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Guide to the Alaska online, conversations with Red Boucher videocassettes

Collection number: HMC-0510.
Creator: Boucher, H. A.
Title: Alaska online, conversations with Red Boucher videocassettes.
Dates: 1994-2003.
Volume of collection: 2 cubic feet. 
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: This collection consists of recordings of Alaska On Line, a weekly public affairs television program.

Organizational history:
Alaska On Line is a weekly statewide public affairs television program featuring interviews with prominent Alaskans discussing issues affecting the state. It began as the idea of H. A. “Red” Boucher in early 1994. Host and producer “Red” Boucher previously served as Lieutenant Governor of Alaska, Mayor of Fairbanks (Alaska), and Alaska State Representative. Alaska On Line is still being produced and broadcast throughout the state.

Collection description:
This collection contains 71 different VHS videocassettes of the television program Alaska On Line dating from 1994 through 2003. Guests have included former governor Jay Hammond, musher DeeDee Jonrowe, University of Alaska President Mark Hamilton, political candidates, and many state government officials.

Arrangement: The tapes are organized chronologically, according to the date of broadcast.

Rights note: The Archives does not hold copyright to these materials.

Preferred citation: Alaska on line, conversations with Red Boucher videocassettes, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: This collection was presented to the archives by H. A. “Red” Boucher in 2001.  Additions are made periodically.

Related materials: HMC-0420, the H.A. "Red" Boucher political papers are Mr. Boucher's records relating primarily to his time as an Alaska state legislator.

Processing information: This collection was described by Jeffrey A. Sinnott in 2004.

Container list:





1994 May 11

Hammond, Jay: Former Governor. Discusses new book "Bush Rat Governor."


1994 Sep 27

Campbell, Jim & Miller, Mike: Candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor.
Sykes, Jim & Lewis, Roger: Candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor.


1994 Oct 7

Coghill, Jack & Ward, Margaret: Candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor.
Knowles, Tony & Ulmer, Fran: Candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor.


1994 Oct 10

Winterrowd, Ralph & Nolan, Pete: Candidates Gov/LG Candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor.


1994 Nov 30

Knowles, Tony & Ulmer, Fran: Gov/LG Elect Governor & Lt. Governor elect '94. Discuss plans for future


1994 Dec 3

Dittman, David: Public Opinion Researcher.  Public Opinion Research, review of election.


1994 Dec 5

Knowles, Tony & Ulmer, Fran: Gov/LG.  Inaugural Ceremony, Juneau.


1994 Dec 17

Bunde, Con & Toohey, Cynthia: State Representatives, Co-Chairs HESS. Health Issues & Priorities.


1994 Dec 17

Hickel, Walter: Former Governor. Review of his public service & vision for future.


1994 Dec 17

Stevens, Ted: U.S. Senator.  Issues before Congress & Alaska priorities.


1995 Jan 7

Cowper, Steve: Former Governor.  Current Activities.
Hammond, Jay: Former Governor.  Budget gap & Permanent Fund.
Pearce, Drue: State Senator.  Legislative Priorities (Senate).
Phillips, Gail: State Representative.  Legislative Priorities  (House).


1995 Feb 28

Cremo, Roger: Attorney Permanent Fund. Cremo plan.
Fried, Neil: State Economist.  State of economy, 1995.
Hammond, Jay: Former Governor.  Budget gap & Permanent Fund.
Scott, Goldsmith: UAA Economist.  Budget gap, State economy.


1995 Apr 01

Jordan, Karen & Carey, Martin: Teachers. Role of Technology in Education (ASTE).
Parr, Karen & Ohler, Jason: Teachers. Role of Technology in Education (ASTE).
Redington, Joe: Dog Musher.  #1 Alaskan of the Year.
Redington, Joe: Dog Musher.  #2 Iditarod & Dog mushing in Alaska.


1995 Apr 15

Vaughn, Norman: Author/Explorer.  #1 Antarctic Trip.


