Re: Redhat (and moving to other distros)

Subject: Re: Redhat (and moving to other distros)
From: Mac Mason (
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 12:02:49 AKST

I feel like a slashdotter saying this, but debian is dying. (BSD isn't,

Unless you are building a strict server machine and are therefore
willing to run debian-stable, there is *nothing* debian does that gentoo
doesn't do better. (One exception; compiles take time, and debian just
uses binaries). Gentoo's 'stable' version keeps pretty close track of
the actual versions of packages, as well, eliminating debian's problems
on that front.

Also, for all the horrible things you hear, gentoo's install is pretty
painless, unless you are very new to unix. My own experience is that the
only open-source unix that is better-documentetd than gentoo is freebsd
(because of the handbook) and gentoo has an equivalent document in the
works. Also, gentoo forums ( have been mentioned as
"more useful than tldp" by many people I know, even when dealing with
non-gentoo machines.

As far as stability? My desktop runs gentoo and commonly hits over a
month of uptime. (Last two times it went down on accident were for power

And it's faster than all hell, too.


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