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BioOne Journals
Available on ARLIS library computers 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday.
The ARLIS subscription to BioOne journals is available to UAA
students, staff, and faculty, and to the public on ARLIS library
computers during ARLIS open hours (8 am - 5 pm, Monday
through Friday). An ARLIS reference librarian will be happy to
help if you need assistance.

ARLIS Founders have access to BioOne journals through the
Founder Login on the ARLIS
home page

What is BioOne?
BioOne is a unique collection of over 80 high-impact bioscience
research journals from more than 66 publishers focused on the
biological, ecological and environmental sciences. Additional
publishers and journals will be added over time. For more
information, see:
current BioOne titles

BioOne includes journal titles produced by scientific societies
and non-commercial publishers. Many were previously available
only in print. BioOne was developed by the American Institute of
Biological Sciences (AIBS), SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and
Academic Resources Coalition), the University of Kansas, the
Greater Western Library Alliance, and Allen Press. BioOne is
committed to a non-profit objective of disseminating important,
scholarly information by recovering costs while ensuring
sustainability. See http://
for more information.

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