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Student Pilot Certificate of Ruth Schmidt, dated 1956 November 11.

Letter from Alaska Governor William A. Egan to Ruth Schmidt, expressing his appreciation for her leadership of the Enginerring Geology Evaluation Group. Dated 1964 May 20.

Three pages of copied identification, organization, and membership cards belonging to Ruth Schmidt. Some of the cards contain a photograph of Schmidt. The organizations and identification cards reflected here are for Wien Air Alaska, Alaska…

A letter from Ruth Schmidt to Professor Armin K. Lobeck, Department of Geology, Columbia University. Schmidt is asking Lobeck to write a written affidavit concerning her personal integrity and loyalty to the United States Government.

A letter from Ruth Schmidt to Professor Brooks F. Ellis, Department of Geology, Washington Square College. In the letter, Schmidt informs Ellis that her loyalty case was successful and she was found to be a loyal United States citizen. Schmidt thanks…

Letter from Doris Melkin Isaacs to the United States Department of Interior. In the letter, Isaacs explains how she knows Schmidt and that she is certain Schmidt was never communist.

The newsletter, The Bookshopper. The Washington Cooperative Bookshop newsletter, July-August 1947.

Memorandum from E. L. Compton, Secretary of the Interior Department Loyalty Board to Ruth Schmidt. The memorandum explains that due to the evidence presented at Schmidt's Loyalty Hearing, she has not been found disloyal to the United States…

Image of Ruth Schmidt next to a sign that reads "danger." Photograph taken near the Seward Highway, 1958 May 30.
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