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MUDDY ACRES HOMEMAKERS' CLUB. Records; 1953-1962. .35 cu. ft.

The Muddy Acres Homemakers' Club was formed by a group of women in the Sand Lake and Jewel Lake areas of Anchorage, Alaska in September 1952. The club, which met twice a month, was open to membership for women over sixteen years of age. Its object was "to study home and community problems and how to meet them with the purpose of putting the information received into immediate practice." The club was an affiliate of the Anchorage Homemakers Council.

The collection consists of records of the Muddy Acres Homemaker's Club of Anchorage. The collection contains: constitutions and by-laws (revised 1957 and 1960); yearly reports of activities (1955-1956, 1956-1957, 1957-1958); a scrapbook with photographs (1953-1962); 39 black and white photographs; and a "Club of the Year" gavel award for 1959. The reports contain sections for club history, membership, attendance, projects completed, officers and committee chairmen, and activities. The scrapbook documenting club activities contains: 36 black and white prints; 15 color prints; 2 color photo post cards; clippings of newspaper articles and photographs; letters; Annual Homemakers Tea programs; Annual Homemakers Short Course programs; an Alaska State Fair blue ribbon; two display figures; two certificates; poems; and other memorabilia items. Subjects of the photographs in the scrapbook include: group portraits of members; officers; meetings; parties (Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day Mad Hatters); and benefit projects. The other 39 black and white photographs are of unidentified club meetings and activities.

The collection was presented to the archives by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce in 2007. The collection had been given to the Chamber of Commerce by Anchorage Pioneer Home resident Helen Johnston.

JAS (11/2007)