Re: Redhat Changes (Gentoo?)

Subject: Re: Redhat Changes (Gentoo?)
From: Anthony Valentine (
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 11:34:13 AKST

Gentoo has what they call the Gentoo Reference Platform (GRP) which is, I
think, what you are looking for. It is a full Gentoo system that is
pre-compiled. Just download or buy the two CD set and follow the docs.

From Gentoo's install docs:

Note: A complete Gentoo Linux 2-CD set contains the Gentoo Reference
Platform, which is a complete pre-built Gentoo Linux system including
GNOME, KDE, Mozilla and OpenOffice. The Gentoo Reference Platform ("GRP")
was created to allow rapid Gentoo Linux package installations for those
who need this capability. The "compile from source" functionality, which
is the cornerstone of Gentoo Linux, will always be a fully-supported
installation option as well. The purpose of the GRP is to make Gentoo
Linux more convenient for some users, without impacting Gentoo's powerful
"compile from source" installation process in any way.

Good luck and have fun. Gentoo rocks!

Anthony Valentine

> Seriously:
> If I could spare the time it takes, I would certainly consider
> Gentoo. My problem being, the time it would take to install and
> configure a new OS is the time I would *not* be using my
> workstation to to gain income.
> I'm wondering outloud here and soliciting comments. How difficult
> would it be to quickly 'swap-out' drives so that I could work
> off of my current Red Hat, swap to a different HD boot and then
> spend my 'off-time' installing? (I have a 512-k DSL connection)

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