1995 Aug 17

Brown, Kay: State Representative.  General on Coming Legislative session.
DeFrancisco, G.M.: Pres. AT&T.  Telecommunications in Alaska.
Edrington, Tom: CEO, ATU.  Telecommunications in Alaska.
Teel, Matt & Susan: Webmasters.  Developing websites.


1995 Aug 26

Ahern, Lance: Owner Internet Alaska. Role of ISP in Alaska.
Frey, Mano: Labor Local 341. ANWR Effort by Labor & Management.
Rogers, Brian & Loescher, Bob: Regents U of A.  Role of Budget Gap Committee.
Shively, John: Commissioner DNR. ANWR & Oil development in Alaska.


1995 Nov 11

Crow, Alice: Professor UAA. Higher Education for rural Alaska.
Lamebull & Turner, Native Americans.  Alchoholism in native Alaska/America.
Pressley & Cediel, Students.  UAA AHAINA program.
Riordan, Ann Fienup & Meade, Marie: Artists.  The Living Tradition of Yup'ik Masks.


1995 Dec 16

Cremo, Roger: Attorney Permanent Fund. Cremo plan.
Egan, Dennis: Mayor of Juneau.  Move the capital issue.
Phillips, Gail: Speaker of the House.  Agenda for '96 Legislative session.
Rose, Dave: Permanent Fund Director.  Permanent Fund in Alaska's Future.


1996 Feb 03

Douglas, Claudia: President NEA.  Role of NEA in education.
Hensley, Willie: Commissioner, DCED.  Economic development in Alaska.
Komisar, Jerome: President, UA. Status of higher education in Alaska.
Ulmer, Fran: Lt. Governor.  Update on Administrations activities.


1996 Feb 3

Fried, Neil: State Economist.  State of economy, 1996.


1996 Mar 16

Beckley, Chick: Teacher, Cold Bay, AK.  Education & the Internet.
Hammond, Jay: Former Governor.  Permanent Fund & budget.
Ramos, Charmaine: Municipality of Anchorage.  Native Alaskans in Anchorage.
Reaume, David: Economist.  Alaska's economy.


1996 Apr 13

Badger, Mark: Director Information Services.  Information Services in Alaska.
Boyko, Edgar Paul: Former Attorney General.  Legal issues in Alaska.
Eaton, Perry: Pres. Alaska Village Initiatives. Economic Development in Rural Alaska.
Sturgulewski, Arliss: Former Senator.  Views on Legislature & general.


1996 May 18

Downey, Maria KTUU & Maxwell, Marilyn KTVA.  Women in TV broadcasting.
Edrington, Tom: CEO, ATU.  Update on Telecommunication in Alaska.
Luttrell, Vern: British Petroleum.  Oil industry in Alaska.
Williams, Mark: Executive, Carr Gottstein.  Alaska economy.


1996 Aug 17

Cuddy, Dave: Candidate for U.S. Senator.  Discusses his candidacy for U.S. Senate.
Edrington, Tom: CEO, ATU.  Potential sale of ATU.
Greene, Jeanie: TV Producer.  Discusses her show "Heartbeat Alaska".
Hamilton, Joan: Bethel Native leader.  Traditional Healing Modalities.
Stevens, Ted: Candidate U.S. Senator.  Discusses his candidacy for U.S. Senate.


1996 Sep 21

Cope, Tom & McKee, Bill: Teachers, Fairbanks.  Science programs.
Gorsuch, Lee: Chancellor, UAA.  Higher Education in Alaska's Future.
McConnell, Sharon: TV Producer.  Discusses native Alaskan TV production.
Petumenos, Tim: Attorney.  Military Iodine test program in Arctic.
Shaindlin, Herb: TV Commentator.  Discusses years of Alaska Broadcasting.


