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Excellent collection of over 40,000 ebook titles spanning multiple subjects.
The Ebrary College Complete collection provides over 40,000 ebook titles spanning multiple subjects. In addition to the Collection, the subscription includes several hundred individual titles selected by the library.

Here are some features:

1. Conduct a search – Use simple or advanced.
2. Open a document – Click on the title name or jacket.
3. Explore the document – Navigate to search terms, search
the document for key words, jump to relevant chapters, flip
through pages.
4. Highlight text and take notes – Create a bookshelf (if
needed) to save and organize your research.
5. Use InfoTools – Link out to other online resources to expand
your research.
6. Print pages, and copy and paste text – ebrary provides
automatic citations with a URL hyperlink back to the source.
7. Manage, archive and share research – Organize your
bookshelf and email folders to peers.

You can click on the ``ebrary Reader`` button to launch a plugin with added functionality.

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