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Niles' Register (Niles' Register)
Discontinued due to FY16 budget cuts. Cumulative index to the newsweekly covering major developments in the U.S. and the world from 1811-1849.
``Niles' Register -- also known as The Weekly Register, Niles' Weekly Register, and Niles' National Register -- was a newsweekly founded by Hezekiah Niles in 1811. It was published by Niles or his successors until 1849. It covered both the United States and the world. The Register was famous in its own day for its comprehensiveness and reliability -- it was routinely cited as an authoritative source of information in courtrooms and legislatures -- and it has since become a standard source of information for historians and genealogists.`` (From publisher's website)

Also includes more than 10,700 full-text articles.

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