1996 Oct 26

Barnes, Ramona: State Representative.  Development of Alaska Foreign Trade.
Fauske, David: Pres. Arctic Slope Telephone Assoc. Telecommunications in Rural Alaska.
Greenbank, Fern: UAA Affiliate Professor.  Inupiat Ilitqusiat, Native publications.
Kitka. Julie & Tepon, John: AFN.  Rural Alaska Issues.
Oppenheim, Mark: TAL Wireless.  Wireless Telecom in Alaska.


1996 Nov 23

Evans, Melphine: ATU, PFD Board.  Discusses Permanent Fund & role of board.
Griffith, Joe & Fredericks, Jan: Anchorage Chamber.  Support for subsistence by Anchorage Chamber.
Hanley, Mark: Chairman House Finance.  Discusses Finances in '97 Legislature.
Schaible, Grace: Attorney, Chair PFD Board.  Discusses Permanent Fund & role of board.
Thompson, Morris: CEO, Doyon Ltd.  Native Corporations in Alaska economy.


1996 Dec 28

Herrera, Roger: British Petroleum.  Arctic Slope (ANWR) development.
MacLean, Edna: President, Ilisagvik College.  Higher education in the Arctic.
Teeland, Walter & Vivian: Pioneer Storekeepers.  Discuss their life in Wasilla.


1997 Feb 15

Barrett, Helen: Professor, UAA.  Technology in education.
Buchholdt, Thelma: Former State Representative. Filipino community in Alaska.
Irrigo, Clarence & Mildred: AFN Parents of Year.  Discusses life in Nome, Alaska.
Levi, Steve: Author.  Gold rush history.
Stamper & Haycox, Steve: UAA.  Distance learning at University of Alaska.


1997 Mar 15

Bacon, Bill: Photographer.  Filming wildlife in Alaska & Tibet photography.
Brown, Charlie: Pres. TAL.  Wireless telecommunication.
Hiebert, Augie: Former CEO, Northern TV.  History of radio & TV in Alaska.
Reaume, David: Economist.  Economy & education.


1997 Apr 6

Bender, Walter: Assoc. Dir. MIT Media Lab.  2 shows, Role of MIT Media Lab in media development.


1997 May 31

Brown, Kay: Former State Representative. Life After Legislature.
Crabb, John & Swenson, Brad: TV Producers.  TV Production in Alaska.
Hensley, Willie: Commissioner, DCED.  Marketing Alaska.
Jettner & Hennigh: Aleutian East Borough.  Aleutians East Borough Road.
Kelly, Jim: CIO, Permanent Fund.  Public Education on Permanent Fund.


1997 Oct 11

Kiel, Doug: Challenge Alaska.  Challenge, handicapped access.
Kirk, Cheryl: Computer consultant.  Computer talk show.
Porter, Brian: State Representative.  Legislative priority.
Shaindlin, Herb: Broadcaster.  TV broadcasting in Alaska.


1997 Nov 8

Grandusky, Rebecca & Madison, Curt: YKHC.  Health care in rural Alaska.
Johnson, Will: President, Yute Air.  Bush airlines in Alaska.
Leonard, Martin: Exec. Director, DDC. Telecommunications in rural Alaska.
Medinger, Bob: Teacher, Bethel.  Alaska Education in rural Alaska.
Patten, Al & Boucher, Red: Retired U.S. Navy.  Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 & War in Pacific.


1997 Dec 20

Green, Lyda: State Senator.  Legislative priorities for '98 session.
Hammond, Jay: Former Governor.  Permanent Fund.
Hammond, Jay: Former Governor.  Budget gap.
Parnell, Sean: State Senator.  Legislative priorities for '98 session.


1998 Feb 14

Berkowitz, Ethan: State Representative.  Thoughts of freshman legislator.
Egan, Dennis: Mayor of Juneau.  Update on Capital move.
Phillips, Gail: State Representative.  Outlook for '98 legislative session.
Taylor, Robin: State Senator.  Candidate for Governor.
Travis, Mike: Educator.  Bilingual education in Alaska.


