Re: Redhat Changes

Subject: Re: Redhat Changes
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 10:25:28 AKST

> I am surprised that the decision by Redhat to terminate its "standard"
Redhat Linux and promote Redhat Enterprise Linux didn't prompt a
response here. Maybe I have overestimated its popularity in this group.
> I am disappointed because one the greatest arguments for using Redhat
instead of Windows is gone, or at least reduced. Redhat Linux is no
longer *obviously* cheaper than Windows with a baseline of $350 per
year. Sure, CAL's make the gap noticeable for large companies, but 4- or
> 5-client servers that need no OS upgrade for 3 or 4 years *might not*
> realize a cost savings with Linux.
> Does anyone have a suggestion on what distribution to move to? I like
what I know about Debian (no corporate interests), but would prefer to
use what I know. Is Mandrake doomed with Redhat's change or do I
misunderstand how they operate? Should I put in the time to understand
Slackware? SUSE has always had a draw...
> -Jamie
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> Jamie Hushower
> Computer Consultant
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> 223-9136

   If you want to be a stud and get all the chicks use slack. If you want
to be Gregs friend use debian. All kidding aside, I have been thinking of
this also, Slack I dont think has the momentum it used to have. Suse I
would like if they would let me download the latest distro, Debian has its
appeal but im not sure if I want to always use unstable to have the latest
greatest. Mandrake I can say nothing about because I dont follow it or use
it, so my opinion means nothing. RedHat has shifted their distro to
something called fedora, I'm not sure about this but soemone could verify
it. I do know that Warren Togami from the LUAU lug in Hawaii is the
maintainer of this new distro.

   So I dont know really, im in the same boat as you, I am also wondering
what I am going to do. I am begining to see RH as the evil empire of Linux
with their removing mp3 support and their subscription based updates. I am
leaning towards Slack and Debian myself, more so towards Debian and this
is simply because I have never used it and want to learn it. Of course,
using freebsd as my desktop and my server OS has crossed my mind but I
want to have my feet in both worlds, so I will probably stay with a linux
distro as my desktop and keep using freebsd as server fodder.

Any other thoughts on this?

Good question Jamie,


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