Re: Cd Catalog

Subject: Re: Cd Catalog
From: Jim Dory (
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 21:44:18 AKST

James Dory wrote:

>Question I guess is this: anyone using gmmusic or anything simlar?
>Wondering if there are alternatives.
Well, finally got it working. Put a CD in your drive, or type in the
artist/title, and it goes online and grabs all the track info. Nice when
trying to find that particular cut and don't remember who..

Nice database anyway. Haven't got it all figured out yet. Finally got it
working by typing:
psql gmmusic < /path/to/mmusic.sql and that did it, along with a lot of
other postgresql prep. Now I have a gui for it.

Haven't figured out how to get the cover images associated yet with the
albums (if you can)- like you can in that OrangeCD by just dragging them
from a webpage.

Hate to have to do that installation all over again if I upgrade to Suse
9 or whatever distribution. Dang.

cheers, JD

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