1998 Mar 21

Lake, Arthur: Native Leader.  Kwiglinok Rural issues.
Morales, Sam: Engineer.  Y2K Millennium Bug.
Reaume, David: Economist.  Economy & SB36.
Sampson, Mary & Wilkinson, Bill: Teachers.  SB36 & education in village Alaska.
Ulmer, Fran: Lt. Governor.  General,  SB36 & Y2K issues.


1998 May 23

Fine, Doug: Journalist, Filmmaker.  New film, "Migration" being shot in Homer.
Kitka, Julie: President, AFN.  Rural Alaska issues.
Lindauer, John: Candidate for Governor.  Discusses his candidacy for Governor.
Nicolai, Matthew: CEO, Calista Corp.  Role of native corporation in Alaska economy.
Welch, Laine & Curry, Vince: Alaska Fisheries.  Alaska pollock fishery.


1998 Aug 01

Andrews, Jude: Director, KYUK.  Discusses bush Alaska TV.
Gorsuch, Lee: Chancellor, UAA.  Update on UAA activities, new student dorms.
Poe, Bob: State Y2K Coordinator.  Discusses Y2K preparations for state.
Ross, Wayne Anthony: Candidate for Governor.  Discusses his candidacy for Governor.


1998 Sep 19

Fine, Doug: Journalist, Filmmaker.  Latest development on film "Migration".
Gottstein, Robert: President, Northern TV.  Recent purchase of Northern TV.
McShea, Roger: Attorney, Author.  His recent book "The Last Great Spy".
Phillips, Agnes: Mayor of Bethel.  Role of Mayor of Bethel.
Taylor, Francine: Director, AMIPA.  Film library of old Alaska films.


1998 Oct 24

Boucher, Red: Alaska On-Line & Yardeni, Ed, PhD.  Background on Y2K problem.


1998 Dec 19

Carson, Wes: President ACS.  Update on ACS purchase & plans for future.
Dickerson, Mahala Ashley: Attorney.  History of her role as first female black attorney.
Gover, George & Socks, Ed: Bureau of Indian Affairs. Y2K preparations in rural Alaska.
Poe, Robert: Commissioner of Administration.  New job as Commissioner & Y2K preparedness.
Rutledge, Gene: Scientist.  Making of Hiroshima bomb.


199 Feb 13

Kempton, Tom & McCoy, Molly: TV Production, MOA.  Municipality of Anchorage's Media Center.


1999 Apr 14

Andrews, John & Bandle, Sharon: Educators.  Alaska Society for Technology in Education.
Jonrowe, Dee Dee: Dog Musher.  Scratching from recent Iditarod race.
Nageak, Ben: Mayor North Slope Borough.  Role as Mayor of the N. Slope Borough.
O'Riley, Paloma: Y2K Activist.  Community preparedness for Y2K.


1999 Nov 20

20-Nov-99 Begich, Mark Former Assemblyman.  Political plans for the future.
Gover, George & Socks, Ed: Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Preparation for Y2K in Native America.
Hammond, Jay: Former Governor.  Permanent Fund & Subsistence.
Hiebert, Augie: Pioneer Broadcaster.  Future of radio & TV in Alaska.
Poe, Bob: Comm. Admin & Oates, Phil: Adj. General.  Preparation for Y2K in Alaska.


1999 Dec 18

Carson, Wes: President, ACS.  Future of telecommunications in Alaska.
Hayes, Jim: Mayor of Fairbanks.  Role of Fairbanks in Alaska's economy.
Porter, Brian: Speaker of the House.  Plans for 2000 Legislative session.
Roderick, Jack: Author, Former Anchorage Mayor.  History of oil industry in Alaska.
Vo, Deborah: Exec. Dir. Alaska Inter-Tribal Council.  Role of village tribal councils in Alaska.


2000 Apr 01

Geesin, David: Alaska Public Broadcasting.  Role of Public broadcasting in Alaska & fund raising.
Grandusky, Rebecca & Madison, Curt: YKHC.  Health care in Yukon Kuskokwim Delta.
Hamilton, Mark: President, University of Alaska.  Role of University in Alaska's economy.
Hellenthal, Mark: Researcher.  Public opinion polling in Alaska political races.


