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Subject: Re: AKLUG organizational meeting
From: Greg Madden (
Date: Fri May 02 2003 - 13:35:03 AKDT

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 00:09, Jim Gribbin wrote:
> We had an organizational meeting tonight at the BP Energy Center.It ran
> from just after 7 pm to just after 9 pm. In attendance were:
> Stephan Stevens,
> Stan Long,
> Damien Hull,
> Fielder George Dowding,
> Scott Ridgway,
> Justin Dieter,
> Bob Pelz,
> Greg Madden,
> Jim Gribbin,
> Pat Wilke,
> Dee McKinney,
> Joel Grabe,
> Harmut Pluntke.
> We have come of the opinion that for AKLUG to continue to exist that it
> needs to become formally organized as a legitimate non-profit
> organization, probably a 501(c)3.

My perspective on the events of last night, Jim . AKLUG can continue to
exist exactly as it has been doing. In fact the meeting was to accept
nominations for President & set up an election. Having a president is in
keeping with the status quo for AKLUG. There was only one response or
volunteer for president so it was decided we could forgo the online
election process and elect the only candidate available. That would be
Greg madden

Where AKLUG goes from here was discussed at length and this is where the
concepts of incorporation and 501(c)3 status entered the discussion. To
be clear, incorporation is a separate process. It takes three officers
to become a non-profit corporation in the State of Alaska.

The 501(c)3 status is an IRS designation, of non-profit status, to an
existing non-profit corporation.

I think it is helpful to separate all the different possibilities. this
gives members a choice of actions. It is not all or nothing but pick and
choose what works best for what AKLUG wants to accomplish.

I agree with your perspective on the desires of the members present at
the meeting concerning: 1. incorporating & 2. filing for 501(c)3
status. Unless otherwise stated by members, we will create the position
of Secretary& Treasure. We have two volunteers for those positions as
you have pointed out. Once we have filled those positions AKLUG will be
in a position to file for corporation status with the state. It is the
intent of the elected officers & members present at the meeting to file
for corporation status with the State of Alaska.

The filing for 501(c)3 status will proceed once the above is finished.
This has (imo) the most impact on AKLUG and could use some discussion. I
know there are aspects to this that I am not aware of and need to
educate myself about.

> To accomplish this and because these three positions are legally
> required for the papers that need to be filed we nominated:
> Greg Madden as President,
> Fielder Dowding as Secretary,
> Jim Gribbin as Treasurer.
> And because we want to make certain no-one feels left out, we want to
> allow an addition two (2) weeks more any other nominations or
> discussion. If we need further elections, Arther Corliss has offered to
> setup a polling mechanism on the website.
> While we're on the subject of positions that need to be filled, we are
> also looking for volunteers for the positions of:
> Webmaster,
> Event Master,
> Program Master,
> Sys Admin,
> Junque Master (I'm not sure what this one is, but Fielder had it on
> his list).
> We were also thought we were going to be looking for someone new to be
> maintaining the mailing list as Mike Tibor's job situation is changing.
> However, he posted something to the Ops list earlier that stated that he
> would still be working at the University on a part-time basis for the
> duration, that our mailing list was still welcome there, and that he
> could still keep maintaining the list. So I think we should take
> advantage of his offer and consider that position filled.
> Jim Gribbin

Greg Madden
Precision Air Balance, Inc.
Phone: 907-276-0461

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