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GEORGE W. WILSON. World War II Aleutian Memorabilia; n.d., 1944. .1 cu. ft.

George W. Wilson was a U. S. Army soldier who served in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.

The collection consists of photographs, a certificate, and booklet from George W. Wilson's service in the Aleutians during World War II. The collection contains: 11 black and white prints; a black and white photographic print of an illustrated certificate awarded to Wilson entitled, the Distinguished Sleeping Cross; and the illustrated booklet, The Battle of the Aleutians: A Graphic History, 1942-1943. Subjects of the photographs include soldiers in winter clothing with rifles, military landing craft on a beach, aircraft, and island scenery. The certificate was awarded to Wilson for having completed 10,000 hours of sack time while serving in the Aleutian Islands by the command of General Lee Alwin. The 24 page booklet was produced by the Intelligence Section, Field Force Headquarters, Adak, Alaska in October 1943, and reproduced by a detachment of the 29th Engineers stationed with Headquarters Western Defense Command, in 1944. The booklet was written by Corporal Dashiell Hammett and Corporal Robert Colodny, with illustrations, maps, and layout by Sergeant Harry Fletcher.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2007.

JAS (8/2007)