2000 Apr 22

Begich, Mark & Wuerch, George: MOA Candidates.  Platform on running for Mayor of Anchorage.


2000 Apr 22

Andrews, John: Educator.  Role of computer technology in Alaska's classrooms.
Christal, Bob: Anchorage School Superintendent.  K-12 education in Alaska.
Craig, Marie: Student.  Experience as student in Anchorage School District.
Hills, Alex: Provost, Carnegie Mellon Univ.  Role of computer technology in higher education.


2000 Sep 09

Bjornstad, Gene: General Manager, Chugach Electric. Generation of electric energy in Alaska.
Freedman, Lew: Journalist/Author.  New book "Diamonds in the Rough" baseball in Alaska.
Irvin, George: VP, Alaska Federation of Natives. Rural & Urban gap in Alaska.
Oates, Phil: Adjutant General of Alaska.  Role of Alaska National Guard & missile defense.


2000 Oct 07

Bell, Bob & Angvik, Jane: Former Anchorage Assembly.  Pro's & cons of proposed Tax Cap issue on ballot.
Dietz, Jennifer: President, Career College.  Role of vocational education in Alaska.
Evans, Melphine: Senior VP, Alyeska Pipeline.  Her experience as a minority in an executive role.
Goldsmith, Scott: Economist Univ. of Alaska. Impact of Proposed tax cap on Alaska.
Wuerch, George: Mayor of Anchorage.  His plans for the future as Mayor of Anchorage.


2000 Nov 11

Hamilton, Mark Pres. & Smith, Steve, CIO: University of Alaska.  Plans for the delivery of distance education in Alaska.
Morlock, Leroy "Bud": Pastor.  His work on developing missionaries in Russia.
Pilcher, Joe: President, Friends of Anchorage.  Challenges & opportunities for disabled in Alaska.
Rhyner, Jack & Donna: Pres. & Vice Pres. TelAlaska.  Role of small telephone companies in Alaska.
Tyson, Jeff: VP, Wireless & TV, ACS.  Plans for the future in wireless communications.


2000 Dec 09

Carrigan, Cary: Weather Forecaster, KIMO, CH13.  Weather forecasting in Alaska.
North, Douglas, PhD: President,  Alaska Pacific Univ. Role of private education in Alaska.
Reid, Phil: Agent in Charge, FBI, Alaska.  Role of Federal Bureau of Investigation in Alaska.
Stevens, Ben: President, 2001 Special Olympics.  Plans for 2001 Special Olympic Games in Anchorage.
Vo, Deborah: Exec. Dir. Alaska Inter-Tribal Council.  Current status of Inter-Tribal councils in Alaska.


2001 Jan 13

Bjornstad, Gene: General Manager, Chugach Electric.  Energy crisis in California & lessons learned.
Crawford, Colonel Randy: Director AK State Troopers.  Recruiting & role of Alaska State Troopers in state.
Carson, Wes: President, Alaska Communications Systems.
Poe, Bob: Exec. Director, Alaska Industrial Development Authority.  Role of AIDEA in economic development of Alaska.
Donley, Senator Dave: Co-chair Senate Finance Committee.  Outlook for 2001 Legislative session.


2001 Mar 24

Oates, Major General Phil: Adjutant General, Alaska.  Changing role of National Guard & Missile Defense.
Dougherty, Pat: Editor, Anchorage Daily News. Changed role of print media in the Information Age.
Gottstein, David: Investment Advisor. Planning your Investment future.
Sheffield, Bill: Former Governor & President ARR.  Sheffield Administration & Alaska Railroad.
McShea, Roger: Attorney, Author.  Latest book & world espionage.


