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WILLIAM VANCE RINEHART, JR. (b. 1867) (Ak. Pac. Univ. Col.). Journal; 1886-1900.  .2 cu. ft.

William Vance Rinehart, Jr., was born in Oregon in 1867. He graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with bachelor's and master's degrees in law in 1889 and 1890, respectively. In July 1890, Rinehart married Martha Ann Walz, and the couple moved to Seattle, Washington, where he worked as an attorney. In 1895, Seattle Mayor Byron Phelps appointed Rinehart to the office of Acting Municipal Judge. On May 19, 1900, he left Seattle for Nome, Alaska, on the S.S. Cleveland. Rinehart arrived in Nome on June 3rd.

This collection consists of attorney William Rinehart's journal for the period from February 7, 1886 to May 19, 1900. The intermittent journal entries comment on noteworthy national events as well as various personal activities and occurrences.

The collection was transferred to the archives from Alaska Pacific University in 2005.

NMJ (8/2007)