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National Technical Information Service (U.S. Department of Commerce)
NTIS provides documents and technical reports in many areas of science & technology.
The DARTS System is a product of the collaborative efforts of the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) and the Government Printing Office.
The NTIS/GPO pilot program will make approximately 240,000 documents dating from 1964 to 2000 available free for viewing and provide the full text of these reports as free downloadable PDF files. These documents may also be purchased in a variety of other formats including online access, multimedia, CD-ROM, DVD, paper, and microfiche. Documents requiring NTIS to pay a copyright royalty or other compensation to the sponsoring organization are not included.
The subject area of these reports include: Physics, Environmental Pollution and Control,Nuclear Science and Technology, Medicine and Biology, Energy, Chemistry, Materials Science, Natural Resources and Earth Sciences, Computers and Information Theory, Behavior and Society– includes psychology, education, law and sociology, and international relations.

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