Mirrored Raid 5

Subject: Mirrored Raid 5
From: volz (volz@koyukuk.at.uaa.alaska.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 12:45:06 AKST


Does anyone have experience with mirrored raid 5's? Can linux scsi drivers and
logical volume mangement encompass such a thing? Variously called 15, 5+1.
Anybody know where that documentation lies? I googled "RAID 5 mirror" and got
some hits but haven't found the substantive info. There is even a newsgroup
post by someone using redhat 7.3 and the same hardware I want to use to build a
1 tbyte RAID 5. but no specifics

Also is anyone aware of way(s) to put parity on a disk or mirrored disks and
stripe the data w/o parity across an array? Does this provide any additional
security benefit. Most importantly, would it be possible to survive the death of
multiple array disks in this case?

Or more genrally the question is: given 12 scsi disks, a linux kernel, couple of
fast processors and decent scsi card, how much safe storage can I make? (safe
--> Can we suffer two disks down?)

- Karl Volz

Research Associate
Alaska Experimental Forecast Facility


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