Re: Redhat Changes

Subject: Re: Redhat Changes
From: Tim Jordan, Network Services (
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 10:10:25 AKST


Hey Jamie,
If you like Debian you may want to check out Gentoo. Gentoo takes time to
build but appears to be solid. I have had this box up for three
problems. I just put Gnome 2.4 on a gentoo box..really sweet! There
documentation is good and we have a few experinced Gentoo users on the list
that are very helpful.

I personally like Mandrake as a workstation; although, KDE tends to lock up
on me a couple times a week (I think it may be due to using rdesktop

I have a request in to evaluate Suse 9 pro, I've heard lots of good things
from several people on the list.

Tim Jordan

Tim Johnson wrote:
* Jamie Hushower <>[1] [031103 08:31]: I am
surprised that the decision by Redhat to terminate its "standard" Redhat
Linux and promote Redhat Enterprise Linux didn't prompt a response here.
Maybe I have overestimated its popularity in this group. I am disappointed
because one the greatest arguments for using Redhat instead of Windows is
gone, or at least reduced. Redhat Linux is no longer *obviously* cheaper
thanWindows with a baseline of $350 per year. Sure, CAL's make the gap
noticeable for large companies, but 4- or 5-client servers that need no OS
upgrade for 3 or 4 years *might not* realize a cost savings with Linux. Does
anyone have a suggestion on what distribution to move to? I like what I know
about Debian (no corporate interests), but would prefer to use what I know.
Is Mandrake doomed with Redhat's change or do I misunderstand how they
operate? Should I put in the time to understand Slackware? SUSE has always
had a draw... There is much about Red Hat that is beginning to annoy me.
I'vealready made the decision to switch to Slackware when I have time to
makethe transition. I know Jamie, and I know that if I can tackle Slackware,
slack should be a piece of cake for him. On the other hand, if it is
economics and business relationships that have prompted Red Hat to make this
transition, it is just another sign of the growing acceptance of Linux in
thebusiness community. That can't be all bad. :-) tim

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