2001 Apr 07

Bender, Walter: Executive Director, MIT Media Lab. Role of MIT Media Lab in the Information Age.
Bender, Walter: Executive Director, MIT Media Lab. The Future of Information Technology.
Kelly, Jim: Alaska Permanent Fund. Status of Permanent Fund in 2001.
Thompson, Nan: Director, Regulatory Commission of Alaska. Regulation of utilities in Alaska.
Grimm, Dan: Engineer, Compaq Computers. Development of Information Technology.


2001 Sep 08

Haller, Mike: Major, CIO Alaska National Guard.  Role of National Guard in community development.
Bennett, Ed: Editor, Alaska Journal of Commerce.  Role of Alaska Journal of Commerce in Alaska media.
Greene, Jeanie: TV Producer. Video production in rural Alaska.
Ladner, Pat: Director, Alaska Space Program.  Overview of Alaska's role in U.S. space program.
Parham, Victoria: Owner, Cyber Office.  Teleworking in the Information Age.


2001 Oct 27

Patten, Al: Retired Chief Petty Officer, USN.  Book on Pearl Harbor & memories of Dec. 7th '41.
Jensen, Tom: CIO ACS.  Stories of Alaska & latest update of ACS network.
Simpson, Pat: President, Alaska Scientific Fisheries. Opportunities for IT development in Alaska.
Bramstedt, Al: General Manager, KTUU TV Channel 2.  History of TV broadcasting in Alaska.


2001 Dec 15

Swendiman, David: BLM Engineer.  Wilderness experience program for Alaska youth.
Dennis, Scott: President, InfoTechAlaska. Opportunities for IT development in Alaska.
Reid, Phil: FBI Agent in Charge for Alaska.  FBI's role in preventing acts of terrorism.
Notti, Emil: Former President of AFN.  History of Native Land Claims Settlement Act.
Staser, Jeff: Director, Denali Commission.  Denali Commission activity in rural Alaska.


2002 Jan 19

Ulmer, Fran: Lt Governor of Alaska.  Update on IT technology in Alaska & elections.
Lloyd, Pam: President of ASTE.  Status of IT technology learning in Alaska schools.
Poepperl, Horst: President, Spectrum Wireless.  Wireless technology in Alaska.
Pignalberi, Mary: President, Anchorage Fur Rondy.  Plans for 2002 Anchorage Fur Rondy.
Doogan, Mike: Columnist, Anchorage Daily News.  Role of columnist in Alaska media & stories written.


2002 Mar 30

Hammond, Jay: Former Governor of Alaska.  His thoughts on present status of Permanent Fund.
Hickel, Wally: Former Governor of Alaska.  New book & his thoughts on Alaska's economy.
Ruddy, Susan: Vice Chancellor, UAA.  Her role as Vice Chancellor at UAA.
Fuhs, Paul: President Alaska Marine Exchange.  Role of Alaska Maritime Exchange in Alaska.
Smith, Rick: Vice President, VECO International.  Role of VECO in Alaska construction industry.


2002 Apr 27

Nakazawa, Tony & Douglas, Jim: UAF.  Role of University of Alaska Cooperative Extension.
Brennan, Tom: Columnist, Anchorage Times.  Role of Anchorage Times column in Alaska media.
Goldsmith, Scott: Economist, UAA.  State of Alaska's economy in 2002 & budget gap.
Tyson, Jeff: VP Alaska Communications System.  Status of statewide network being built by ACS.
Pearce, Fred, UAA & Akers, Chuck, Rural Cap.  Role of the UA & RuralCAP in rural Alaska.


2002 Jun 01

Halford, Rick, Senator & Porter, Brian, Representative.  Review of terms as House Speaker & Senate President.
Hammond, Jay: Former Governor of Alaska.  Comments on actions of 2002 Legislature.
Gallant, Ray: Noble, Alaska Shriners.  Medical care, burn program, for young Alaskans.
Joseph, Bernice & Medinger, Bob: Kuskokwim Campus.  Higher education in rural Alaska.
Comeau, Carol: Superintendent, Anchorage School District.  Education in Alaska at K-12 level.


