Re: Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux

Subject: Re: Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux
From: James Zuelow (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 17:47:39 AKDT

> Ahhh. You got me thinking. I have only tried to launch this in KDE.
> I installed blackbox. Same problem. Installed xfce and used xfterm
> and FINALLY was able to see the whole license agreement and was
> able to "accept". Now it no longer appears. Whew, what a pain.
> Others have had this problem I have read on newsgroups. But I have never seen
> a solution. I even tried just hitting tab once thinking it would highlight
> "accept" for me and then I could press enter but that never worked either.
> --

Yup. I'm guessing your display is at 1024x768, right? Somebody at
Adobe has a really nice monitor. They made the license screen 826
pixels high. So if you're looking at it at 1024x768 or less, you can't
click the accept button.

(Gotta remember these people "encrypt" stuff with ROT-13.)



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