Valdez Trail." (back). Winter scene near roadhouse.

23. "Mts. & Rapids in Delta River. Novelius RoadH., Sept. 1922, On Valdez Trail" (back) Panoramic view of mountains and Delta River Valley from hillside.

24. "Mts. at Rapids, Valdez Trail" (back) Summer scene of forests and mountains.

25. "Mts. at Rapids, Valdez Trail (back) Winter scene of mountains.

26. "Alaska Malamutes." Two dogs standing on gravelbed.

27. "Harry Watson, E. B. Collins, L. F. Protzman. Some caribou killed on Pedro Dome, Sept. 1922." Three hunters in front of caribou carcasses hung on rack (1.5 X 2.5 inch).

28. Two hunters posing with dead caribou in brush (photo-mechanical print, 3.5 X 4 inch).