 2002 Oct 05

Gover, George:  Director of Economic Dev. BIA.  Federal Govt. programs for Native Americans.
Ohler, Jason, PhD: Professor of Info. Tech UASE.  Information technology in higher education & book.
Dix, Drew: Alaska Director of Homeland Security.  Alaska Homeland security and Vietnam experiences.
Olson, Donald, MD: Alaska State Senator.  Legislative issues & career as MD & businessman.
Sybert, Orin D.: President Peninsula Airways.  History of bush aviation in Alaska.


2002 Nov 09

Carey, Michael: Journalist, Anchorage Daily News.  Issues & challenges that face Alaska.
Oates, Phil: Major General & Adjutant General of AK.  Review of eight years as Adjutant General of Alaska.
Kaniut, Larry: Author & Educator.  Reviews stories he has written on Alaska Bears.
Jones, Ken: President of StrateGen.  Strategic planning for information age.
Oates, Phil: Major General & Adjutant General of Alaska #2.  Status of Homeland Security in Alaska.


2002 Dec 07

Stevens, Ben: Senator & AK State Senate Majority Leader.  Reviews Senate plans for 2003 legislative session.
Jones, Rada: Vice President Sourdough Productions. Event planning in Alaska.
Kott. Pete: Representative & Speaker of the House.  Review House plans for 2003 legislative session.
Paneok, Ellen: Pilot & FCC safety inspector.  Flying experiences in Alaska & aviation safety.
Carson, Wes: President Alaska Communication Systems.  Impact of RCA regulations on AK telephone industry.


2003 Feb 15

Smith, Eugene: CIO, Maniilaq Kotzebue. Role of information technology in Northwest rural Alaska.
Morales, Same: CEO, Sequestered Solutions. Information technology server farms in Alaska.
Murkowski, Lisa, U.S. Senator for Alaska. Discusses her first months in the United States Senate.
Shaindlin, Herb: Radio Broadcaster, KFQD. Shares his experience of 30 years of broadcasting in Alaska.
Tracy, John: TV Anchor, KTUU channel 2, Anchorage. Discusses role of television media in Alaska.


2003 Apr 19

Murkowski, Lisa: U.S. Senator for Alaska. Discusses issues facing Alaska in Congress, ANWR, gas pipeline.
Gottstein, David: Financial Advisor. Discusses financial planning and the economic future of Alaska.
Morphet, Tom: Executive Director, United Fishermen of Alaska. Fisheries in Alaska and subsistence fishing.
Poe, Robert: VP, Arctic Slope Regional Corp. & Reich, Richard, ASRC. Role of Native Corporations in Alaska economy.
Wohlforth, Eric: Chair, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. Role of Permanent Fund in Alaska's economy and the future of the fund.


2003 Nov 01

Hawker, Mike, Alaska State Representative. Plans to introduce POMV (Percentage of Market Value) for Permanent Fund.
Tower, Elizabeth: Author. Discusses recent book she has authored on Governor William A. Egan.
Griffith, Joe: CEO, Chugach Electric Assoc. Role of electric energy in Alaska's economy, and need for security.
Begich, Mark: Mayor of Anchorage. Plans for Anchorage community, and economic development.
McKinney, Dee: Partner, Alaska Information Technology. Information technology security in the business world.


2003 Nov 01

McKinney, Dee: Partner, Alaska Information Technology. Information technology in the home.


2003 Dec 13

Haller, Mike: Major, CIO Alaska National Guard. Role of Alaska National Guard in community and Homeland Security.
Kohler, Meera: Pres., CEO, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative. Cost of energy in rural Alaska and what can be done to improve situation. 
Harping, Jim: CIO, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Role of Department of Military Affairs in Alaska.
Guess, Gretchen: Alaska State Senator. Her experience in Alaska State Senate and issues facing Legislature.
Ohmer, Judy: Chief of Staff, Speaker of the House. Role of Chief of Staff to the Speaker in the Alaska State House.