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ELEANOR SEYFER (1923-2000). Dr. Robert R. Starr Alaska Medical Mission Scrapbook; 1955-1956. .2 cu. ft.

Eleanor Seyfer was from Denver, Colorado.  She was the leader of a circle of the North Presbyterian Church in Denver, which supported the works of medical missionary Dr. Robert R. Starr. In 1955 and 1956, Dr. Starr was the physician for the Alaska Medical Mission in Klawock, Alaska, which was owned and operated by the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. Dr. Starr and the mission's clinic in Klawock served the Prince of Wales Island communities of Klawock, Craig, and Hydaburg, and cooperated with the Alaska Native Service's public health programs. Dr. Starr, his wife Ruth, and their eight children were residents at the mission's clinic at Klawock from August 1955 until December 1956, when they returned to Denver. Eleanor Seyfer died in Denver, Colorado, in 2000.

The collection consists of Eleanor Seyfer's scrapbook concerning support for the work of medical missionary Dr. Robert R. Starr and his family in Klawock, Alaska, in 1955 and 1956. The thirteen page scrapbook contains: eleven letters from Dr. Starr and members of his family in Klawock to Eleanor Seyfer in Denver; a copy of a single page missionary profile of Dr. Starr; two clippings of articles on the mission published in the Presbyterian  magazine Outreach (January, June-July 1956); one clipping of an article on the mission published in the North Presbyterian Church's bulletin (June 1956); one black and white photograph of the Starr family, taken at Stapleton Airfield in Denver before leaving for Alaska on May 22, 1955; and a clipping of a map of Southeast Alaska marked with the location of Klawock. Two of the letters are mimeographs addressed to friends of the mission and report on its activities (Oct. 15, 1955, Apr. 23, 1956). Two letters are by Dr. Starr and typed on mission letterhead, one appealing to Seyler's circle for a supply of guase sponges for the clinic (Feb. 16, 1956), and the other announcing the closure of the mission at the end of 1956 (Dec. 9, 1956). Four of the letters are by Ruth Starr thanking Seyfer and her circle for sending gifts of clothing and other items to the family in Klawock. Three letters are thank-you notes from the Starr children for gifts received from the circle. The scrapbook also contains captions related to the letters and clippings and a list of gifts sent to the Starrs. The profile, letters, clippings and photograph have been removed from the scrapbook to better preserve them.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2006.

JAS (9/2006)